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  1. Is Rangers pools not where the money came from originally to build the three stands? Sure I’ve read that somewhere
  2. @rabc10000 Are you actually Rab C Nesbit? Put the can of super away mate
  3. Aye cause hearts would have his wage covered 😆
  4. Shouldn’t get a testimonial mate but the OP wants him ‘hounded’ 🤣
  5. What’s everybody getting their knickers in a twist about, it’s pretty obvious that when admin wake up the threads will be merged or moved... calm doon lads 😆
  6. He’s means Chelsea covered up and paid off victims of child abuse, same as celtic, doesn’t need much expanding.
  7. The state of that top 🤣😆🤣 No way are people kicking about in this ffs Surely not
  8. You’re one for the watching
  9. It’s the SNP we’re taking about, not exactly your normal politicians are they ya mad fake UB member 😆
  10. Nah this shit is far worse mate Any cunt wearing these fucking tramp rags to the fitbaw needs a fire cracker lit and shoved right up their arse.
  11. The only stand that was packed out was the stand holding Rangers fans 🤣 Fucking joke club
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