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  1. Disgusting stuff. Poor footballers with no heart or desire to even attempt to play
  2. What a 5s team that is. Better than any eleven in Scotland just now. Albertz
  3. Just confirmed everything we knew. It's done, we move on. The next few months will be vital.
  4. Hopefully.
  5. If he's in the dugout, who's going to bail us out every week?
  6. Agree. Even on his worst days he was still capable of producing. I recall a game at Easter Road he was worse than a man down, Burley was on ESPN giving him pelters left right and centre, he scored twice. Dont think he'd come back as much as I'd love it. He'll probably go to America or something like that.
  7. Only if Rapid beat Villa.
  8. Whilst it wouldn't happen. I'd love it. When he was in form he was worth a fortune. And that fucking snake Whyte sold him for a third of his worth. Come home Jela
  9. I agree. Whilst it's always nice to win trophies. Coming away with a cup double after losing the league and a European final within 2 weeks before was almost being brought to reality. Seeing things like that put more perspective on to what is going on just now with not even being remotely close to that again anytime soon.
  10. I completely agree. It was just a single point I was making. It's easy to say we will promote youth and do whatever but when some guy at 16 gets a few games and thinks he's the next Maradona then it's fucked. Look at guys like Wilson, I get we may of had to sell but he fucked off to England and done hee haw and it stunted his development.
  11. Amazing that in May we were on for an unprecedented quadruple. And as usual the powers that be wouldn't support a club representing the country in a European final. We fought for everything. Never surrendered and done every supporter so proud. That is what Rangers is all about. We were just beaten by a superior team at the final hurdle. Still it's a positive to look back at the day and what a specticle it was. I'd have given anything to have scraped it on penalties one more time.
  12. I wouldn't have assumed at Ajax he'd have been given millions and millions to spend. They promote from within mostly. Not that I think this will happen but he would want a big wage which King most likely won't fork out. Kids need the inheritance and all that. Michael ONeil isn't a bad shout at all
  13. Why did he not put Wilson into Hallidays place? No defensive players in that midfield gives me the fear
  14. Better late than fucking never.
  15. As said before. No to management, he's not ready to manage us. He wouldn't be for a long time. But he done with Le Guen what no one just now seems to have the balls to do. Say that this is Rangers and what is happening is simply unacceptable. Fuck all this 'speed bump' shite they are spouting just now. Complete undermining mentality. It's not good enough.