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  1. “It’s only gay if you take it” @born a blue nose
  2. Seen him at many a Rangers game with i’m guessing his brother and Mum. Hopefully lad is found safe and well and also soon.
  3. The kinda cunt that still wears his Rangers top over his hoodie.
  4. Doesn’t say, just saying 2 fans taken to hospital but in stable condition.
  5. Honestly, lay off the fucking crack pipe.
  6. Hopefully Niko gets left over there. Fantastic player in his day but surely to fuck its evident to everyone in our dugout that he is done now. Its painful to watch him, you can see the legs and body are letting him down now.
  7. Some of the shit they get away with in this game is ridiculous. Even the whole “coon” character is just
  8. Did you pick it up mate? Its a fucking riot! woke her up laughing at playing it last night.
  9. This shower of shite bags can get so far to fuck. Never seen such a bunch of total fucking losers in one team. Fucking cowards and cheats to a fucking man.
  10. No offence Dude but personally i would ban you from here now after some of the hatchet jobs from that rag and the way theyve hung us out to dry. Fly with the crows and all that.
  11. What a lot of shite of your last sentence is.
  12. Barry Ferguson might be alot of different things to alot of different people but Theres one thing no one can take away from him... He is a born winner. The amount of times he took poor underperforming Rangers sides by the scruff of the neck and carried them over the line. Will be very glad to see him back at Ibrox ??
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