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  1. And fenians ffs, by fenian I mean wee stinking terrorist supporters not Catholics, although they can be cunts 😆
  2. Awnaw awnaw fucking hell awnaw Killie are out off Europe.. Enjoy yer empty stands and relegation battle ya tin pot weirdos.
  3. Wait until he scores a hat trick against Wolves in the 3rd qualifier and his value shoots up to £42.1 million 😉 😆
  4. I’m just choking to go to a Rangers Wolves match tbh mate, grew up reading and hearing story’s about our famous trip to Wolverhampton and think it would be fantastic for our modern day support to go back there. I suppose that can wait until the group stage 😆
  5. How many times in the past have we thought teams would pump us and we’ve went out and got a result. Would be a struggle for sure but at a packed rocking Ibrox I would fancy us against most teams in that draw and we could go to Molineux dig in and hold out for a draw. We’ve done that before against better teams than Wolves. It’s possible mate, I wouldn’t write us off. Would be a cracking couple of ties that hopefully our players and support would rise too.
  6. I’d been in exile for some years and my eyes filled up with tears... Wolves would be a great draw, actually think we could do them over two legs, Ibrox would be rocking and a fantastic away trip for the Bears.
  7. Was my first ever old firm match was unreal the whole Rangers support chanting “there’s only one Ian Andrews” still one of my favourite old firm matches, only second to winning the league at their midden.
  8. Not a patch on the tarrier shite bomb thrown in a Lidl bag at Stranraer...
  9. We never have their shity name on a match day thread title, it’s always Rangers v beast or tarriers or them or something else, The Dude compared this with a match day thread so surely if it has to stay we could change it to Rangers v them podcast and at least get their name to fuck out the Bears den. I know what your reply to this will be btw 😆
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