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  1. If there exists compelling evidence that puts the vote in doubt, I would of preferred that the whistle blower or club had just released it anonymously via the media. I sadly doubt our boards capabilities to see this through without in someway turning it into a disaster. Our past record of poor board decisions and ongoing litigation to then repair self inflicted damage proves we are not experts in this field.
  2. Surely there will be a Sporting Integrity comment.
  3. Thought he made a difference when he came on. For Sunday, I would go with the way we finished tonight, Kent on the right, Kamberi on the left and Morelos through the middle. Midfield three of Hagi, Aribo and Arfield. I know Aribo was poor tonight but this has become normal when he is playing on the right. Move him to the left and back one position and he looks a completely different player.
  4. Come Sunday he will be handed a starting place along with a few more who do not deserve the shirt. There in lies the problem at our club. In the management eyes we have approx 14 first team players and the rest are squad players at best. Not one of the fringe players have ever come in and staked a real claim to be considered for a regular place in the first eleven.
  5. They are a good team and play in a very good league. Reality is they are in the Europa League last 16 along with us.
  6. Squad depth is poor considering the amount of signings that been made over the past transfer windows.
  7. Got to find a way to get Hagi in the middle of the park 4,4,1,1 or 4,2,3,1.
  8. Their third puts a real negative spin on the result. Decent performance in the second half. He has got to rethink this obsession of playing Aribo on the right hand side. We looked so much more balanced with Kent on the right and Kamberi on the left. Talking of obsession though Davis is on the verge of needing therapy to see if he can pass forward, going backwards is now his default setting.
  9. No team ever won a game passing side wards and backwards. Got to up the pace and be braver on the ball to many of them looking to just get rid of the ball rather than waiting for a positive pass.
  10. Almost every attacking move broke down at his feet today. He obviously has qualities but comments from his previous manager points towards a lack consistency.
  11. Three points is about all you can say about that game. Best performance for me was Aribo always looked positive on the ball. Biggest disappointment was Hagi. When you are kept quiet by Foster you need to have a word with yourself. For Thursday and the old firm we need Katic back in the back four. Edmunson looked really hesitant today especially his distribution from the back when playing the ball short. He has actually got a good range when playing long but doesn't do it to often. Would also consider dropping Morelos for Kamberi in the starting eleven.
  12. I have seen more urgency and desire at the second half of a pre season friendly after 10 substitutions. Time and again you can see Polster and Aribo making decent runs and meanwhile Goldson Edmunson, Kamara and Davis ignore them for the usual five yard side pass.
  13. This is fucking terrible again. Same players making the same mistakes.
  14. I think his and Tavs partnership or lack off is one of our biggest issues. We have lost a large volume of goals down the right hand side. Its an issue that has never been properly addressed.All to often you see Goldson isolated out in full back areas which usually results in conceding a free kick or an attacking move by the opposing team. You probably see it more often in domestic games as Tav drifts forward and remains forward more frequently. His mistake against Hamilton was a shocker, to attempt a drag back at the edge of the box makes no sense and as a defender you get punished. Although I have seen Davis and Kamara disposed in a similar fashion in many games this season but because it's usually in midfield we don't get punished.
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