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  1. The louden was also handing out hot rolls to fans at the end of the game on the street as they walked past to head home, nice gesture i thought
  2. Did Garner get booked? i'm looking at updates on SKY app and it's saying 4 Hamilton players booked in last 8 minutes but not Garner
  3. Been listening to Clyde for 20 minutes and not a peep When the shit was hitting the fan with us they didnae even talk about football the whole show Major cover up here lads
  4. The longer the Daily Rhecord etc keep quiet on this the easier it will be for their bias to be exposed.
  5. Nothing will change, Warburton will be here next game, we'll turn up in numbers, we'll get pumped again
  6. Absolutely brutal, worse Rangers team I've seen in years, Tav is an imposter, manager is clueless
  7. Fantastic gesture by the club be good if we could help out in some way, all chip in & buy the kid something or the like, would be happy to donate.
  8. I feel as though the club is quite happy to sit content where we are, just up there but not really competing, just like Aberdeen & United etc in years gone by . . . but those clubs don't have 40K season ticket holders throwing money at em ffs it's soul destroying
  9. Police Scotland will be busy rounding awe these clowns up at Glesga airport in the morning!
  10. even the Dhaily Rhecord saying they are facing a stadium closure they actually listed all their crimes over the last few years which surprised me a bit considering their love-in
  11. no doubt when the jewish club react to the intimidation they have received over here the dhims will play the victim card as usual. i really hope Hapoel get tagged in these videos and take appropriate action, no need for that shit, their fans looked shell shocked.