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  1. I don’t smoke or vap, only bad habits I have are tonic wine and Cocaine 😝
  2. No idea mate but no doubt back then any deal would have been snide and not worth a fuck to us.
  3. 2018 https://Rangers.co.uk/news/club/Rangers-and-vaporized-partnership/
  4. Vaping is for homosexuals btw
  5. Did we not have a deal with some vaping company not that long ago and had vap shops in the club deck or something like that, had a shity green sign ?
  6. Well played everyone 👍 Hopefully brings some comfort to family and friends
  7. This is brilliant 🤣 Oh aye Fuck Liverpool and every other team that is not The Rangers
  8. When is this strong statement coming out ? Maybe the club will wait 18 days before responding 🤣
  9. If this somehow helps the family through what must be really difficult time then I don’t see a problem with it. Also a local family to me.
  10. One match at the weekend Saturday or Sunday and one match midweek Wednesday/Thursday players should be able to cope with that. Your second point is just making up what if scenarios. Your third point I agree would be good to be able to rest players but it is what it is and I don’t think Hamilton will cause us too many problems our professional athletes should be well prepared for a busy schedule.
  11. Two games a week shouldn’t be a problem for professional athletes. Obviously more games more risk of injury but injuries can be picked up at any stage in the season. We should have enough in the squad to get us through one or two injuries. People getting their knickers in a twist over Hamilton in the cup 🤣
  12. Fuck sake Poor cunt must not have any friends or family members to be honest and tell him it’s fucking shite
  13. I don’t understand it mate says “I’m a passionate Rangers supporter” while calling for people not to support the team and give every other filthy bastard in Scottish football what they want, us turning our back on the team during a title challenge would be the narrative and the old don’t do walking away shite rammed down our throats 24/7, media would love it and spin it to us being the bad guys again spitting the dummy because we were punished. SFA wouldn’t give a fuck ether.
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