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  1. Fucking Worrall, Candeias and Morelos. 3 clowns who will cost us this game. Weren't in it with 11. Damage limitation now...again
  2. I liked his idea that we could play nice football after watching the complete dross McCoist had given us. However once he was in the top division it was apparent very quickly that he was so far out his depth and couldn't handle the expectations. He tried to bring in experience , fine on paper but the experience was ridiculous. Senderos, Barton and Kranjcar. The money he did have to spend he blew on a player who couldn't play in the system he chose to stick to and not change at all. Sour grapes Mark, we go again as you liked to say.
  3. The money he did get when we came up he spent very unwisely. Stupid wages on Barton and Senderos. Signing guys like Garner, who I liked, but was completely unsuited to the team he was playing in and not getting the mentality needed to be here and we have to win even if we don't play wonderful football was the downfall. That and the 60 min subs. That irritated me to no avail
  4. That volley at Tynecastle is pure world class finishing. 😍
  5. They've lost 1 game against us in 6 years and this is the meltdown. 55 will be Jonestown levels of suicide 🙄
  6. Whilst it's a horrible thing to see someone go though, the hypocrisy from Separate Entity FC is incredible, when Novo had a heart attack, every scumbag fan of theirs wanted him dead because they fucking hated him cos he hated them. Couldn't wait to sing about him dying. As soon as Griffiths gets into trouble about money or drugs or whatever it is, we've all to support this wee horrible rat bastard but he can still hate us? No thanks.
  7. I'll give you that. I didn't actually remember he scored the OG. Get him to fuck. He's shite
  8. Has shown more experience in his 3 or 4 games he's played than Russell Martin showed in 6 months. Another smart acquisition by the management
  9. And no fucks were given by Stevie G today
  10. Surprised they involved the police. Not really the thing they normally do
  11. Pedro Mendes and Kenny Miller playing too. Might go down and watch it.
  12. Even a score draw puts us in good contention to qualify but they still seem to be in semi poor form. Although we've had a bit of a slump since we played them too. I'd take 1-1 but I think we'll sneak it 1-0.
  13. He's not wrong. What he didn't mention is he's an irrelevant wee cunt who will do anything to attempt to get people to talk about him. Can see him signing for the filth soon. Shame you're still governed by Our Majesty James ya rat
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