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  1. Barcelona Does anyone know when the fixtures are out, as I am going to plan a weekend trip to Barcelona and need dates etc?
  2. Thank you Inverness, and thank you Mr Terry Butcher, you have saved us again.
  3. Ano mate, very repetative, wouldn't surprise me if we hit another stumbling block this week !!
  4. Craig Whyte moves closer to deal... The Sun reports him to be giving £10m to Ally for summer... AJ says deal could be struck next few days
  5. Takeovers very close apparently, on BBC website, Craig Whyte the buyer.
  6. I can't help but keep checking this thread to see if theres been any developments
  7. I'm getting back into the WWE more and more now. So good to see old faces making comebacks like The Rock, Austin, Jr etc. Oh btw does anyone know if Taker actually got injured in WM, thought it looked pretty real.
  8. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :weir: :mcculloch: :papac: :davis: :edu: :ness: :wylde: :jelavic: *only reason I put Lee in there is because Bougie injured and Foster unable to play. I was gonna put Cole right back but think we need a bit more exp up there*
  9. The future is bright, the future is whyte (fingers crossed)
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