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  1. BlueMe

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    My feelings towards Halliday have completely changed from last season tbh. I used to boo when his name was being read out in the starting line-up. Now, i clap and nod my head in appreciation. Keep it up @AndyHalliday
  2. The thought of Worrall and Flanagan starting, terrifies me.
  3. BlueMe

    A minute with Steven Gerrard

    That annoys me more than Gerrard talking about Liverpool all the time.
  4. BlueMe

    A minute with Steven Gerrard

    Cushy fucked it and is too stubborn to admit he was wrong imo.
  5. BlueMe

    Goldson and Katic

    Coming from the guy who takes steroids.
  6. BlueMe

    JOE DODOO Player of the month

    Should've passed to Forrester.
  7. BlueMe

    Goldson and Katic

    Worrall is pish, he gets caught out constantly and his positioning is terrible. Watching that big hearts striker bully him was actually embarrassing tbh.
  8. BlueMe

    Why don't we....

    Bye Ross
  9. BlueMe

    People who think....

    Gerrard was brought in to try and close the gap on celtic. Anyone expecting him to win the league in his first season, with a team built in the summer, is delusional tbh. We need to close the gap financially on celtic before we can realistically expect to win the league.
  10. BlueMe


    One's from Bathgate and the other is from Bathgare mate.
  11. BlueMe

    Jaden Brown

    Wallace- can't see him playing again tbh, probably away in January. Halliday- does a job at LB, but not great and he's a midfielder. Flanagan- fuck knows what he is, but it's not a footballer.
  12. BlueMe

    Jaden Brown

    Steven Gerrard is close to securing a deal for Tottenham left-back Jaden Brown. According to Football Insider, the 19-year-old is well on Rangers’ radar and his contract ends next summer. Brown, who had an unsuccessful loan at Dutch side NEC Nijmegen, can’t force his way into Spurs’ first-team due to the form of Ben Davies , Danny Rose and Kyle Walker-Peters. The report says he will not be offered a new deal and will be available for Rangers for a nominal development fee – the same kind of arrangement that saw Jordan Rossiter land a cross-border move for buttons.
  13. BlueMe

    Weekend Press Conference

    Huge boost having Barisic and Kent available again.
  14. BlueMe

    Christmas tree

  15. Who do you think should be captain?