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  1. Horrible fight huck is past his best
  2. Never saw Pedros first game but was it the same with Goal kicks? we aren't getting any possession and momentum to build an attack as we are just going long all the time and it's coming straight on top of us again. Players like mackay , Holt etc aren't going to win an Ariel challenge against Pearson etc
  3. Crolla Linares should be decent m i can see Linares doing a number on crolla tonight
  4. People forget Jacobs never went to weigh in on fight day like he agreed to. GGG was 169 lbs on fight day. Jacobs was rumoured to be 195 lbs and walking around like a light heavy no way BJS would be as heavy as that
  5. He's 35 , that's never going to change. He's seek and destroy so it will eventually be his downfall fighting a boxer. Someone like cotto & canelo will suit him as they will stand and trade. Jacobs was on the move and he really struggled last night. Super middleweights would struggle to knock GGG down i think he should just fight Saunders and win all the belts and retire he's had a great career . Not many big names but they all went hiding from him
  6. I gave it to GGG . . . Just he looked really poor tonight. For me he threw the cleaner work. I have GGG 2 out the first 3 rounds then a 10-8 round , it had him 3 points up after 4 so many tight rounds could have gone either way. No where near a robbery that some are making out
  7. He looked the part at the weigh in ??
  8. Hope he gives MOH a run up front in a 4-4-2 him and miller would be a real problem for defenders up there together with their movement
  9. McCann ssid he's not interested ian ferguson anyone ?
  10. Just woke up my 2 month old baby screaming like a madman and the wife is raging fuckin magic , deserved that
  11. No luck today at all dint deserve to win the game but certainly don't deserve to lose it
  12. Can't blame waghorn for that IMO gordon closed the space well
  13. We need pace up front they are playing so high we can counter them with Dodoo MOH or Forrester
  14. My son in 3 now and one day I'd like to say to him that we have beat them son for 3 yrs it's been lambs to the slaughter on the pitch
  15. Holt & Tav really aren't good enough players to play for rangers only way we we will beat them is to go at pace and get in behind of that idiot boyata get Dodoo on for waghorn and MOH on for Tav
  16. Never knew Pedro was an agent. Thought he was the kinda guy to sit by a pool drinking bottles of wine now he's retired
  17. If that's the team we are in trouble we play a system every wk. Whether is the right one is debatable but to change a system that the players know well and are regimented in defensively is madness , especially going there 4-3-3 and have a go at them. We are rangers, we should never lie down and shut up shop against this mob
  18. Worries me after reading a uk based journalist say yesterday that if we are expecting him to win the title next yr then he will fail but if we are patient with him then he will deliver after 3 yrs have we got the supporter patience for that with 10 in a row on the horizon ? I guess we will find out next yr
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