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  1. RossS1873

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tierney scoring a winner for Israel. How ironic. Cunt won't be allowed back into the piggery. Free Plasticine and all that
  2. RossS1873


    I didn't mean he's going to slow down soon. It was more looking far longer term.
  3. RossS1873


    I'd assume he's a longer term replacement for Candeias. Whilst DC has been superb over the last few games, he is 30 now and his pace which is one of his best assets, will begin to diminish. I'm not worried and when he gets up to match sharpness we will have another decent player on our hands.
  4. RossS1873

    Magnificent Morelos

    Leckie has obviously started smoking crack or something cos what we saw last night was another goal shy of an almost complete CF performance. He led the line superbly, scored twice, won the penalty, burst their CB face open, came back on and sprinted 60 yards to try and get the ball back. He was outstanding last night. But some wee fud who gets paid to write on toilet paper says he's shite so he must be.
  5. RossS1873

    Still Buzzing

    An excellent night all round. My biggest concern going into the match was Worrall playing alongside Goldson but he was phenomenal as was the whole team. Apart from their goal, which shouldn't have stood, McGregor had nothing to do. That's saying something. The front three come the end were absolutely fucked. They ran themselves into the ground and deserve all the accolades they will receive. Apart from Bill Leckie apparently. Well done. Onto another big game on Sunday
  6. RossS1873

    After 7 games last season

    Agreed. Whilst he's shown he has the ability to get through a few guys, it wasn't happening for him and we had to be more direct. Surely trying new systems is a thing you do at home if you're comfortable at half time. Like against Dundee or Ayr United. Not at Fir Park or on a plastic pitch
  7. RossS1873

    Think We've Been Expecting Too Much Too Soon

    Honestly, I don't think its wrong to expect anything. We are 6th after 7 games. We haven't won away from home yet. This is our 3rd season back in the top division. After this time we all expected to be back challenging. We have been held back from doing that by the Pedro/Murty shambles. This isn't a full blown crisis yet but only because celtic are not running away with the league yet and we are both behind Hearts and Hibs. Yes it's a new manager and a new squad, some great results in Europe have upped our expectations greatly. The start has been difficult but worse teams have went to Fir Park and Pittodrie and actually won. We are far better at home so next Sunday we could beat Hearts then away to Hamilton. If that isn't 6 points, then it maybe be a bit of a crisis.
  8. RossS1873

    After 7 games last season

    What seems to get to me is that at home, his team is rather settled and barring one or two, you know what the team will be. When we've went away, there is always some drastic change in personnel, tactics or mentality and teams just lap it up. Playing 2 up front yesterday with no recognised left winger/midfielder was an odd one as whilst Barisic was willing to get up and down, he was double marked and he didn't get much of the ball until Kent came on and supported him followed by Middleton. The decision to play Worrall was interesting as he had only played in Villarreal which was baffling enough but he grew into the game. Yesterday he was rotten and changing the back 2 all the time now should be thrown out the window unless necessary.
  9. RossS1873

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    A real bad day at the office performance. Nothing at all worked. The prick who threw the coin hopefully gets his baws toed for it. 2 up front clearly doesn't work. Should be sitting in 2nd and we won't challenge if we don't start winning away from home
  10. Ordered 2 on Friday, still waiting. Only a conformation of order email to show for it. I get they have been swamped with orders but if they aren't ready to meet the demand then they shouldn't have went on sale.
  11. RossS1873


    Considering this is the only one of Gerrard's signings that hasn't really worked out at all so far (although we are yet to really see Grezda or Macauley) you can be forgiven that its someone who we already knew was erratic at the best of times. It was my only concern at the end of the window that we only had 2 proven CF which has came to bite us quicker than I'd have expected. I'm sure we will cope though. Kent could play there as an almost false 9. Perhaps in January, Sadiq can be replaced with someone who can actually play football.
  12. RossS1873

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    2-0 Grezda
  13. RossS1873

    If you could pick a greatest ever Ranger

    It's so out of place and ridiculous its absolutely amazing 😂
  14. RossS1873


    Love at the Arfield goal there's just 1 guy in a blue jersey going off his head. It's amazing 😀
  15. RossS1873

    H&H Reaction - Villarreal

    Didn't used to be a fan of his but I listen to H&H every week. The free ones are a good hour to waste listening to twice a week