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    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Barisic Jack Coulibaly Ejaria Candeias Kent Morelos
  2. BlueMe

    McCann sacked

    It was only a matter of time tbh. Hopefully he returns to sky sports as a pundit.
  3. BlueMe

    Edmiston Drive

    Fuck sake. RIP
  4. BlueMe

    Morelos Goal

    Ridiculous finish. Goal of the season contender.
  5. BlueMe

    Edmiston Drive

    He certainly does I wouldn't wish that disease on my worst enemy, I've lost a friend and family members to it and it's horrible.
  6. BlueMe

    Edmiston Drive

    Fuck sake, not good at all. I feel bad arguing with him a couple of weeks ago now. All the best to him.
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  8. BlueMe

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    35 minutes ago you asked to merge threads and it's still not done, but @Sweettartangirl can get a thread chopped in under a minute.
  9. BlueMe

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    His close control and ability to pick a pass is brilliant. He isn't afraid to get stuck in either, i really like him so far.
  10. BlueMe

    Morelos Goal

    I've not seen a better goal scored so far and it'll take some beating imo.
  11. BlueMe

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    He was subbed because he felt tightness in his leg.
  12. BlueMe


    @cushty @number1hun
  13. BlueMe


    @gogers can you delete it please mate, cheers.
  14. BlueMe


    Probably best deleting that post tbh mate.
  15. BlueMe


    That's maybe down to tiredness and that's understandable, considering the pace of the Rapid game. But no excuses for his positioning and decision making.
  16. BlueMe


    Worrall hasn't been as great as made out. He's lucky his mistakes haven't resulted in us conceding goals tbh. Katic starts ahead of him easily for me.
  17. BlueMe

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    “They have all got a price. But they are not the old prices. It’s the new prices." This is the bit a lot of our fans need to remember. Some people are stuck in the 90s with their valuations.
  18. BlueMe

    Thank You RM

    Ban the op
  19. We would be a point behind hearts if it wasn't for a few seconds and a shocking referee. Small margins, but happy with the progress being made. No excuse for the Livingston defeat, that was shocking. The celtic defeat was understandable, all things considered.
  20. BlueMe

    Kent goal

    3ymo0.mp4 3ymo0.mp4 What the fuck were the hearts defence playing at
  21. BlueMe


    Me and my mate said the same today. Whoever goes near him, always seems to end up on the ground holding a body part
  22. BlueMe

    Morelos Goal

  23. BlueMe

    Morelos Goal

    I can't stop watching it.