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  1. @admin this posters ignore function doesn't seem to be working properly 👍
  2. Really don't care what anyone thinks tbh. Also, your spelling proves my point that you're a mongo, sorry.
  3. Usual shite tbh. Should still get you the sufficient likes that you crave from the forum mongos tbf.
  4. This would've probably hurt my feelings if it came from someone who wasn't a complete mongo tbh.
  5. At least you haven't mentioned child abuse for a couple of posts, that's a start i suppose.
  6. As predictable as your other posts in this thread tbh.
  7. That would be stupid. Also, can you stop using the thumbs up emoji after every post, cheers.
  8. Buying a Lisbon lions retro shirt to match the jammie bottoms, imo.
  9. Proves nothing tbh, It can be any date you want in 2 minutes.
  10. Babn scared incase he get's banned for starting rumours and trying to justify it. Absolutely shat it here.
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