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  1. I don't think any gay, disabled or ethnic minorities will suddenly start to support us due to this initiative, don't think that's what this is about. You see these campaigns more and more these day's, especially in large companies and local authorities, it's basically a box ticking exercise for good publicity and that's something we need more of tbh. Also, if it helps make fans feel more comfortable going along to watch Rangers, then i don't see any problems tbh.
  2. The fact he wasn't even that poor makes it worse tbh.
  3. Gerrard has learned nothing from last season btw
  4. It's hard to tell who's genuinely pissed off about us drawing a pre-season friendly here.
  5. The poster Dan Deacon had a couple as well mate, not sure if he managed to get rid of them yet. If you don't have any luck with moobs, maybe send him a PM.
  6. Really wish people would stop all the arguing and save it for the bhoys vs bluenoses thread.
  7. Agree with most of that tbh, good article. Cheers for posting mate.
  8. Going in at half time with a 6 nil aggregate lead and the manager isn't happy. That's the mentality Gerrard brings to the club and it's fantastic to see tbh.
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