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  1. I didn't know until recently how bad it was but it's interesting that it's from the same people.
  2. Actually I didn't. I was aware I'd get plenty from tims, never in a million years did I think I'd get the same (and it often is indistinguishable) from bears.
  3. You at least alluded to where you sit because we've discussed previously why you've never taken the chance to challenge some club employees directly. I think you actually were very specific about being in the Members. Again you assume wrongly where something has come from. You seem to have plenty time to post on here and other forums. If you are so concerned would you not want to do something more constructive? I just don't get it. Anyway it's not a good idea to make allegations at the behest of others or on inaccurate information.
  4. That was always perfectly clear but I'm happy to clarify it for you.
  5. So I shouldn't express my opinion of the abuse on here on Twitter? This is an open forum, anyone including non members can read it. I often get Tims sending me screenshots of things said on here, pishing themselves laughing at the abuse I've taken from a small group of posters. But you think I shouldn't comment on it anywhere? The simple solution is for the personal abuse to stop and then there will be nothing to discuss. I'm happy to argue a point with anyone but I'll comment on people personally abusing me and others wherever I like.
  6. I am not fascinated at all. I'm just asking why you won't step up to lend your experienced voice to the argument you want to put forward? You personally attack other people and claim they are all working together to the detriment of the club but your only response to that is to post those personal attacks on an internet forum. Why not do something more constructive? You've said you are in the Members. Why not go round and get support of other well off Rangers fans for your approach and make a difference? Have you tried?
  7. That's a fair point. I had decided not to post anymore mainly because I thought my absence might stop the constant personal attacks. It's clear that isn't the case though since, if anything, they got worse when I wasn't here. I don't agree with the personal abuse that is allowed on here and the constant shouting down of anyone with an opinion different to a certain group of posters but that is up to admin. If they want to allow it then I'll reserve the right to criticise that approach. I am far from alone in that criticism.
  8. I didn't say all at RM were wankers. However I think I've made my feelings about a group of posters on here pretty clear. Just my opinion of course. Given some of the personal abuse that's allowed on here I'd find it pretty odd if someone on the moderator team was getting precious about that comment.
  9. I'm taking notes here. If I added that vast income to all the money I'm getting from the BBC and the Daily Record, and got Ian Black to stick a bet on for me, then I could retire!
  10. You've made several allegations. You have presented them as fact. If you are so so concerned about the actions of "people like me" and you believe I am working to the detriment of the club then why don't you have the courage of your convictions and put your name to those allegations? You've insinuated many times that you are a successful businessman, that you know what you are talking about and you've made snide digs about other people's credentials to speak about board room matters and the like. Why don't you step out into the light and make your allegations with the weight of your experience and track record behind you? I just can't fathom why anyone who felt such forces were working clandestinely to harm the club by hoodwinking fans wouldn't speak up?
  11. I totally agree. I don't post much on forums but I'm not sure what you mean about me vanishing and coming back?
  12. Tell me. Are you prepared to make any of these allegations in your own name? Not just the ones in this post but all the others you've made on this thread and the board in general? Because if you are then why don't you do it and lend them some credibility? And if not then why? You seem confident you know exactly what is going on.
  13. To be fair I won't be answering PMs from them either, sorry. Just to be clear before they think that's a good idea.
  14. As others have already pointed out, the BBC pay expenses if you are on a panel show either on TV or radio. From memory I've done that 3 times over the past 2 years. All prior to the BBC ban by the club. Since then I have turned them down several times (5+) because the club banned them. They don't pay expenses for news interviews or anything else to my knowledge. STV don't pay anything for panel shows or interviews which, being the place I have appeared most frequently, is disappointing! I'd imagine overall that I'm actually out of pocket given the number of times I've had to drive into town to do interviews or appear on shows. Still I won't complain because I think it was important to try to challenge some of the misconceptions in the media. Hopefully anyone who actually listened to the stuff on the BBC or STV would agree that it was worthwhile. I'm aware of a few people suggesting I've been paid by the Daily Record. That's simply a lie. I've also noted people saying I've leaked to the Daily Record. That's also a lie. I'm aware where the rumours started and exactly who has perpetuated them and why. At some point that will be coming back to bite them hard but there is no rush. There are considerably more important things happening at the club at the moment and this thread being top of this board on a day like today is an indication of just how determined a small group of posters are to constantly attack those who don't agree with their point of view. It's not just me but obviously they have a particular dislike of my refusal to tow their line. That was clearly- demonstrated by WVB's rant about me refusing to bring up child abuse live on STV on a show about Rangers. I'm not going to comment everytime one of these posters makes up another baseless rumour. It's not worth it because they have demonstrated previously that they will just move onto something else. This is the last time I'll be commenting on any of this pish. I have no wish to take topics on this board off track constantly and that appears to happen every time I defend myself against the latest slur.
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