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  1. Another 'journalist' who's figured out the easiest way to earn a living is to write controversial shite about Rangers. Reading it just keeps the fat bastard in a job.
  2. BlueMe


    Shankland is nowhere near good enough for us now and neither is Hickey - another who is regularly mentioned on here for some reason. Both would've been worth the risk and good championship signings or even decent signings for our first season back in the premier league, but they wouldn't/shouldn't make bench of a team fighting for the league/cups and in Europe. Shankland would need Morelos, Defoe and Stewart to be injured or suspended at the same time to even get near our team and Hickey would need the same with Barisic, Flanagan and Halliday. Flanagan and Halliday are both pish and we need better btw.
  3. On this forum -Tav and Goldson are both underrated, for some reason.
  4. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    We both know you do care tbh, if you didn't, you would simply stop replying to my posts and continue licking your bedroom window.
  5. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    Hope you get banned permanently next time.
  6. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    Both deserve respect and neither deserves to be called "brain dead" or "thick" and all the other shite you read some people saying on here tbh. Everyone's entitled to their opinion obviously, but that's fenian patter imo. Also, i don't know where you're getting Tav's only been good recently from - he's contributed far more in less games than Wallace did and doing it at a higher level. Wallace had 262 appearances 25 goals with 58 assists. Tavs got 232 appearances with 46 goals and 71 assists.
  7. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    Your original post was attention seeking imo and clearly looking for g likes - all i've done here is successfully point out that you're a hypocrite with learning difficulties tbh.
  8. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    Getting upset about people using "ratty patter" to describe a previous Rangers captain, when you use "ratty patter" yourself to describe the current Rangers captain makes you a hypocrite I'm afraid. Also, what's g likes?
  9. Never listened, but i'm assuming it's still Morelos' fault for getting sexually assaulted off Christie. Good times.
  10. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    Cba arguing and don't know what g likes are tbh. Just pointing out the hypocrisy in your post.
  11. BlueMe

    Lee Wallace

    This coming from the guy who calls our current captain brain dead and thick. Complaining about "ratty patter" ffs.
  12. Looking forward to the usual posters saying the same things here tbh. Tav threads are irresistible to them.
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