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  1. Ironic that a man who played like a bull in a china shop, smashing everything in his way (in a good way btw), leaves with nothing but a whimper. I hope this isn't how he'll be remembered as he has been very good for us. At times the only one who actually seemed to care.
  2. Ross Wilson has somehow worked a miracle here. He's bought a nearly £10M strike force with £1.5M. Was he using the Seville calculator or something?
  3. Just arrived. Really good quality. Very impressed with it. Great fit as well 👍🏻. I wasn't 100% on it but its always better in person
  4. He was a good player. Not compatible to the others he was playing with and I'm glad to see him try to make his own way in management instead of just hang about Pep. There's always just something that bugs me about being 'homesick' and pitching up at Everton a year later and staying in England for the rest of his career. Was it just cause we took such a downturn in the 03-04 season and he didn't want to be associated with that?
  5. They said in a statement we'd be wearing the white one. I think its Barisic
  6. RossS1873


    He's a good defender but he's not played in nearly 8 months. He needs time to get up to speed. Well as much speed as he has
  7. A forgotten goal cause of the result but an excellent one from one of the best finishers we've had in a long time especially being down to 10 men at the time.
  8. The red card on Thursday changed the plans a little I think so I'm sure we'll see Defoe, Murphy and Middleton today at some point. As daft as it is winning this might be a nice psychological boost, especially if we beat them to it. As much as you can't read too much into pre-season.
  9. But off to France our boys were sent, and Carson he did say Nice to have some decent football back to talk about
  10. The white away kit launched on Aug 1st in the store. Could be massive with people going into buy the home and away on the same day!
  11. A whole 9 hours of freedom before shit hits the fan again. If they've outright lied to the fans then this will fall on its arse quicker than it got started. Embarrassment
  12. I managed to get one of them long sleeved. It is an absolute piece of art
  13. A bit of the Neil Alexander about this one. He's 32 so we will get a few years of good service from him. Maybe until McCrorie is fully ready to take the shirt. I'm alright with this one.
  14. Scenes when he decides to follow in his brothers footsteps to score against Hamilton and Forfar
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