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  1. He has had a bad run of luck with injuries since he has been at Brentford. Real shame for him as he was a real talented player with us.
  2. I hope all the Bears have a great day out and we smash these junkies.
  3. No, he was one of the 'Newcastle 5' the 1st season in the Championship.
  4. We never got to see him play for us. He scored for them last night, so he may not be shite (but he probably is).
  5. Next you'll be saying there are crazies posting on here...
  6. That makes no sense at all! How could we possibly influence that? There must be something in the water making so many people go laa-laa.
  7. I think he retired as it is too much hassle. Sure the official website does great previews these days.
  8. Put money on Windass and Morelos tonight to score anytime. Disappointed that Herrera isn't in the squad - is he injured?
  9. Going by the press conference I expect a very strong team tomorrow. Tav for Hodson and Morelos for Miller woukd be the changes I woukd make. I don't think we're going to see Peña making his competitive debut. Hopefully Herrera and Morelos can get a goal or two to get them off the mark and the confidence up.
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