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  1. He's a wee wank who does what's he can to get under our skin and it works. The disrespect he and that skid mark Brown has shown our ground and our fans for years down is downright disgusting and the only way to stop it is the go out and snap them. What a shame no one in that team will.
  2. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I'm normally confident going into every game against them, always hoping to nick a 1-0 but I don't know where we go for this one. Their line up is hard to predict because Dembele is back fit so he might play ahead of the thumb. Our biggest problem has been letting sub par players like Armstrong, McGregor and. Broonaldo walk around like the sun shines out their arses. That has to stop. If we can hit them early with some good tackles, stop the wide service of Sinclair and Roberts then Morelos looks like he could be the one to nick it. Or if Kenny plays then, although he's worse than a man down at times, his record in this game is excellent and he's the only one in the team that knows what it's about to score against them. They have records, records are meant to be broken. 1-0 to the People. Morelos x1
  3. Looking for as good a start as we made on Friday with the defence a little more awake this time. No Miller or Kranjcar so see how we work without them both in the team. Peña to start as well according to twitter so hopefully see him make a good impression. Not sure if he'll play off a 2 of Herrera and Morelos or behind El Bufalo on his own. Probably the latter Alnwick Taverneir Cardoso Alves John Candeias Dorrans Jack Windass Pena Morelos 3-0 Morelos x2 Pena
  4. Looking forward to it after a decent result on Saturday. A very good result could put us top for the first time in years albeit for a short period of time. Our away record under Pedro is pretty good as well so all signs point that way. Team probably wont change much although I'd drop Miller and Kranjcar as they slow the play down dramatically. Hopefully see some part of from the newer guys e.g. DJ and Nemane Foderingham Tavernier Cardoso Alves Wallace Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass Morelos Herrera 5-0 I'm hoping Morelos x3 Herrera and Alves but I'll take the 3 points anyway possible.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tax expert to talk about Rangers...
  6. Bheast FC: Statement

    Why to the dhims always tag Phil Mcwhateverthefuckhisnameis into their tweets? Since he's been wrong about almost everything why is his opinion relevant?
  7. Bheast FC: Statement

    Even Petrie and Dempster not backing them perhaps they need to release another statement saying 'We were talking shite and have made a cunt of ourselves'
  8. Bheast FC: Statement

    Why should they agree to it? They stated the 42 clubs in Scotland wanted to investigate us. ( we are one one those 42 btw) and turns out they were bullshitting (shock horror) and the other clubs just want to move on but they want something they never won. The classy "people" at the piggery at their finest here
  9. Bheast FC: Statement

    Perhaps... nah he's still a wee fanny
  10. Bheast FC: Statement

    Even Regan putting his pal Liewell under the bus
  11. Wes and his 100th game for Rangers Yesterday

    All goalkeepers have low points and highs. We were so used to guys like McGregor pulling off saves from 30 yard screamers that most goalkeepers would struggle to stop but his reflexes are insanely quick and the amount of point blank saves he's made is impressive. I think he's a good keeper and the least of our worries just now
  12. Willie vass picture

    The greatest sight that I have ever seen
  13. Morelos

    He's is already proving to be a valuable asset and a great buy. He could easily get more than Miller Waghorn and Garner got altogether last year. Score a few against the bheasts then his value will go up even more. Showing maybe the appointment of JJ wasnt a bad move at all. Vamos El Bufalo!
  14. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Our home form has been shocking compared to our away form. We need to start taking maximum points from these kinds of games if we are going to put up any sort of challenge as well as putting down a statement that teams should fear coming to Ibrox. Foderingham Tavernier Cardoso Alves Wallace Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass (If fit) Morelos Herrera. 4-0 Herrera, Dorrans and El Bufalo x2