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  1. This thread belongs in the transfer section imo.
  2. You know you've fucked it when Lloyd calls you a mong tbh.
  3. I have no problem at all with The Dude and wish him well with his career, just like i do with any Rangers fan, although, i don't speak for others and they might have personal issues with him. I actually don't have a problem with the podcast either, my problem is with where it's being posted and the way it's being promoted. If it must be posted on a Rangers forum, then a weekly link, bumping the same dedicated thread in the general sports section would/should be acceptable, rather than the weekly attention seeking threads in the bears den.
  4. The Dude still not making the connection here. Threads in the bears den that are negative towards celtic are in no way comparable to a discussion with celtic fans, about celtic. Although, personally, i think any mention of them at all should be kept to the thread dedicated to them in the general sports section. I agree with The Dude about some of the shite that's posted in the bears den with basically fuck all to do with Rangers as well tbh, but that's a moderation issue and 2 wrongs don't make a right. Friendly chats with fenians doesn't belong in the bears den or anywhere on a Rangers forum tbh and fuck knows why any Rangers fan would even think it's acceptable to post that on here.
  5. Kplfishtank should ban him before he gets banned imo. Go down a hero.
  6. Probably more to do with a friendly celtic related discussion posted in the bears den rather than the lack of a Rangers connection tbh. I'm not upset mate, i like that gif and I've actually used it myself in the past with gogzy a babns' face on it. I never used it to get a reaction though, it was more to rip the pish iirc.
  7. All the previously posted David and Hamish from hail hail and bhoys in the title and even the gogzy approved tag and the defiant gif in the OP was done to maximise clicks and get this thread to the point it's at now. We both know this thread wouldn't have got this much attention if it was purely about the content. The way you choose to promoted it, is up to you, obviously. But to deny it's all about the clicks and instead try and say it's posted because "some users might enjoy it" is pish tbh.
  8. Because the discussion isn't over and it's not just about this thread but future threads.
  9. People generally start topics to promote discussion or share a story. You're method is to maximise clicks by getting as much attention as possible, in a negative way. Nothing to do with the actual podcast content and everything to do with clicks. So it's not posted because you think some users will enjoy it, if it was about that, it would be in the general sports section.
  10. If it was only posted on here because you think "some users will enjoy it" then post it in the general sports section where it will stay on topic, rather than trying to maximise exposure using underhand tactics. You know exactly what you're doing with the bhoys David and Hamish from hail hail pish and the gifs in the OP imo, it's there to get as much attention/reaction as possible, and certainly not as innocent as you're making out.
  11. I wonder how David and Hamish are getting on posting this on the fenian forums, or if they're even trying.
  12. Banning babn to show his power, is the only option left imo.
  13. Loads of individual battles going on here. Hard to keep track btw.
  14. Charity work for vetrans/good causes and Rangers related issues isn't even close to resembling a podcast with fenian fans tbh.
  15. If it was posted in the general football section, that would happen imo. And you would probably still get similar downloads. The only negative i can think of is i wouldn't be joining in with the discussion.
  16. 3 threads on the bounce would suggest otherwise. Also, i think this is about more than just disliking a thread tbf. The Dude knows how these threads will be received when they're posted in the bears den and if he's happy to just receive the clicks without genuine feedback about the podcast, then he should be equally happy and not the least bit surprised to receive page after page of unrelated pish tbh.
  17. That's defeating the purpose of a forum if it was pinned without reply imo. I'm sure The Dude would like to hear feedback on the podcast on where to improve or get ideas about future discussions. That will never happen if it's posted in the bears den and that's not a personal opinion about The Dude or his podcast, it's a fact. It will always get derailed, the other 2 threads prove that. If it was in the general sports section, the people who are complaining about it would have no reason to complain and stay away, allowing the thread to focus on the content.
  18. 11 pages and 256 replies and none are talking about the content of the podcast. Any other thread in any other part of the forum would've been locked long ago for being off topic.
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