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  1. Some fuckers log on here to be offended ,strange people
  2. God I wish I was you......whats your secret?
  3. Nobodies interested that your not fucking interested
  4. Uncle Thom
  5. Mate you need a backbone to raise your head above a parapet.....something so called Rangersmen lack
  6. If a picture is worth a 1000 words
  7. Where is going if you don't mind I ask?
  8. Get yourself over to Valparaiso or down to Pucon awesome places BTW my missus grandfather was jailed in Chile in the 1930 s
  9. Forgot you had Chilean links mate ,I love the country ,been the length of it .
  10. Bring on next year
  11. Look how many times the world club championship has been won by SA clubs down the years .The great Liverpool side of Souness era were destroyed by Fla United treble side humiliated by Vasco and Chelsea this year by Corinthians
  12. For money ,but more and more clubs in South America are becoming cash rich and can hold on to their players
  13. So much for my prediction ffs
  14. It always baffles me why people think the Brazilian and Argentinian leagues are weak