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  1. Didn't think after the 2003 final day it could get any closer. But that tops it. In the long run the good guys always win. Makes it even sweeter when we win 55
  2. This season has been a total write-off. Whats more frustrating is the results that should have went our way. Games that we should be winning. Ross County home and away, Motherwell home, the sheep at home. We werent going to romp the league but there has been no fight, no organisation and we should be much closer than we are.
  3. He's been a real asset in an otherwise poor season for us. Think he's one of the few who has understood what we are all about. Plus he scored an important goal at the piggery. Thank you Clint. All the best
  4. In order to seriously start challenging for the title we need to spend maybe 2.5 or 3 million on one player. Never mind a whole team. I can appreciate that we have to be within our means and that's the sad part but I believe buying a decent 2 or 3 players at 2 or 3 million makes a whole load of difference. Obviously that won't happen but that's what we need to do.
  5. That photo just depresses me even more. These cunts need to get to fuck or we will be even further behind for years. No leadership on or off the park.
  6. An extremely eye opening experience. We knew they were shitebags they had a chance to prove wrong. Nah fuck that. A team with so many players that can't do simple football. Is it Pedro's fault? Kings? Who knows right now but there needs to be some fucking serious changes. Today was embarrassing, unacceptable and this shite has went on for too long
  7. Well deserved. The only guy in that team who gives a fuck. Not bad considering he played with that mhob. Shame he can't play forever but he's a great influence around. Now crown it off tomorrow with the obligatory double against the mhanks. King Kenny
  8. I've always liked him and kinda tried to stand up for him even when he was shite? I don't know but I can't defend him any more. He wanted to play through the middle and got a chance but couldn't finish his dinner if his life depended on it. The header yesterday summed it up. All the time and didn't then hit the target. Slate Boyd for not scoring against them but he at least hit the target most of the time
  9. Celtic in saying nothing to relevant authorities shocker. Nothing even surprises me anymore with them. Sporting integrity and all that.
  10. Hahaha fuck the sheep. Some tarrier in the pub had 2k on Aberdeen. Whoops
  11. But wait. Sooper dooper Gary Hooper was good enough for England up here as well. Hold on, he wasn't. Fucking deluded cunts they are.
  12. He's such an frustrating character at times, his finishing is woeful at times but he can make that pass, see Wallace's goal yesterday. He's not everyones cup of tea but I like him. I think he bulked up too much during the summer. There's something there but hes not the 25 goal a season striker we need. I get he's already got 15 this season but they were mostly against lower league in the cup.
  13. Having heard him say he's watched us, I don't think he will change too much after a few days training. I think it'll be more implementing his mentality into the players. I'd imagine it'll be if not, close to a sell out and we will get a decent result. 3-0 Rangers.
  14. He handle everything himself very well. The media as usual sucking up to the rotten mob and how they are much better than us. He doesn't see it that way. That's a great start. The two fingers was an extra bonus. Go on Pedro you handsome bastard
  15. Since he's been working with the u20s, my choice is Miller. He's been such a great servant to us and it's a good place for him, working along with Caixinha to help him understand how Rangers works considering at times he said been the only guy worth talking about in our team.