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  1. I'll always be a womble until the day I die.... ah fuck wrong thread opps
  2. Any kicking about only looking for 2 now
  3. Shameless Bump
  4. The Megastore website has just had a total facelift, nothing to buy yet but surely this must be a sign the new merchandise must be close!
  5. Thanks guys called ticket office definitely sold out will drop leeds_bear a pm
  6. Looking for 3 v Hiv's don't need to be together any help would be much appreciated!
  7. But father I need it, it's hurts without it!
  8. Davie Cooper never kicked his arse in training and had to be forced to even turn up! Just saying!!
  9. This seems to be an argument between guys at the game and guys watching it on TV I was there and thought he was miles ahead of every player on the park and once the rest of the team realise where the ball is going he will be our best player this year by a country mile
  10. That's the link mate.
  11. You can use the chat facility on their website mate this is what I had to do, ended up getting it delivered to my work, they are brutal.
  12. This is not the first time with Barrie, if the rumors are true his attitude problems were the reason he was put out on loan to Morton and it looks like it's his attitude which is causing issues again, I just wish the boy would screw the nut before he ruins his career as on his day he is a class player.
  13. Just remember you will need a bonnet, tie and scarf for when the years start getting on a bit
  14. Im 36 and I only ever wear a top to games when it's warm enough to go in just a t-shirt and on holiday.
  15. There were a load of tickets for public sale on yesterday in the Club Deck and Copland Rear and not a lot left today, the question is does anyone have any idea how the season ticket sales are going? If they are selling out then there could be very little tickets left for the public sale on Sunday.