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  1. Tiger Shaw

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    File this along side the Rangers fan who jumped out his car in the Clyde tunnel to run over and give Brendon a big bear hug before telling him he’s the best manager ever and how happy he is that brendon is here.
  2. Tiger Shaw

    Scott Allan to Hibs again.

    Rossiter At 3 minutes in mate
  3. Tiger Shaw

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    🤣 Fucked it mate
  4. Ach well at least they’ve only been spying on the opposition and not the ‘celtic way’ spying on their own youth teams.
  5. Tiger Shaw

    Adam Lallana

    A fool and his money are easily parted.
  6. Tiger Shaw

    Jordan Rossiter

    Tell them to fuck off and die
  7. Tiger Shaw

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I like this response 😆
  8. Tiger Shaw

    Morelos temperament

    Andy Goram still haunts his dreams with this save
  9. Tiger Shaw

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That would be hilarious, can’t see it though mate, more likely Clark or some proper rabid tarrier cunt like Roy Kean to appease the gypos.
  10. Tiger Shaw

    Kevin Thomson

    Why am I not surprised that you spend time in Dykebar Hope your treatment helped mate 🤣
  11. Tiger Shaw

    Kevin Thomson

    I’m happy with this. Really good move by the club
  12. Tiger Shaw

    Next scum game

    🤣 Fair enough
  13. Tiger Shaw

    Next scum game

    Why so serious mate don’t think anybody’s falling for anything tbh just having a laugh 😆
  14. Tiger Shaw

    Next scum game

    Need to be careful with this one, I heard there’s going to be reaper cushions for us.
  15. Tiger Shaw

    Smell the fear.

    Should have kicked her in the Noel Hunt.