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  1. we'll still be in division 3 in 2 years if we play like we did again today!!
  2. Steven Naismith

    Never forgive him. We stood by him through 2 serious knee injuries and then he walks out on us for nothing. I didn't expect us to hold onto him but we could have got £3m easily for him. Well really we should have got more than double if the tims can get £6m for Ki who never impressed me any time I saw him play. Its the fact he walked out for nothing that I will never forgive.
  3. How far are you travelling

    I'm about 10miles outside Belfast, no idea exactly the distance to ibrox but it's about a 9hour round trip bus and boat for me. Thankfully slightly less than it was before since stena built their new terminal. Hate the travelling but it's worth it as soon as I get inside ibrox
  4. 31000 as of this morning

    Showing that we are truly the greatest fans in the world. More season tickets sold in the 3rd division than any team in the spl bar the scum(maybe) absolutely outstanding
  5. Online ticket system temporarily down

    This is what happens when you release tickets for the first home league game less than a week before it's on. We have known we were in the 3rd division for weeks these tickets should have been on sale at least 2 weeks ago. Better not be like this for every game
  6. Hibs manager no happy

    I can understand people not being happy if we were making the same mistakes again by spending millions on players again but we are not doing that. We have lost over 20players according to mccoist so probably £200k a week in wages and so far we have brought in a handful of players spending nothing on fees and probably less than £50k a week in wages. I really don't see the problem with that. Plus we are being asked to settle the old companies football debts anyway.
  7. Emilson Cribari on trial

    Nah he would have settled for less
  8. A Simple Decision - Kevin Kyle

    Good signing if he can get/stay fit.big physical presence up front and he knows where the goal is. 10 in 22 for hearts in the spl I would expect him to get more than that in division 3 for us
  9. SFA fine us again!

    It was rangers fans dressed up as Moscow fans
  10. Would you welcome any of them back?

    No way, they have made their bed and they can lie in it. Judas pricks
  11. ***The Official Brechin City v Rangers Thread***

    We look very rusty which is understandable. Big goian being pushed off the ball for their goal was shocking. Would expect Alexander to do better with that shot though. Ver poor goal to use. Different competition, same mistakes from rangers, always make it hard for ourselves
  12. Ian Black, welcome to the Rangers!

    Going to be a key player for us, just hope he doesn't get too many suspensions.
  13. Dual Contracts Rubbish

    I can understand if there were payments to players outside of a contract that this may be a breach of spl rules. What I can't understand is how that would equate to cheating and result in us losing 5 titles. The punishment does not fit the crime. Of course we all know liewell is the one pushing for it but at the end of the day those titles were won on the pitch. Seems like it's no more than an admin error and not one that gave us any advantage whatsoever on the pitch, if it had I am sure we would have won more titles during the time we used ebts
  14. We will fight for Titles

    Timmy won't be happy at that statement lol. Still a bit suspicious of green but that is a very well worded statement. As always actions speak louder than words, I will wait to see what happens
  15. **Ian Black Thread**

    Always rated the guy even if he is a dirty tackler. Hard to forgive him for that tackle on jelavic but have nothing but respect for him being prepared to drop down divisions to play for us. Going to be a key player for us although I hope he can keep the suspensions down to a minimum