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  1. Feed the buffalo!
  2. I hope all the Bears have a great day out and we smash these junkies.
  3. He hasn't been mentioned in terms of injury in the press conferences. So that suggests to me that Pedro has either lost confidence in him or has identified a weakness in his play that he is trying to correct before deploying him again (ie he's maybe not up to the rough and tumble of Scottish football). I'd like the press to ask these kinds of questions rather than "Have you ever met Neil Lennon?"
  4. It is definitely odd that he has dropped out of the squad all together. Wednesday would have been perfect to reintroduce him and give him a few minutes. I'm not convinced by Dalcio BTW, so him falling out of favour doesn't bother me at all.
  5. Is it a coincidence that since Dalcio has dropped out of the team (and squad) that we have started to play better and come into a bit of form? We were poor in Luxembourg that is something we all agree on, but Dalcio was by far the worst that game and he wasn't on that long. He gave the ball away almost every time. He'll not make many appearances for us and will probably have his loan deal terminates by Christmas.
  6. Should they not be reported for tapping up?
  7. That's why I originally asked if anyone had heard anything from other sources. No-one seems to have so it is probably a load of nonsense.
  8. No, he was one of the 'Newcastle 5' the 1st season in the Championship.
  9. I just cannot wait to watch these when I get home. It sounds like the journalists get thicker with each press conference.
  10. We never got to see him play for us. He scored for them last night, so he may not be shite (but he probably is).
  11. Next you'll be saying there are crazies posting on here...
  12. That makes no sense at all! How could we possibly influence that? There must be something in the water making so many people go laa-laa.
  13. Dalcio has gone from starting the first leg v Progrès to not even making the squad. Unless we get some bad injury crisis I just cannot see him making many appearances.
  14. I think he retired as it is too much hassle. Sure the official website does great previews these days.
  15. It would be tremendous if Dundee Hivs struggled again this season.