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  1. Yes, John Barnes is playing Ally McCoist.
  2. Its all about Ally didn't you know?
  3. We're a laughing stock atm. He is embarrassing us.
  4. We've been talking like this for 3 years. Its not going to change, he needs to go. We need a manager who can get the best out of what we've got. Players are regressing under Ally.
  5. College team. Its laughable.
  6. Its been 3 years of pish, he needs to go. Terrible football manager. Just doesn't have it, he wont walk away! he needs sacked.
  7. Its actually getting embarrassing now.
  8. Remember his first preseason in Germany? same shite different year.
  9. 4-5-1 with 6 defenders on, big Jig in midfield. Football was shocking, well it was just the way Ally has had us playing. Miller upfront by himself and playing right and left wing. Ally needs sacked. The guy just doesn't know what he's doing.
  10. 3rd division American soccer team. a fucking college soccer team.
  11. Its been the same ever since he has taken over. The same style of play right thro preseason into the season. How is our team going to get confidence out of these games? Players regress under Ally. He is fucking embarrassing excuse for a football manager. Roll on the day he fucks off or someone sacks him.
  12. 4-5-1 with 6 defenders. he's fucking brutal.
  13. I bet a decent manager would get so much more out of these players.
  14. Ally is embarrassing us. When is someone at Rangers gonna wake up to this.
  15. So nothing has changed then, we played boring football, just like we have been playing since he took charge. Hopefully when he comes home from America he fucks off. Clueless.