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  1. Debatable imo. Both could've been dropped after their performance against celtic and Livingston tbh and like i said earlier, if Goldson had a ready made replacement ready to step in, he might have been dropped as well tbh.
  2. Could be why we seen Katic and Edmundson playing together then.
  3. Did we have Helander at this point? Can't remember. Either way, Gerrard has said that he wants two players fighting for each position and based on last season and so far this season, he sees Katic as a left sided CB who now has competition from Helander.
  4. Fuck knows mate. Katic isn't competing for Goldsons place, so his performances aren't affecting Katic playing or not imo. If Edmundson steps up then it could see Goldson dropped possibly, but like @DBBTB said, there's more to factor into Goldsons place in the team than his performance alone tbh, so he would need to be really shite to get dropped completely imo.
  5. It's fairly obvious that Gerrard sees Katic as a left sided CB tbh. Pre-season is about fitness more than anything else. There'll be theories on why he isn't in the team, but fuck knows why. I still think he deserves to be on the bench before Edmundson at least tbh.
  6. It's a tough choice tbh - all 4 of them look capable of being starters. Goldson and Katic looked good until the celtic game, then looked like they'd never played together before after that. Goldson and Helander haven't conceded a goal yet, so i can see Gerrard sticking with that partnership imo.
  7. I actually don't think Goldson has been anywhere near as bad as made out tbh.
  8. It looks like Helander and Katic are competing for the left CB position with Goldson and Edmundson competing the right CB position. It's probably just a case of Helander being ready to step in and Edmundson not ready yet tbh.
  9. A lot of people are forgetting that Katic was absolutely pish in the two games before he was dropped for some reason. Katic has played a big part already and will get a chance again, but Helander deserves a chance now imo.
  10. BlueMe


    3 assists this time last season compared to 6 this season says otherwise tbh.
  11. Headbutted Goldson. Him and Grezda spat in Murtys face as well apparently.
  12. The two incidents aren't really comparable tbf, but, Defoe was clearly offside.
  13. BlueMe


    Did he? I thought May won the header and it dropped to O'Halloran. Either way, that was unexpected tbh.
  14. BlueMe


    Fell asleep for the O'Halloran chance, but didn't expect May to beat Helander in the air imo, so can forgive him for that tbh. Apart from that, he was average (like the rest of the team) in the first half and brilliant in the second half.
  15. He's a poor ref and just like the rest of the refs in the league- he's going to make poor decisions throughout the season because they're not full time and not properly trained. Nothing to do with "blatant cheating" tbh.
  16. Allowing Defoes offside goal was cheating as well tbh.
  17. Why is she still acting like the St Johnstone "goal" is debatable? Idiot
  18. Kilmarnock are a shadow of the team they were last season tbh. They were never getting anything against them.
  19. The full-time analysis will show the "panel" stuttering over the St Johnstone "goal" with them saying it's hard to tell but you can see why St Johnstone will feel hard done by. Guaranteed.
  20. That's not a goal. The whole ball needs to be over the line and it wasn't.
  21. "Tommy Wright will feel hard done by" Fuck off. They were never getting anything from this tbh.
  22. Listen to Sutton "was that offside though, i think it was offside, you can see it there, it was offside, was it offside"
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