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  1. Use Kent and Morelos as the 2 over age players and go for it.
  2. No problem with Defoe starting against Hamilton tbh.
  3. Defoe was involved in a car crash in Glasgow as he made his way home last week, with the 36-year-old and the other parties involved mercifully escaping the incident with minor injuries. Among the many goodwill messages and calls Defoe received, perhaps the funniest, and most abrupt, came from his close friend and fellow Rangers striker, Alfredo Morelos. “I got so many messages, especially from all of the boys,” he said. “Buff (Morelos) called me, he was at home with his friend. A voice said: 'Bro, are you OK'? I said: 'Who's that'? He said: 'It's Alfredo'. “Then his friend came on and explained that he just wanted to check I was OK. He gave Alfredo the phone back and he said: 'OK bro, bye'. “I was laughing. But all the lads were great, checking I was alright.”
  4. Love it when he phoned Defoe after he had the wee bump in his car and said "you ok bro" then basically hung up. Hero.
  5. The rat patter is a riddy btw.
  6. BlueMe

    FIFA 20

    Playing against the computer on world class is near impossible to break defences down and they just pass you off the park, regardless of the opposition. I'm playing it out of habit more than enjoyment at this point tbh.
  7. BlueMe

    FIFA 20

    I've given up on seasons completely and tried career mode instead, but that's just as shite tbh.
  8. BlueMe

    FIFA 20

    It's brutal mate.
  9. BlueMe

    FIFA 20

    The game is absolutely shite tbh. Gameplay seems to be getting worse with each update, passing is a lottery and 95% of shots in and around the box get blocked by defenders. Pish.
  10. That's why i said it. Hopefully you learn from this experience.
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