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  1. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    I disagree.
  2. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    Better than Adam, definitely.
  3. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    None of what you're saying means Adam is any better than what we have though, which is your original claim. They may lack quality, but what quality does Adam have? Pros- he can pass. Cons- Fat, lazy, uninterested, fat, looking for a final pay day because he knows he's finished, fat. Those results would've still happened with him sitting on our bench being fat and lazy. 2 points from top is poor in the league?
  4. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    Arfield, Jack and Ejaria have been part of a midfield who are, potentially, a win away from the knockout stages of the Europa league. He wouldn't even make our bench, or get in our starting 11. He's barely even getting on the bench for Stoke, never mind playing regularly for them. You're obviously seeing something in him that nobody else does mate.
  5. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    He's better than Arfield, Jack or even Ejaria? Would he be in the team before any of them? Absolutely not. I would have Halliday in midfield before Adam, I'm not even joking. The guy's finished, and he's definitely not better than we have, what makes you say that? Because he has experience? Like Niko Kranjčar, Joey Barton and all the other so called experienced players who've been pish.
  6. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    He's a fat, lazy, Niko Kranjčar with nowhere near the ability.
  7. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    Adam's not quality though, so I'm not sure why you're asking that? No chance he's getting anywhere near our midfield. He can't get a game for a team sitting 14th in the championship.
  8. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    No, he's not.
  9. BlueMe

    Charlie Adam

    If he offered to play for free, i still wouldn't want him.
  10. BlueMe

    Sky win rights for SPFL football.

    Really looking forward to watching this on my IPTV.
  11. BlueMe


    Is this going on the RM Twitter mate? It's better than the joke about Gibraltar, imo.
  12. BlueMe

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    Rip, again.
  13. BlueMe

    Memorabilia Hunt

    Just a quick update! Huge thanks to @Mr Soprano and his granda, after years of looking, i finally have the complete set! Everyone who has helped me out will of course be invited to the museum once i open up again in the spring. These will sit proudly on display for everyone to enjoy for years to come. WATP
  14. BlueMe

    James Bond Son of William

    Live And Let Died In 2012.
  15. BlueMe

    James Bond Son of William

    Miss Moneypenny arcade. Dr no surrender.