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  1. Tiger Shaw


    same here mate might join though really want a birthday card
  2. Tiger Shaw


    Liar liar pants on fire 😆
  3. Tiger Shaw


    Vote Rangers town and I’ll hunt you down and plug ye.
  4. Would be nice to have a good Rangers man like Andy around the club but I understand the need to free up cash to bring better quality to the squad. Williamson nailed it with his comment mate straight to the point no drama.
  5. Mate it was a throw away comment making a point because the poster was talking pish saying that I hated Andy Halliday. Didn’t intend to baffle you.
  6. Fucking love Andy Halliday btw not the most gifted of players but a sound guy and a proper Bear. I would have kept him around as a squad player tbh good to have guys like him around the club.
  7. Pretty sure if I looked I could find quotes from another Rangers player or coach who will say Morelos is a great finisher but can’t be bothered looking. I think he’s somewhere in the middle, capable of outstanding finishes but also capable of a howler or two. When on form he’s great, and I do understand people who say they don’t trust him with penalty’s but if he starts hitting them and scores a couple then that nervousness will quickly disappear. The situation in the Tarriers game at hampden he shouldn’t have been allowed the ball that day for reasons I’ve already stated
  8. Happy for you pal I think we should remove football club and just have Rangers Ready that would be cool and take us into the digital era like a modern forward thinking club
  9. I bow to your superior knowledge mate, backed up by the footballing genius that is Andy Halliday 🤣
  10. I’ve seen some outstanding finishes from him, also misses a few he should put away, just like all top strikers. Much would you value him at then, a striker who in your opinion is not a composed finisher and can’t hit penalty’s? should never have taking the penalty against the Tarriers at hampden but that’s a different outcome if he was already hitting them regularly and didn’t have the added pressure of not scoring against the Tarriers rammed down his throat on a daily basis.
  11. Logic and the Rangers board don’t go hand in hand mate. Dont think we have ever disputed them being handed the title at any point in this whole shambles
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