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  1. In all seriousness though the hatred for anything that involves praising Blair, Robertson or Park or them being seen in some sort of positive light is wild on here! 😂
  2. Someone throw in the fucking towel ffs!!!
  3. Inigo is definitely crying whilst typing this. I hope you are happy now!
  4. Ahh apologies, didn’t realise! Right... Fuck all they Jambo cunts! Hope none of them have mortgage insurance, the bastards!
  5. To be fair to @Inigo it’s as clear as day that it is your average working man he is talking about here, losing their only income. We all probably know someone in that boat right now.
  6. Regardless if you want this to happen or not, it makes a fucking total mockery of the league resuming in any way shape or form this season. They need to null and void it as soon as possible now so that teams can start to prepare for the aftermath of this.
  7. As desperate as you are for the above to be true, Rangers releasing a statement like the one above a flies in the face of everything you have said today, which I won’t lie, is rather nice. You have told us all day your super duper facts are just the way it is going to be and we all have to accept it. Now that’s 2 clubs statements flying in the face of your lawyer pal. 2 clubs so far happy to present a case regardless of how cut and dry you make it out to be. you are a fucking crank. That’s about the only fact in this whole thread.
  8. Absolutely clutching at straws here but no surprise. Your desperation for them to be handed the title becomes more evident with every post. Flip flop
  9. Absolute rubbish. Every man and their dog knows it is an option and whether you like it or not (you don’t) it is the absolute right one in terms of moral or sporting integrity. If it wasn’t a viable option there would be no clamour for it, that’s the sole reason people are against it, because it doesn’t suit agendas. You are a bit of a joke when you scratch below the surface aren’t you? Flip flopping all over the place.
  10. Total whatabouttery. It isn’t us so it’s a moot point, Nothing stopping you from taking that stand. You are a crank and have been shown up as that for the last half hour.
  11. He is tying himself in knots. He had no option but to “accept it” about 5 posts ago. A total crank who has been made to look like the scabby hack that he is.
  12. So for the record you have never supported that the season should be null and void and your professional opinions from friends in high places never really mattered? ”Accept it” my fucking arse. Glad we are getting somewhere now James.
  13. It doesn’t just come down to rules James and fine you know that. It is as much a double edged sword as anything With regards to lawsuits as well as duties and if you can’t admit that due to your stubbornness and desperation to be right, In this case for some bizarre reason I will never understand whilst claiming to be a Rangers fan, then more fool you if you think i’d ever take your word as serious and I’d hope everyone on here is the same and sees right through it for what you really are. I am well aware that this is the case with regards to your friends. It is strange though that they are quite willing to put their name on record as you put it earlier for supporting null and void whilst you aren’t. Sorry but I find that bizarre!?
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