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  1. Matt Tubbs then... could get him cheap and will prob score more than Goodwillie :broadfoot:
  2. I don't think he'd be a good signing IMO. Up to him whre he goes, no one can force him.
  3. Usual tbh. Getting to the point I canny be arsed with it, that happening, this happening etc... buy the club or fuck off.
  4. £35 million or something in his first season http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangers_F.C._season_1998-99#Transfers Someone add that up and the next three seasons?
  5. Lol the manky mhob are biggin Black up for havin a go at Diouf, better buy some straws for them More goals in the second half and I'll be happy
  6. Shite, wtf was McGregor thinking? Shouldn't be out that far at all, no need for it. Manky bastards the lot a them.
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