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  1. We look very rusty which is understandable. Big goian being pushed off the ball for their goal was shocking. Would expect Alexander to do better with that shot though. Ver poor goal to use. Different competition, same mistakes from rangers, always make it hard for ourselves
  2. Can't believe he didn't even make the keeper work for that, what a miss
  3. That was some chance hooper missed but yet again Celtic have a goalscoring opportunity handed to them on a plate by the other teams mistakes. Celtic are pish but the number of chances and usually goals they get gifted to them by the other teams is unbelievable. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if they win this 1-0 after a stupid mistake by someone, probably sissoko as he's a bombscare.
  4. Scum can win the title at ibrox if we lose today. Surely there's no more of an incentive for us to come out all guns blazing in the second half? Such a poor team we have out, aluko must get on, only player we have who I think could make a difference
  5. Can't do much with strikes like that. We are so poor but not surprising with the team we have out. Worst rangers team I think I have ever seen
  6. losing at home to kilmarnock. How far has our great club fallen. Brines is a cheating wanker though.
  7. stupid tackle from papac, cant have much complaints about that one to be honest
  8. Much better football than in recent games. Fair play to mcculloch I thought he had a good game and took his goal well. Sloppy defending again cost us a goal. Need to cut that out and cut it out quickly. Can't see Celtic dropping points today but this performance will at least give them something to think about. This title isn't over by a long shot.
  9. Excellent finish from kerkar. Still time for another one at least
  10. We need a big win today to boost our confidence. We should be sticking at least 4 past Dunfermline. No disrespect to them but they are at the bottom for a reason. We will still need to keep it tight at the back though. We need a clean sheet after that shambles in the cup. I take it cousin didn't sign in time to play so it will be Healy up front, I just hope we don't go for the awful Wallace papac combination on the left. We probably will though and it will be awful again.
  11. Can't believe how bad we are. Losing at home to dundee utd ffs. I don't mind not winning the cup as long as we win the league but we aren't winning anything the way we are playing. I can see the scum winning the treble if we dont pull our socks up. Can't think of anything worse than that.
  12. does aluko think hes playing rugby or something? That thing was miles over. Waste of a free kick. Decent start so far for us.
  13. We will need to be better than we were today. Aberdeen are pish but they always up their game against us as we know. Really looking forward to this one. My first game since November. I would play fleck instead of Healy who was awful today. Possibly play Wylde instead of Wallace as well who was poor today.
  14. callum murray is an awful ref. nothing wrong with that tackle at all.
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