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  1. Regularly sang by the Union Bears at Ibrox. Great wee song
  2. Im done with it now mate, point made. Guy probably means well but he got it wrong again.
  3. Wit you saying now @East Enclosure Row N Ya gimp fucking tarriers tops and shity flags galore, wee round of applause 👏 mug
  4. Cunts on here were wanting to join in or applaud their shity song ffs
  5. Cunts saying they’ll sing this or applaud it will feel like right fuds when just after it the tarrier colours are on show. Naive as fuck some of our support
  6. Kevin Kyle Ian Black Cabrini Cammy Bell Moshni Nicky law Nicky Clark Frazer aird Jon Daly Ross Perry Andy Murdoch Kyle Hutton sabastian Faure Darren Cole Kai Naismith Nathan Odowa Harry Forrester... Wonderful
  7. Aye my old favourite “you’re going to get yer fucking head kicked in” Bring it back
  8. These two pictures framed on the wall beside a portrait of King Billy
  9. Doon the baws, buy a cartoon of cola into the bogs tip the cola fill with tonic... Simple 👍 Not into all this grass them in send emails shite btw petty as fuck not like it’s going to change anything. Just makes us look like Fannys
  10. “We learn from it and we go again” Straight out the Warburton manual of pish talk 🤣 apart from that good article 👍
  11. Thought you were out 8 posts ago 🤣
  12. Why do people still fall for these shite fake accounts 🤣
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