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  1. Wilders team needing to throw the towel in for the guy. Clearly something no right with him in his movement.
  2. You also paint the papes? 🤮
  3. Unfortunately not mate. Would need to fit a flux capacitor to get full capabilities.
  4. Can’t remember ever thinking we should have had a stonewall penalty in the game. Did anyone appeal for it? Does it change the fact we shat the bed?
  5. What a lot of pish. We got exactly what we deserved today from the get go. They wanted it far more. Majority of the players involved today need to take a long hard look in the mirror.
  6. “It’s only gay if you take it” @born a blue nose
  7. Seen him at many a Rangers game with i’m guessing his brother and Mum. Hopefully lad is found safe and well and also soon.
  8. The kinda cunt that still wears his Rangers top over his hoodie.
  9. Doesn’t say, just saying 2 fans taken to hospital but in stable condition.
  10. Honestly, lay off the fucking crack pipe.
  11. Hopefully Niko gets left over there. Fantastic player in his day but surely to fuck its evident to everyone in our dugout that he is done now. Its painful to watch him, you can see the legs and body are letting him down now.
  12. Some of the shit they get away with in this game is ridiculous. Even the whole “coon” character is just
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