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  1. Yass! Get in! Always believe in...
  2. A player I've liked and defended but even I lost my patience last year with him. The chances he misses are ridiculous. Even against wee teams. He didn't score for months then got a cracking double at Hamilton and we all thought the goals are coming. Obviously not. The amount of 1 on 1s he misses is absurd. Maybe we were spoiled with guys like Boyd who it was harder for him to miss. On the positive you can't fault his effort and never hides and clearly wants to be a success. Just doesn't have the ability to be the 20 goal striker we need
  3. Yeah I think we drew like 3 games in a row before playing the tarriers at home and that was one of them. Absolute dross
  4. 2009 Kilmarnock, 0-0 Thomson got sent off.
  5. A very underrated player for us. Done the dirty work and maybe at times flew into rash tackles but could make it work. Always fought and in the long run it took his toll which is a shame. Was twice the tackler and 10 times the footballer that that piece of shit Brown will ever hope to be. A respected coach now and a pretty good commentator too.
  6. The new guys that we're here first looked the most composed, Cardoso was excellent having alves next to him, Jack was great and Candieas isn't a flashy player but looks a real grafter. Peña, Herrera and Morelos will come good once they have been here longer. It's still early days and none of them are fit enough for a full 90 yet. After the last week of gloom and doom it's nice to feel a bit of positivity again. It's just a friendly but maybe we aren't as bad as some make out and once the squad is finished and the deadwood is removed then we can move on and build some success
  7. I'm not one for knee jerk reactions and I'm glad he got some money to spend but my faith is depleting very quickly. I didn't think we could be worse than last year but this looks like a serious problem before the year has even began. If he doesn't take at least 15 points from the first 6 games then he needs to get to fuck before the long term damage is done. I've never seen anything like this where we can have a few weeks of positivity then it just goes back to months of shite again.
  8. Of course they score. Don't know whether to laugh or cry. This year has the makings of a complete train wreck
  9. Why are we so slow to move the ball about? 2 full backs that can't cross the ball and 2 holding midfielders against a Sunday league team
  10. Pedro mentioned it in his interview in Luxembourg. Doesn't talk about the game. Just said that Peña and Herrera played for an hour
  11. Thought they were overall not bad. Dalcio had a few good touches in the first half then died away in the second. Cardoso looked composed at the back, especially beside Bates who isn't the greatest there is room for improvement and I'd imagine once alves arrives he will improve greatly. Jack was my pick of the lot, he had a good game beside Holt. He was quieter once Rossiter came on so I'm not sure if they can play together. Candeias had a small cameo but he looked direct and isn't a flashy winger. Morelos had no service no nothing to comment but hopefully they all come good.
  12. The fear is that this plays into their hands. They know they have the upper hand and we need to be up there fighting the whole way. They cannot do 10. We can't let that happen
  13. 'The Hammer has torn Celtic apart' perhaps my favourite piece of commentary ever. Der Hammer
  14. Whilst all the news over the last few weeks has been nothing but positive it's nice to see the support United again after a long time. If we project that onto the park, make Ibrox a fortress then the sky's the limit and it's long overdue. These cunts in the piggery need a reality check and only we can do it
  15. Weekend of the 23rd Sept. Time to right a few wrongs