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  1. @cushynumber @gogzy @anycunt, surely this thread has ran it's course? The banter is brutal.
  2. I've got him on ignore mate.
  3. That's irrelevant and wouldn't change my decision. Having £10k in the bank doesn't mean i don't want another £10k.
  4. I would've taken the shares if i was in McCoist's position then, and i certainly wouldn't be giving them away for fuck all now. That's just stupid tbh.
  5. The new kitchen would've been the better choice tbh.
  6. He held talks with us in January.
  7. Not a big fan of right footed player's playing at LB tbh, but i would definitely try Jack there before playing Flanagan again.
  8. Flanagan at LB is the stuff of nightmares.
  9. Gutted tbh. Halliday has been shocking recently.
  10. BlueMe

    Umar sadiq

    If he wasn't putting the effort in during training, then he clearly didn't give a fuck about the club or his teammates, so why should the club give a fuck about him. The useless bastard has a cheek talking about professionalism when he struggled with the very basics of football. He made running look difficult ffs. As a proffesional footballer, he's a total embarrassment.
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