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  1. @admin this posters ignore function doesn't seem to be working properly 👍
  2. Really don't care what anyone thinks tbh. Also, your spelling proves my point that you're a mongo, sorry.
  3. Usual shite tbh. Should still get you the sufficient likes that you crave from the forum mongos tbf.
  4. This would've probably hurt my feelings if it came from someone who wasn't a complete mongo tbh.
  5. At least you haven't mentioned child abuse for a couple of posts, that's a start i suppose.
  6. As predictable as your other posts in this thread tbh.
  7. That would be stupid. Also, can you stop using the thumbs up emoji after every post, cheers.
  8. Buying a Lisbon lions retro shirt to match the jammie bottoms, imo.
  9. Proves nothing tbh, It can be any date you want in 2 minutes.
  10. Babn scared incase he get's banned for starting rumours and trying to justify it. Absolutely shat it here.
  11. There's been 739 pages of pish tbh. Ban babn.
  12. Top of the page, go to settings - account - ignored users, then just add the name of the poster you want to ignore in this bit -
  13. It wouldn't really bother me if we don't sign Hagi permanently tbh. He's a bit of a luxury player who's been mostly anonymous in the league, and the money it would take to sign him would be better spent elsewhere, imo.
  14. Defoe is definitely here because of Gerrard, and wages wasn't a factor there because he could've probably went to a championship club and got more money or even stayed at Bournemouth and ran down his contract tbh.
  15. Anyone know when the tickets for the Dundee fc friendly go on sale? Thanks in advance.
  16. This was always getting pushed through as quickly as possible- they'll say it was because the member clubs badly needed the cash (they did) but it's all to do with handing celtic the title tbh. The legal challenges and external investigations will end the same way as the last ones.
  17. If you've got information, just say it tbh. Pointless waiting on thing's happening then saying "i did say..."
  18. Dundee have submitted a ‘yes’ vote to the SPFL’s proposals paving the way for celtic, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers to be crowned champions. Courier Sport understands the Dark Blues told Hampden chiefs of their decision this afternoon and are awaiting a response from league bosses. Should the SPFL board accept Dundee’s vote, the Championship, League One and League Two seasons will immediately be declared on a points per game basis. The Premiership will remain on hiatus, but could subsequently be called at the SPFL board’s discretion. I'll wait for confirmation tbh.
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