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  1. MOH is like our catholic Ollie Burke. No touch but too fast for it to matter
  2. What do you think Green called Sandaza into the office and said 'son yer fucking sacked'? He would have been done for Gross Misconduct or would have had a break clause written into the contract.
  3. Aye he's a wank no doubt but you'd think at 34 he'd want the play and if the doors closed here elsewhere. We'll see if it was shite he was talking when saying it's all about the football for him.
  4. Those sighting employment law and saying it makes it very difficult to 'rip up his contract' are 100% right. Unless we can get him on Gross Misconduct and you'd think if there was a clear case for that from the incident at Auchenhowie or the talk sport interview we'd have sacked him already. Its unlikely the betting will be enough, unless we can relate it to the same behavioural condition in the contract as some of the other stuff and get him on the 3 strikes- verbal, written and final warning- rule for something like 'bringing the club into disrepute/ negatively impacting its image' or 'improper conduct'. The manager clearly doesn't want him back, and if we can't sack him he'll be gone in January.
  5. That's me donated. If every bear on here makes a donation we can go along way to reaching the £100k. All the best wee man.
  6. Halliday had a good spell but finished shite. McKay is a guaranteed loss of possession. Needs hooked. Dodoo and MOH on if not now by 55mins. Pace will cause them issues and we'e needing to be more direct in the final 3rd.
  7. McLeish has speculated 5 at the back. 5-3-2 would free up the two FBs, We look better when they're going forward and not pinned in with defensive duties and with 4 at the back against they would need to sit in on Sunday. Fod Keirnan, Senderos, Hill Tav Wallace Windass Halliday Holt Miller Dodoo But the manager has been quoted as saying 'always 433'
  8. Got a feeling he'll play the same 11 as last week. From his perspective it would make sense to play the same combinations the week before since their has been a lot of rotation this season. If there's a change I reckon it will be Windass for Kranjcar. i can't see us sitting in but the back we will definitely be deeper than usual to stop them getting in behind Hill. For me if we can keep the ball better than we did at the girodome we'll be in with a chance. We played poorly last time, it wasn't just a case of one team being better than the other and that could work in our favour because they'll be expecting to dominate and if we can get on the front foot playing our game they'll be the ones getting nervous. We are fucking overdue a good preformance this season, so here hoping it's Sunday!
  9. I'd play- Fod Tav Senderos Wilson Hodson Halliday Windass Holt Waghorn Forrester Miller Wallace and McKay cannot be deemed undroppable anymore. Miller and Waggy are our form strikers. 3-1 Rangers.
  10. If we're trying to sack him then it's smart to say nothing because you've always got to cover your sel as an employer in case it goes to an employment tribunal once it's done
  11. MW has said Rossiter will be ready for the Sellik game. No mention at all of Barton makes me think he is definitely done. Every contract has a gross misconduct termination clause, looks like he's getting it.
  12. It's no enough that Black made us endure his shit football and will go down as one of the worst players ever to wear the blue jersey. He now thinks he has the right to comment on Rangers matters in the press. Away back to the Vararama National League you useless cunt.
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