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  1. Got revenge on Inter with a 2-0 win at Ibrox, after having Chris Hegarty sent off. Robbie Crawford and Andy Little were the scorers as the Third Division club embarrassed the Serie A outfit Couple of players getting unhappy about not getting games and interest being shown in others, not sure what sort of team I'll have at the end of the season as I've got the illegal transfer embargo in place. On the plus side, there is £22m in the bank and still CL Tv money to come so there will be money to spend in the future.
  2. Champions League group game away to Inter... uhm that didn't quite go to plan
  3. Anyway, so today I set up a new game with us in SFL 3, illegal transfer embargo enacted from sept and added the new players, released the traitors etc, didnt put them at any specific club mind couldn't give a rats arse about them although I've been offered both Ness and Fleck by their agents before Ness ended up at the mighty... chesterfield. Draw for the 1st round of the League Cup sees us play East Fife and if we get passed that we have, at Ibrox, Glasgows 2nd side, some shitty wee club that plays in a disgusting snotter coloured hooped top, forget their name now tbh. Only real 'problem' is the CL which we are in because I don't know how to set that to not be in it, and we beat Victoria Plzen and now have another mickey mouse side I cant pronounce for a place in the group stages.
  4. Scrappy but it's a win against a side two divisions above us
  5. You on firstrow? If there is anything there just click it away.
  6. Surely has to be some kind of record for a 4th level match anywhere, anytime?
  7. Just out of curiosity if anyone is actually at the game, how many East Stirlingshire fans turned up, if any?
  8. Modern footballers would die under the real Big Jock's training regime.
  9. Yup that's a good point actually. I expect most of these teams will come roaring out of the paddock as their adrenalin levels will be pumping, but eventually fitness levels should tell and we should get ten ... Ok Four or five will do
  10. Look away now if you don't want to know the score...
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