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  1. big corky

    Blantyre RSC

    Sorry us fellow bears don't live in such executive area's as yourself but we still keep on supporting through our poverty
  2. Live in East Kiilbride and all the prod schools are making a big thing about remembrance day, wee grandson going to the game tomorrow will stay with him for the rest of his life
  3. That programme and his first game with his papa, a keepsake for evermore
  4. 61 year old bear taking his 5 year old grandson to his first game, buzzing!! Got to win!
  5. big corky

    Tickets for new bears

    Got this wee guy fired up to see his first game just likel i was 50 years ago, can wait!
  6. big corky

    Tickets for new bears

    That the one, thanks mate
  7. big corky

    Tickets for new bears

    He has only started school so midweek is not good, would have to be weekend
  8. big corky

    Tickets for new bears

    Cheers mate, might just wait for a Scottish cup tie with a lesser team and more chance of a good result for his first game
  9. big corky

    Tickets for new bears

    Always seems sold out 2 seats together!
  10. big corky

    Tickets for new bears

    How can i get tickets for an old bear to take his grandson to Ibrox before other forces outwith my control can get to him?
  11. big corky

    ** The Official Rangers v Sydney FC Match Thread **

    game should have been stopped for safety reasons.Its a wonder no one broke a leg