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  1. High hopes for Kelly tbh, he's looked really good anytime i've seen him. Good move for him, and a chance to prove himself at a higher level.
  2. Dykes would be a decent option up against the likes of Aberdeen, Motherwell etc, or in cup games against shite. As a first, or even second choice striker, that's a grim thought tbh. Defoe should be our third choice, with a new striker good enough to compete with Morelos (if he stays) for the number one spot, imo.
  3. He would've been a decent shout when we were in the championship and probably a better appointment than Caixinha was tbh. Depending on his budget, he'll get Hearts out of the championship at a canter, imo.
  4. Can’t remember the last time the Club did something and I thought ‘ahh that’s good of the Board’. This is the post i was quoting. The "folk running the club" would be running fuck all without the financial backing from the board.
  5. Made a few mistakes along the way, definitely, but this fact gets missed a lot on here for some reason.
  6. Put millions into the club to keep us operating? That was good of the board tbh.
  7. He's absolutely shite, and overpriced at £500k, imo.
  8. The fact that they're doing a "pre-vote" before an actual vote, says it all tbh. That way, if they don't think the resolution has enough votes to pass, they'll just hold back on putting it out to clubs, and have more "discussions" until they get the result they want, then put it to an "official" vote. Democracy at it's finest there.
  9. Really dislike the grey one a lot.
  10. BlueMe

    PlayStation 5

    Not as shite as your patter
  11. Scott Allan is a bold move from Gerrard but i think he'll do a job tbh. Welcome to Rangers Scott.
  12. BlueMe

    PlayStation 5

    Can't see me buying the PS5 tbh, i haven't went near the PS4 in months. Fifa 20 has ruined gaming for me.
  13. It's easier when people just agree with me tbh.
  14. So we won? celtic do this, and it's called a sign of champions, we do this, and we're lucky. Hmmm.
  15. Breaking down a team playing with a 10 man defence will be difficult in any system we play tbh and i don't see how adding a winger who'll hit the byline and cross the ball into a packed box (the same as Tav and Barisic do anyway) would make any difference. Creativity through the middle to create space, and drag out defenders, is more likely to work, imo.
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