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  1. But he was shite in training apparently. I suppose a Swedish international who's played in Serie A must have something. He's really came onto a game.
  2. Wow, who'd have thought going to Rome 2 weeks after antagonising one of the most hardcore ultras groups would result in violence apart from every cunt with half a brain cell. I hope we see Paul the tim held upside down like a goon brigade banner. It's not even that it happened, it's that they for some reason in their warped fantasy world that fucking right wing fascists love their Free Plasticine nonsense. Oh and shouting fuck Lazio for 2 weeks at every opprtunity
  3. Whilst he is showing his ability as he is getting fitter which was never in doubt, in him coming back what I love most about him is his mentality about us. He is young and could have stayed at Liverpool or held out for a move to another English team for maybe more money, but he came here, learned and was appreciated which has allowed him to progress. He wanted to come back here, and when he's fit he will tear this league apart...again
  4. He has become a phenomenal talent and one of the most integral parts of the team at only 23. I wanted him gone after the debacle at the piggery but he has come on leaps and bounds. He has scored against pretty much everyone and in big European games, not just against the teams in qualifying. Once he gets that one missing goal then even the media here cannot debate his true value.
  5. Levein sacked 3 days before a semi final. 😂
  6. RossS1873

    Jaap Stam

    Dutch media reporting they may be trying to get Advocaat in for the rest of the season
  7. If only we knew what was to come over the following years, makes me grateful for where we are at the moment. However, 'the journey' isn't over until we get our title back.
  8. Should have been away with it. Even play for the point at the end but no. Fuck off Tavernier. You've cost us that.
  9. A positive to take from the plastic park is that we are slightly more accustomed to is as 3 teams in our league have it. Porto or Feyenoord don't play on it like we do so we don't have to adjust to it as much as they may when they play YB at away.
  10. The guy that scored their first goal, Ze Luis played for Spartak against us last season. Didn't score though.
  11. What an absolute warrior he was. Fought it right through to the end. The suffering is over. Rest easy.
  12. 10 years ago that's a champions league group. Will be tough but we could do it.
  13. That must be a photoshop. Implying that those tops actually ever get a wash?
  14. A dinosaur of a manager who refuses to accept the game has changed. Surely Saint Martin could be TLB's director of football now?
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