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  1. That was like pulling teeth today. Horrible game, job done though.
  2. Can understand BB not getting on the day. Plastic pitch, gale of wind part timers kicking lumps out you. Not quite up his street is it.
  3. A most deserving goal for Aribo. One class act on the park today.
  4. Lost count of the amount of times players are being wiped out after releasing the ball. Ref set the tone when he let two go without punishment early doors.
  5. Shudder to think how this game would be going without Aribo and Defoe. I understand resting players and the need to give others game time but 10 changes is just a bit to many for me.
  6. Just tried watching BT Sport's there, can't do it, must be the worst collection of pundits to appear on any sports channel ever
  7. So the only natural left back at the club now finds himself third choice behind a right back and a midfielder.
  8. Hard to judge him given his lack of game time. We went a bit flat after he and Jones came on and he couldn't seem to find any space. Is that down to his overall capabilities or lack of games ? He also had a chance of a shot near the end but opted to play the ball wide, lacking confidence for me.
  9. Natural left back sitting on the bench. Either trust him and give him game time or get rid and look for a suitable replacement. It's the problem position in the team.
  10. Great thing about it that Jones gets all the praise at the weekend and then gets dropped for Ojo tonight who replys with a goal and two assists.
  11. They were a decent team and probably deserve there goal. Last season would of struggled against them without a doubt. Shows how far we come, little bit flat second half but the game was over.
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