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  1. Compare and contrast with Ian Black

    It doesn't really. However, it does point to a massive shift in the market and betting being far more readily (and somewhat anonymously) available to players. You're highlighting double standards in an area where the entire market has shifted in 20 years. Using a 20 year old example to satisfy an agenda that doesn't really fit is what I personally view as absurd.
  2. Compare and contrast with Ian Black

    I totally agree with that and let's be honest...a lot of the players have a punt regularly. I just hate the whole "Something has happened to Rangers, therefore it's automatically someone out to get us". Bringing up a story from a time where there wasn't internet and online gambling is absurd.
  3. Compare and contrast with Ian Black

    Because that was over 20 years ago, and surprisingly enough..things change. Players throughout Britain are getting in trouble for this. I hate to break it to you, but everytime something happens to our club (or one of our players) it isn't actually always a conspiracy or double standards.
  4. Live update from meeting

    Post a few pages ago says yes.
  5. I honestly don't think people understand that players under 25 are the ones that cost a disproportionate amount of money. It's all fair and well saying "there'll be talent in xyz" but do you guys not understand that the vast majority of the "real talent" have already gone somewhere that we won't be willing to pay the money for?
  6. ***The Official Elgin City vs Rangers Thread***

    There's been 10 minute spells in a couple of games where he's looked alright, I just think he's looked absolutely terrible for us this season. I mean...2 goals?
  7. ***The Official Elgin City vs Rangers Thread***

    Sandaza has been diabolical this season. It's painful watching him play.
  8. Surely this can't really be true? Sometimes you just think "There has to be SOMEONE in the press that'll print this."
  9. I'm really worried that someone is going to get a serious injury.
  10. Look, with Regards Hutton, he did look quite good....for 1 3/4 games, we've seen what, 150'odd minutes of the guy this season? The coaching team work with him almost every day of the week. It's all fair and well saying "he should be picked on merit" Well, what if he doesn't merit it throughout the week? Honestly don't understand how people can't get that?
  11. Probably our back to back European Golden Boot winning manager?
  12. Well gents, I'm very prepared for some negs here but it has to be said. It's painful watching us play these days. Still plenty of time to destroy these part timers, but even then, my point will still stand.
  13. How sweet was that?

    Fantastic result from the team. They did well.
  14. ***The official Rangers vs. Queen of the South thread***

    FFS boys, painful to watch eh? Come on, let's get the goal(s) early on here. Please...I think my heart needs this!