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  1. There it is mate they tried to kill us, they fucking voted to not have us in their stadium or any stadium ever again. They were not giving a fuck about their shity wee club finances then and they wouldn’t now.
  2. Surely backing the team is more important to you than other clubs finances? Our away support is phenomenal and an absolute credit to the club, second to nobody, why destroy that just to hurt others.
  3. Wish some cunt would make a snuff video with this repulsive bitch
  4. Will come good for us mate, see Barisic with Croatia, same type of thing, just needs more time to settle to the rough and tumble of Scottish football.
  5. I think he’ll be off end of the season mate but like you say the lure of a crack at the CL might just keep him a bit longer. Depends on who’s in for him really, if it’s top six in England I think he’ll be off regardless if we negotiate the CL qualifiers or not.
  6. Aye and anybody who called him out as a shit talking Fenian bastard was called a kingaling 🤣
  7. I agree he’s not an awful player but Tav brings a lot more to our team than Flanagan ever could, even with his at times dodgy defending. Also Flanagan or any player for that matter (Goldson) playing as many games as Tav will make errors or have dips in form, it’s fantasy stuff to think otherwise.
  8. Aye best putting Tav to the right of the front three, right? Genuis from you mate, makes me wonder why at 28 years of age no manager has tried playing Tav in that position. Horrible oversight by all 😠
  9. Hope mr Wonderful goes and gets his tarrier loving cunt kicked in 😆
  10. Won’t be able to attend this, wee mans got a fight in Motherwell same day. Will be good for the young lads to get a run out in front of a big crowd, anything near 20 thousand would be superb.
  11. Who really gives a fuck mate, scum will be scum and if they did say anything it would be about how the vast majority respected the silence and how much they donated and how wonderful a club they are 🤢
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