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  1. I don't care about it either. Lived beside the Oval for years and only went to see Glentoran once, and that was enough. Good luck to Linfield although I must admit if the Crues managed to win the title I wouldn't be too annoyed. As long as Cliftonville don't...
  2. Portadown are fucked. Their corporate governance makes our boardroom look 100% professional.
  3. I don't understand what the person tweeting that thought they were doing. The guy has just died so they should have shown some respect. The BBC used to be a well respected neutral organisation now it has become a bit of a disgrace. Too many lefties and IRA sympathisers for my liking.
  4. Just seen the news that he had died. Very shocking and sad. I guess it is too late for some sort of display in his honour for Sunday?
  5. This is all I could find:
  6. Yes, I noticed that too. I'm glad PC was courteous and answered her question. I don't think I'd have been so polite to the annoying bint.
  7. Who is the annoying female reporter that kept talking over the others to get her questions in?
  8. PC's response to the referee question were great. It's part of the game just get on with it. Loved that.
  9. True, you'd almost think Paedo FC have control of the SFA and it's processes...
  10. Do we really expect anything else from the press wing of Paedo FC?
  11. Separate entities. One is compliance officer the other is appeals board.
  12. Webber has been heavily linked with Norwich over the past couple of days, so I doubt he'll be heading for Ibrox.
  13. I'd be keen on him, but doubt we could afford the compensation.
  14. Would Michael O'Neill be an option? Compensation would be due to IFA for his services so it's probably a non-starter. He is based in Edinburgh and has worked wonders with a limited pool of talent for NI.
  15. Welcome to the club Jak! Good signing with plenty of potential. A ready replacement for Big Wes when he moves on.