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  1. BlueMe

    Domain issues

  2. BlueMe

    Domain issues

    Place is fucked without Badger, basically.
  3. BlueMe

    Cushynumbers 5 mins of fame

  4. BlueMe


    He might thought.
  5. BlueMe


    Stewart/his agent, have spoken to the club. Fuck knows if there's any interest from us or it's just his agent putting his name out there right enough, but he's definitely held talks.
  6. BlueMe


    One of my mate's knows him and he told him last night.
  7. BlueMe


    Think he can play through the middle as well mate, not a bad squad player imo.
  8. BlueMe

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    And? That doesn't change the fact Edu, Goian and Bocanegra cost us more by staying.
  9. BlueMe


    Greg Stewart holding talks with us today.
  10. BlueMe

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Edu is considered a hero for staying, even though he probably cost the club more because he did stay.
  11. BlueMe

    My Favourite Dick Pic

    GEC not giving a fuck
  12. BlueMe

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    Social media is aids.
  13. Fair enough mate. Katic was probably our best player at the start of the season. Although Worrall was amazing against celtic, i think he's been poor to average up until now and I'd prefer to develop our own player tbh.
  14. BlueMe

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    As i said earlier, being a fan means something completely different to a proffesional footballer.