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  1. Some amount of pish somecunts on here talk mate
  2. Nothing that fat coffin carrying Fenian loving arsehole hasn't told them in told them in training already Yup I laughed too
  3. Richard we are dead Gough Listen your a midden and any cunt that supports that Jokes on u
  4. Didn't mean that to sound patronising btw
  5. Perfectly reasonable post cheers
  6. Fav Gascoigne Saddest Ferguson to Blackburn or Cousin
  7. Hood was a grade a cunt but I've no idea why this story is important almost 30 years after the event?
  8. Nupe As said there's millions of things he could have said other than gush over them
  9. I don't hate everything about Rangers - that's a lie In terms of supporting Rangers I have done a lot in my 20 years of following the team everywhere - you acknowledged it yourself to your credit a while ago when there was a thread about the grounds you've been to following Rangers I do however hate McCoist and sections of our support over the past few years - I'll happily admit it - why? Because I'm an honest guy for all my faults
  10. Been saying that for years mate
  11. Amazing you accuse me of lacking ambition ironic really that you're one of the few that is happy with this shit - ambition by fuck?
  12. The picture quality is really good
  13. Very nice touch
  14. No way can he be given 2 seasons in the SPL free reign no matter what that's insanity