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  1. Are they non-identical?
  2. Sir Walter is assisting Bain in his selection process, so I'm not surprised McInnes is in the frame. Whoever gets that job will probably not last long, the club is in a truly awful state.
  3. Don't you get it, it is part of the PR game that puts Celtic on a pedastal and meanwhile discredits Rangers and dehumanises our support. All part of the plan with a compliant media.
  4. Oh FFS!!!
  5. Absolutely agree with the last bit. I also think that the level of player he has been playing with has dragged him down to their level. Hopefully with an improved squad we'll see improved performances from LW next season. However, if we get a decent off I think we'll probably sell him.
  6. Google translate says "The blow follows. Resist is the order" Maybe someone doesn't want him to leave???
  7. As jackrfc95 says Waldo hasn't had a great season and going to the English Championship club would be a step up for him I reckon, certainly he will have to defend much better (especially in a MW side). We haven't really got to see how he will get on under PC, but if we get a decent offer we should seriously consider it.
  8. Could be going to Sunderland or Palace???
  9. Wouldn't surprise me about McKay, but not sure about Wallace. No doubt he's decent, but would he get shown up in the Championship?
  10. Just seen a Lionbrand black and red top out in Belfast City Centre there at lunchtime We need to get the retail deal sorted so I can see proper Rangers tops rather than these imposter tops.
  11. Will Brown be dressed as a woman?
  12. More lies I would think.
  13. I would very rarely would go near it, but what I meant was if they said today was Wednesday I'd get a second opinion.
  14. I also think it was the SPFA doing it without the knowledge of the players (which is something they can do apparently).
  15. The list is obviously a fake. The conversation in the DR office probably went something like this: Ed: Keith, Caixinha said there would be a list on Monday, it's now Tuesday. Can you rattle something up to feed to these stupid H*ns? KJ: No problems boss. 5 minutes later. KJ: Here you go boss, this will get them frothing at the mouth. The Daily Record are a bunch of lying fuckers that HATE us and our club. You should check everything they print because it is all made up bullshit!