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  1. I expect us to improve next season and the Euro money from this season will help us add the quality we've been lacking hopefully. I think we need to worry about ourselves more than worry about what their doing tbh. Sort our finances out and it won't matter what they do.
  2. I understand where you're coming from and if the financial gap between us and them wasn't as big as it is, i would probably be agreeing with most of what you said. But the reality is, the financial gap is huge and we need to prioritise until we get closer. That's why Europe is far more important than winning a domestic cup imo. Once we're regularly challenging for titles again and hopefully we're closer to them financially, these domestic cups will be back to being diddy cups tbh and nobody will care about winning them, unless we're going for a double/treble.
  3. When we were in the lower leagues, i never once said "i can't wait till we're back playing for domestic cups again, i really miss those league cup nights at Ibrox" it was always European football or fighting for the league we all missed most. European football is a huge part of our clubs history and it's something i definitely want us to be competing in.
  4. Europe isn't or certainly shouldn't be a bonus. We should be doing everything possible to get as far as we can in Europe. Drawing a game in the Europa league has the same financial benefits as winning the league cup. We need to close the financial gap between us and them. Domestic cups mean fuck all to me unless we're winning the league as well tbh.
  5. Can't remember what the point is now tbh.
  6. You are, clearly. I understand you've made a point and feel you have to stick to it no matter what, but people would respect you if you admitted you've fucked it tbh. It's embarrassing mate.
  7. Wee teams can't compete with celtic either, that's the point. Also, I'm not happy with Europe over trophies, but i understand we need Europe to consistently compete for trophies, that's the part you're struggling with.
  8. Fuck knows why your talking about Hearts and Aberdeen tbh, we need as much money as possible to close the gap on celtic. They have a wage budget three times ours and a turnover more than double ours. Winning a league cup is pointless if we can't consistently compete with them, and we can't do that without money. We both know I'm funny, so no point adding lies to your stupidity.
  9. I agree, we should be making a cup final and I'm disappointed we didn't. I'm calling him stupid because he is stupid tbf.
  10. Not as stupid as wanting the club to lose out on £15m, that's beyond stupid tbf. What patter mate? Calling you a morbidly obese mongo is a fact, not patter.
  11. Being sound financially is more important at the moment. Sort out our finances then we can start worrying about winning diddy cups again. European money this year has given us the opportunity to get a lot closer to celtic next year. If we had won the league cup instead of making the Europa league groups this year, we would be even further behind them again. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  12. Turning down £15m is the stupid part. Morbidly obese mongo.
  13. You do post some amount of shite yourself tbf. The post last night saying you would rather win a domestic cup before earning millions in Europe is probably one of the stupidest things I've ever seen posted on here. Fuck knows what's happened to you tbh.
  14. You've changed cup to league now. Riddy.
  15. It's a catch 22 situation tbh mate. We need European income to compete with them long term tbh, having the extra income from Europe this year will put us a lot closer to them next year imo.
  16. I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly? Fat and stupid is a bad hand to be dealt tbh.
  17. We'll do that anyway. Still doesn't mean turning down £15m is a good idea, it's stupid as fuck tbh.
  18. We're miles behind them financially and the only way we can consistently compete is by bringing in more money for better players. If we never had Europe this year and won a domestic cup, where do you think we're getting the money from to add players in the summer?
  19. Definitely think we'll add one in the summer mate.
  20. So you would rather have a domestic cup and earn about £100k or whatever, before earning around £15m from the European groups? You're clearly not qualified to call anyone a moron. The same probably was said last season, but that doesn't make it any less true.
  21. Turn our draws against Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs, Dundee, Kilmarnock into wins and take away their last minute winners, and the league looks completely different. It's all hypothetical now obviously, but if we had the quality in our team now, that i think we'll add in the summer, those draws would've been wins imo. Not adding a quality attacking midfielder during the last window was a mistake.
  22. I expected to be in a cup final as well tbh, but didn't expect the Europa league groups, so that makes up for that, imo. They have been pish, definitely. We've also been very unlucky at times, and the officials have fucked us more than once as well. The league table could and probably should look completely different tbh.
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