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  1. Pm me mate if u still have that ticket could meet tomorow

  2. No Surrender lads :beer1: :beer1: :beer1:
  3. Superb Lewis, what a performance. Absolutely chuffed
  4. There's a waiting list for BF1 Nothing is set in stone regarding an expansion to BF2, we remain hopeful and obviously we cannot guarantee you would get tickets for the tarrier games just yet.
  5. The section wont be full of just group members. If you want to contribute to a better atmosphere at Ibrox then get yourself along Interest is very high so i'm unsure if there'll be space left in a weeks time.
  6. My mate sent me this on facebook. Found it quite amusing Edit* Don't think this has worked. On a works computer and images don't appear properly. Suppose i'll find out if someone quotes the post followed by 'Fail'
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