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  1. Sky sports reporting Billy Davies and Richard Gough in the running too now
  2. I am as surprised as i am utterly delighted with this outcome, as i have stated before, i was convinced we would get hammered as i thought the deicision was made long ago, so i am over the moon to be proved wrong, and i would again like to congratulate Charles Green, he was absolutely slaughtered in the press and other media outlets when he said he wanted nothing to do with this witchhunt, as it was nothing to do with him, and the manner in which it was set up, he has been totally vindicated in his stance, particularly the fact that it is the oldco that has been fined, once again Charles, you have played an absolute blinder, i'm just glad there's not a transfer system for CEOs, what would he be worth lol
  3. It has been my opinion from day one about this kangaroo court that we were already found guilty before these well picked 3 wise men sat, i hope i am wrong, but i have never been the slightest bit confident since the corrupt sfa offered us the chance to accept the losing of the titles for membership, this in their eyes has been the ultimate goal from day one, and they have never let up, even with us being found not guilty in the tax case, they corrupt bastards never batted an eyelid, i think we are in for a hammering in a couple of hours, but i pray to God i am wrong
  4. This time next year the embargo will be lifted, so i think you'll find we can
  5. I woke up this morning hoping for some late news on signings, and was slightly disappointed there was none, but putting this into perspective, we've just signed in my opinion, one of the best players in Scotland, and hopefully this striker Stella, along with the other signings we have made. This will be more than enough to get us out of this league, and considering this time next year we'll can sign free agents, then i for one am quite happy, as 5 or 6 weeks ago i wasn't 100% sure i would have a team to support never mind stealing Hearts, St johnstones and Kilmarnocks best players, so lets get on with winning this league, hope we meet a few spl diddies in the cups and rip them a new one, and settle our club down for the next 12 months or so, Rangers Now, Rangers Then, Rangers Forever
  6. Over the moon if we get templeton, really dissapointed we've no got more, Ally will be too, he has said as much, i'm away to bed, pissedoff.com, but WATP
  7. If this double signing comes off, Ally and Green will have sickened the rest of scottish football, and Green in particular will have done a fuckin superb bit of business, even getting romanov to talk to him lol
  8. This has been the best transfer deadline day for a few years for us bears, just being in the mix and linked with players has made it really exciting, i just hope we don't end up empty handed lol, though i really don't think that will be the case
  9. Walter Smith was pure and simply born to be a Ranger
  10. I don't know Dunny from adam, but he's a good poster on here, and he has delivered good info before, now i'm not saying he's right in this instance, but he must beleive it's got some mileage for him to post it, and i'm one Dunny mate who hopes your info is spot on, i'm not ante-CG or anybody else that takes over, it's just that if this was true, then ffs if carlsberg done takeovers
  11. N'Guessan played for us as well, before he went to lincoln city, although off the top of my head i just can't remember who signed him for us, maybe big eck. i do know he was one of the most highly rated youngsters in france at the time and the french were raging when we nicked him according to martin bain
  12. You can dress it up all you want, at the end of the day White has not delivered on the promises he made to the fans. He said there was 5 mill a year over 4/5 years, and if that needed front loaded then he would speak to ally about it. He spoke about signings that, and i quote "will excite the fans". Most importantly he said this money was there, it wasn't dependant on any european qualification, indeed any monies from qualification or from player sales would be added to the WARCHEST. Now i will support this great institution of ours until my dying breath, but i am entitled to speak out if i feel we have had the wool pulled over our eyes, to say the least, pissed off disny come close
  13. I am really pissed of we have not signed anyone today, i thought even a loan to strengthen the forward positions would have came in at the very least. I'm glad we've still got jela, but i honestly feel our squad is weaker than it was a year ago. I just hope this day doesn't come back to haunt us. WATP
  14. For fuck sake, there's only one cunt sounding sad here mate, fuckin lighten up, honestly
  15. I know the football rumours site is a complete joke, but they're no even putting rumours on there about us signing anybody now, how fuckin sad is that lol
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