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  1. Problem with our media is that they are more gossip than actual journalism of the true sense. One sided view devoid of an impartiality.
  2. Do we use this game to give squad players some game time or go with yesterday's starting eleven. Looking at yesterday's bench Arfield and McLaughlin apart it looked poor. For me the league is the priority this year and unless we bring in some real quality the squad looks thin on the ground of players who can effect a game from the bench, using the same players game after game is eventually going to lead to loss of form, lack of competition and injury. I would consider starting with the likes of Barker, Murphy and Stewart as a last chance opportunity for these guys to prove they can compete for a starting place. If not surely most of them have to shipped out.
  3. Thought he looked like he was trying too hard at times and rather than wait for the pass or the game to open he was trying to force the play. Attempted a couple of back-heel / flicks and first time balls that didn,t come off for him. Not his best game but he never hid from the ball and always made himself available for a pass.
  4. Looks a good player , particularly when bringing the ball out of defence. Looks the type who would like a run deep into the opposite half. At times we lack this especially whem playing a deep lying side. A big centre half going forward can open spaces for other players.
  5. As the game wore on we steadily got drawn into the game Aberdeen wanted to play which was a game littered with set pieces. First half was good quick tempo and great movement off the ball.
  6. All I took out that game today is that I hope we get the boy from France signed. Never heard off him never seen him play but I know hes a better option than Kamara.
  7. Exactly the type of game we will face this season. Interesting to see if he changes anything at halftime.
  8. All games have to played regardless of the timing. The galling things is the some spokesperson from the SPFL will come out and try to defend the fixtures as being random, 12th game into a season looks dodgy as fuck. Just hold your hands up and say that the scheduling was fixed to give the best possible chance of there being a crowd at the first OF game of the season. The truth will set you free. Just hope they have considered the possibility of a shit storm March / April when we could have two OF games only weeks apart at the business end of the season, plus the possibility of a Scottish cup tie to throw into the mix.
  9. If there exists compelling evidence that puts the vote in doubt, I would of preferred that the whistle blower or club had just released it anonymously via the media. I sadly doubt our boards capabilities to see this through without in someway turning it into a disaster. Our past record of poor board decisions and ongoing litigation to then repair self inflicted damage proves we are not experts in this field.
  10. Surely there will be a Sporting Integrity comment.
  11. Thought he made a difference when he came on. For Sunday, I would go with the way we finished tonight, Kent on the right, Kamberi on the left and Morelos through the middle. Midfield three of Hagi, Aribo and Arfield. I know Aribo was poor tonight but this has become normal when he is playing on the right. Move him to the left and back one position and he looks a completely different player.
  12. Come Sunday he will be handed a starting place along with a few more who do not deserve the shirt. There in lies the problem at our club. In the management eyes we have approx 14 first team players and the rest are squad players at best. Not one of the fringe players have ever come in and staked a real claim to be considered for a regular place in the first eleven.
  13. They are a good team and play in a very good league. Reality is they are in the Europa League last 16 along with us.
  14. Squad depth is poor considering the amount of signings that been made over the past transfer windows.
  15. Got to find a way to get Hagi in the middle of the park 4,4,1,1 or 4,2,3,1.
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