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  1. archangel gabriel amato

    Defoe chant...

    I kind of want Joe Dodoo back just to witness the the absolute carnage a Defoe Dodoo Alfredo song would cause on here!!
  2. archangel gabriel amato

    *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

  3. archangel gabriel amato

    Cumdog Not Taking Our KnockBack To Well

    Just realized he's not cancelled premier sports!!
  4. archangel gabriel amato

    Club deck

    Wear a hat, I was up there for the Osijek game and the condensation was dripping off the roof was minging! Saying that the view is superb.
  5. archangel gabriel amato

    ***** YOU ARE THE PEOPLE *****

    Amazing work as always Govan and Zet PM me the new details please ?
  6. archangel gabriel amato

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    Yes mate
  7. archangel gabriel amato

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    Leave me out of this!
  8. archangel gabriel amato

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Aye that bit at the bottom if the badge is a tad strange, lets hope it has been pointed out and is sorted. Still buying them all though!!!
  9. archangel gabriel amato

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    The badges on the playing kits are always printed and the supporters ones are embroidered, it's to do with the weight of the strip believe it or not.
  10. archangel gabriel amato

    Should we already be worried if this is true.

    The boy has talent when he can be arsed and that is very seldom, it’s up to the gaffer if he thinks he can get him to show it, if not then it’s back to obscurity.
  11. archangel gabriel amato

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Yes mate.
  12. archangel gabriel amato

    ****The Official Aberdeen v Rangers thread****

    I would go with belting out "God Save The Queen" on the 11th minute lads ?
  13. archangel gabriel amato

    **** Official Rangers v Annan Athletic Match Thread ****

    There's still quite a few tickets left online and you can pay at the gate mate.
  14. archangel gabriel amato

    Rangers Lookalikes.

    Surprised no one has posted a picture of Mr Bean yet!!