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  1. Gerrard won manager of the month and Arfield won player of the month.
  2. You seen Game of Thrones yet mate? Pish ending imo
  3. ForeverAndEver getting ripped apart here tbh.
  4. It's just Bp9 everyone, false alarm.
  5. BlueMe


    I watched him playing for Croatia against Portugal and he was one of the best players on the park, so he's definitely not pish. He's maybe not suited to our game, or he needs more time to adjust, who knows tbh, the niggling injuries certainly wouldn't have helped. I'd wait and see how he does at the start of next season after a good pre season behind him, if there's no improvement, sell him in January.
  6. BlueMe

    Jamie Murphy

    Would be suited to the role Arfield has played recently imo.
  7. He's scored 30 goals and he's our best player, of course he makes it into our best team. We changed our formation and looked better because Arfield was alongside Defoe. Morelos hasn't played in this system, missed 10 games through suspension, doesn't take penalties and he's still managed to score 30 goals as a lone striker.
  8. I know he can't, that's why he's been given a 3 match ban. Which was well worth it if the fan said he was going to kill his wife and pump his daughter.
  9. If he criticised his ability and said he had a shite game, fair enough, Neymar was out of order. If he said he was going to kill his wife and pump his daughter, then Neymar wasn't out of order, imo. P.s Fuck knows if Neymar even has a wife and daughter, but he has in this scenario.
  10. You must have missed the post where i said Neymar deserved the ban for his reaction. Was that fan criticising Neymar? What exactly did he say mate?
  11. We don't know what was said, exactly. But I'm guessing he's crossed the line to get that reaction. I would walk away from most situations myself, but if some random came up to me acting the cunt and crossed the line, I'm not just walking away from that tbh.
  12. He also could've said something about his family or kids. If a stranger came up to you in the street and got right up in your face and acted like a dick, I'm sure you would react similarly to him tbh. I understand footballers and celebrities have a responsibility to act a certain way, but there has to be a line imo.
  13. The guy deserved it for acting like a fanny imo. Don't know what was said, but it was obviously something bad enough to get that reaction. Neymar deserves the ban for reacting as well, obviously.
  14. Named after a keyboard, but can't spell scene.
  15. BlueMe


    Done well to stop their only shot on goal today and he seems a nice guy, but let's not forget how poor he is. I've never seen a keeper beaten so much with shots from outside the box and his distribution is shocking at times. Every time the ball gets passed back to him, my arse is twitching tbh. Good luck to him, but we need better.
  16. Getting Kamara for £50k was a bargain. Getting Tav for £100k was robbery.
  17. Looked good at the start of the season, then was rightfully dropped for being absolutely shocking. Played well in the last few games and has deserved his place, but we need better next season.
  18. Best thing the club have done in years, hopefully still in place next season.
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