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  1. Off course it was the tartan army mate but there’s a few on here who try to convince their selfs and others that the Scotland support is full of Bears. 😆 30 years ago that was the case not so much now.
  2. Don’t know mate but she looks like a proper fingers up her own bum dirty 🤣
  3. 🤣 ffs Will be the Tartan army weirdos mate not Rangers supporters.
  4. I’m past getting excited about any potential signing, from now on I’ll wait and see how they perform for us before wanking myself into a stupor 😆
  5. I want to pump your wife Matt ? Chances of it happening are similar 😆
  6. I don’t think Borna’s shite mate but he’s been in poor form for us, not sure the rough and tumble of being a Rangers player suits him, maybe he just needs time to get used to it and we’ll see him improve next season, fuck knows but I don’t agree it’s anything to do with Kent, AH has played behind him and done well. Got to laugh though, Kent’s came in and had some good performance, more than just the old firm match but you have a go at him while making excuses for Borna who’s been poor just about every time he’s played. 😆
  7. It’s Kent’s fault Bornas been shite? Been a few excuses here, this ones the best 🤣
  8. More chance of them bumming each other in the toilets.
  9. Think you missed my rolling eyes mate 😆
  10. Aye but he’s a pure bastard mate just what we need 🙄
  11. We’re going nowhere with signings like Jones and Shinnie I fucking really hope the Shinnie talk is nonsense and that we have some better quality lined up. We don’t need average squad players anymore, we need quality and you won’t get that buying from diddy clubs in our league. Some will say ‘aye but celtic do it’ but forget that when the tarriers come up against any half decent team or go on international duties they get pumped. They already have the best Scottish players, we need better. Also before somebody says it’s worked for us in the past, aye that’s true but the standard of player was better then, now the majority of Scottish players are fucking mince and we need to look elsewhere if we want to improve.
  12. Ffs that’s the cream of Scottish talent out there against the goat pokers, honestly the majority of these cunts are best avoided Scottish football’s on it’s knees Shinnie and McKenna are rotten
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