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  1. That's what i was meaning mate but fucked the positioning of him in my post.
  2. Unlikely mate. I read earlier he was pissin blood.
  3. Looked better in my head tbf. Wouldn't mind trying a variation of the 3-5-2 for this though.
  4. McGregor Goldson Edmundson Katic Jack Tav Davis Arfield Aribo Hagi Kamberi I would ideally drop Katic, for his own good tbh and i don't think it's fair throwing Edmundson straight into a game like this instead, but maybe putting both in there together will help. Fuck knows, try something new imo.
  5. I said earlier that he needs to adapt our system to suit the style of players available and i think he's been trying that recently tbh, that's why Flanagan and Ojo haven't played. His substitutions and the change in tactics against Braga won the game. Even against St Johnstone, i don't think bringing Davis on to help control the game and slow it down was a bad substitution to make tbh - the defence fucked that game, not the formation.
  6. celtic have struggled in loads of games as well and have had their fair share of shite performances and scraped past against shite teams as well. They've also had a lot of lucky breaks (the handball goal against us and the offside winner in the cup final) that we don't seem to get tbh. Also, take any of our key players out and we struggle because we don't have a like for like replacement - they do because they have the bigger squad with a far bigger budget, that's the difference imo.
  7. For the lesser teams in the league, playing against Rangers, in front of the TV cameras, in a one off game, wages won't matter and anything can happen. Heart's beat us then lost their next game, same with Kilmarnock, same with Aberdeen, the key factor here is consistency. Better players and squad depth give you consistency over a season and that's where finances come into it and its also why most teams in the league can't compete with celtic over the season, including us.
  8. BlueMe


    Totally agree tbh. For us to compete consistently with celtic, we need to be a lot closer to them financially. Our starting 11 is good enough to win against anyone easily in the league, but add in a few injuries/suspensions and we're fucked.
  9. BlueMe


    We can, we're 22 points ahead of the rest. We can compete with celtics starting 11, but over the course of the season, we can't, because outside our starting 11, we're not as good - mainly because we can't afford the quality for the bench, so used the free transfer market instead.
  10. BlueMe


    It's not. Higher wages gets you better players capable of changing games and better players give you consistency over a season and ability to unlock shite defences. Low cost and free transfers don't.
  11. All about opinions mate. And you're right, they do have plenty of shite as well tbf.
  12. BlueMe


    I'll wait for the Goldson thread imo.
  13. Few questionable choices there imo.
  14. That's a fair point tbf, but, getting those players to perform consistently at their best is the problem. Better players give you that consistency.
  15. Out of that list: Griffiths, Rogic, Elyanoussie and possibly Johnstone and a few others would easily improve our bench and they obviously improve theirs, that's the difference. Defoe is the one player who i can think of that has genuinely made our bench look decent, maybe add Kamberi in, but it's far too early to get carried away there.
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