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  1. should get one more season, done his bit and more
  2. They sang about Rangers the whole game & celebrated a defeat ffs, i don't think we need to bother our *rse with them tbh
  3. Dodo and barry should have started
  4. Waghorn is npish
  5. At least Pedro spots the week links, the substitutions we all wanted. Hopefully he has changed the tactics also
  6. Halliday is absolutely woeful, hook him and Garner
  7. and then Thomson says he thinks the ref actually gave it because the defender had an arm round Toral just before the contact
  8. Am i missing something here? could not make the game today due to work but heard of the frenzy caused by Walker & Sutton, i'm thinking this game was a shocker. Just watched it on the beeb and during the highlights the commentators hardly picked up on the talking points. The penalty, the player did make knee contact, enough for the ref to think it knocked him off his stride, or as mentioned it could have been because the defender had his arm around Toral Big Fod, clearly outside yes but it's obviously a case of just being lucky, he had his body turned against the raf so probably blocks his view, there's hardly even any complaints at the time. Joey, yes he went in hard and totally miss times his tackle but again the commentator hardly mentions it, even says it's a case of his body following through, yes it was wild but to me a deserved yellow.
  9. The louden was also handing out hot rolls to fans at the end of the game on the street as they walked past to head home, nice gesture i thought
  10. Did Garner get booked? i'm looking at updates on SKY app and it's saying 4 Hamilton players booked in last 8 minutes but not Garner
  11. Been listening to Clyde for 20 minutes and not a peep When the shit was hitting the fan with us they didnae even talk about football the whole show Major cover up here lads
  12. The longer the Daily Rhecord etc keep quiet on this the easier it will be for their bias to be exposed.
  13. Nothing will change, Warburton will be here next game, we'll turn up in numbers, we'll get pumped again