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  1. If you were an English teacher it would make sense tbh.
  2. Are you not supposed to be a teacher?
  3. He's style suits the number 10 or CAM role better than on the wing. Don't think he has the pace for the wing, but he's technically good, so would be better through the middle or supporting the striker imo.
  4. Murphy as well. Although, he's probably best in behind the striker.
  5. @BlueMe struggling here.
  6. At the time, the players wages were unsustainable and they were never staying imo, other clubs would've known that through agents etc. If they did tupe over, the buying team could've practically named the price knowing we were fucked anyway tbh.
  7. He still left for far less than he was worth though and McGregor, Naismith etc would've been the same. Nobody's paying top dollar during a fire sale tbh. If your £6.25m in wages for Wallace is right, i think we would've struggled to get anywhere near that figure with player sales at the time imo.
  8. We paid £2.6m for him then gave him champions league experience, he was already a USA international. Not an unrealistic figure imo.
  9. We were never getting anywhere near a true valuation for any of the players at the time though. Edu, for example, tuped over and left for what £200k? He was a 26 year old international valued at probably £5m.
  10. The facts are all there if you look tbh. I would show you them but cba.
  11. Probably hurt us more financially than any of the 'rats' did tbh.
  12. Not sure how staying at the club on huge wages helped the club tbh.
  13. Weird. You're either talking about peodophiles or your hatred for Tav on here. Strange guy tbh.
  14. People usually base their opinions on facts and you can usually see valid points being made on both sides of an argument. Your opinions on Tav are based on your hatred for him. I've spoken to celtic fans who respect his abilities more than you do.
  15. Only a matter of time before he sacks his agent to force through a 'dream move' saying he couldn't turn down the opportunity to work with 'Lenny'. Can't wait to see the U-TURNbull headline tbh.
  16. No, it doesn't. Nobody's saying rip the wooden panels off and paint the walls pink here. There can be a balance between traditional and modern/useful. It's about modernisation. The same thing that's happening to other areas of the stadium now and has been happening throughout the history of the stadium.
  17. I never said you said they did. You're calling posters weird for giving their opinions on stadium renovations and then randomly mention paedophiles for some reason. You're weird tbh.
  18. Why would anyone want to talk about paedophiles in a thread about stadium maintenance?
  19. I could see the point if the marble staircase was getting replaced with an escalator. Upgrading the dressing rooms doesn't affect the history imo.
  20. Give the wooden panelling a couple of coats of gloss and maybe some scatter cushions for the benches but keep the pegs for tradition.
  21. Didn't really work imo. Give it another 5 years then try again.
  22. Meant to write 20s obv.
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