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  1. Penalty summed him up, soft as fuck and he didn't even complain to the ref, just accepted it. Pity is I think he potentially is a decent player but he lacks that bit of dig required for our game.
  2. To be honest I wasn't sure about him to start with. But he has looked like a player in the last 4 or 5 games. Certainly the set up with Arfield further forward suits him plus Davis alongside him. Brilliant piece of midfield play for the second today.
  3. Good first 30 mins then we got a bit slack. We needed half time as they were coming into it more and more. Tim's back line looks shaky and with a better final ball and Defoe staying onside we could of been more in front. Good half time talk needed.
  4. Mental, from a keeper of his experience you just shake your head and say WTF.
  5. Better second half, feel for them but that's typical of the luck these fuckers are carrying right now.
  6. Error strewn first half poor defending and no final pass in the attacking area. Their front three is pulling our defence all over the place.
  7. Strong in the air, think he won every defensive header today.
  8. It's a bit unfair to judge him as a midfielder at the moment, consider that he spent his time in the youth set up being moulded onto a center half. This season and last he's had about 30 games in midfield which is nothing when learning a new position. He needs a season out on loan playing week in week out.
  9. Good team performance today, back four looked more solid and the midfield three moved the ball quickly. Little more pedestrian in the second half after the third went in.
  10. Agree with all except the comments on McCrorie. He is never going to be pretty to watch as his remit is to cover a lot of ground, be physical and break up play. Kamara is a tidy player but not very physical and would not offer the same work rate.
  11. Like a few players he seems to have lost his way bit since the January break. All to often his positioning lets him down. Looked weak one on one today. Also pisses me of that him and Worral go forward for corners but offer zero threat from set pieces.
  12. Goldson is seen as the senior center half but in realty he needs somebody beside him to talk him through a game. His positioning is shocking and all to often the second touch is a lunge
  13. Was thinking the exact same thing, that's the third or fourth game they have looked unconvincing but managed to sneak a result. Fully expect them to a substantial turn around of players and some of them key positions.
  14. Got to go. First half decent offer has got to be accepted and then invested wisely. Four game ban coming up, that must be almost 10 games he's had to watch from the stands.
  15. After a first half shocker for me we let them of the hook in the last 10 minutes. Didn't agree with Kamara coming on before Davis as he is far to negative in his ball distribution. The second goal comes from a nothing sideways pass to Tav who only had the option of going backwards to Goldson which he made an arse of.
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