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  1. Morelos has scored in plenty of big games, including match winners in Europe and in the league. Last season in Europe he got a double and an assist against Rapid Vienna, a winner against Osijek and a goal and assist against Maribor. This season in Europe he's got 8 goals and 3 assists in 8 appearances - including 3 goals and 3 assists against a good Midtjylland side and a massive goal to send us into the groups against Legia.
  2. Should rename the forum celtic media. Embarrassing.
  3. Grezda on the ropes here
  4. Steven Gerrard has told spit shame star Eros Grezda he isn’t fit to wear the shirt and will never kick a ball for Rangers again. The Ibrox boss has spoken of his disgust after the Albanian was accused of gobbing at Ballymena defender Andrew Burns. Rangers’ misfit winger was turning out for the club’s colts in their 1-0 Tunnock’s Cup victory against the Irish League outfit on Wednesday. The ugly incident led to angry exchanges between Grezda and Ballymena skipper Jim Ervin before Greg Docherty, Graeme Murty and Mark Hateley all offered an unreserved apology to Sky Blues boss David Jeffrey and his squad. Grezda was immediately substituted and although he has been playing reserve football to maintain his fitness ahead of a proposed move, furious Gerrard is ready to withdraw that privilege. He said: “Grezda has been told face-to-face what his situation is. He’s been advised to find a different challenge for himself and his representation is aware of that. “We’re trying to be respectful and give him game time to keep his fitness levels up as there are still a few markets and windows open around the world that might suit him. “However, if you behave in that manner you won’t represent this club any level. No one behaves like that and wears the Rangers shirt so there will be a disciplinary situation.” Grezda has flopped since his £1.5million move from Osijek last season and has started only seven games, scoring twice, all in the last campaign. He was already on the way out before this latest controversy. Gerrard declined to say at this stage the form any disciplinary action from the club would take. He added: “I need to sit down and speak face-to-face and get the player’s version of events. “I’ve had some witness version of it so I’m aware of what’s gone on. We will deal with it internally but it’s something I’m not happy with at all. "There is no place for it on a football pitch, if he’s guilty of it.” Jeffrey praised Murty and club ambassador Hateley for their handling of the incident, as well as Docherty, who entered the Ballymena dressing room after the match to offer an apology on behalf of the Rangers players. Jeffrey said: “I know the Rangers people were embarrassed by what happened and felt let down. For us, the matter is over.”
  5. BlueMe


    Every footballers game is based on stats and if we look at his offensive stats alone, they prove that he's not any worse than previous seasons and he's actually improving - they also prove that he's better without Candeias and clearly has more freedom without him. If you want to back up your claims without using facts, go for it. I don't need to use stats to back up the fact Tav is one of our best players, he clearly is and some people on here hate that for some reason.
  6. BlueMe


    18/19 season after 13 games he had 4 goals and 3 assists. So far this season after 13 games he has 2 goals and 5 assists. 2 less goals, but 2 more assists - going by those stats, he's arguably better than last season going forward and has more assists without Candeias. He's certainly not a "shadow of the player going forward that he was last season".
  7. BlueMe


    Some people need to just accept he's one of our best players and move on. The over the top criticism he gets on here at times is a riddy tbh and there's no chance he's getting dropped, especially when Polster is replacing him - that's just madness tbh. Even if he's having a poor game or makes the odd mistake, he's still capable of producing a moment of magic to win us games. No other player in the team is capable of adding what he does in his absence. One of the first names on the team sheet imo.
  8. BlueMe


    He cant be that thick tbh - he's the multi millionaire, Lamborghini driving captain of Rangers. I wish i was as thick as him.
  9. BlueMe


    Good point tbh - there was a lot of added pressure on him tonight and that was probably playing on his mind before taking the penalty.
  10. BlueMe


    I don't think we had a 'worst' player after that performance tbh. Everyone played their part.
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