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  1. I fully agree with him would be the best outcome I can think off No title no tarriers... fucking bliss
  2. Just saw this after I rage posted 😆 If he never said it then my words are not aimed at him but are aimed at any ex Rangers who does back the scum
  3. Ex Rangers coming out with pish like that are worse than Tarriers honestly wish they would just keep their shity fucking mouths shut This really is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back with me and Rangers. People at the club should be having a word with these cunts and make it clear that they talk pish in the media backing the tarrier then they never step foot in Ibrox again.
  4. All the above imo hibs Dundee untied front runners
  5. Mark Warburton saying they cunts should have to play out the season to be awarded the title We need to start rolling out more people saying this to counter the tarrier narrative.
  6. If he was carrying a Greggs cup would maybe stretch to a quid and offer him a cheese burger
  7. He’s just a sad sheep shagging tramp with a boggin beard and a shite team. If I saw that cunt on sauchiehall street I would throw 10 bob at him.
  8. Fair enough mate but in 2012 it was made clear by the supporters of other clubs that they would rather their own club die than Rangers survive, the clubs let the supporters decide our fate knowing it could end them. I’m not sure much has changed in that respect.
  9. “Give celtic the title and we resign from the league” You think the SFA/SPFL would say ok no problem we’ll not bother then null and void it is? Ffs mate it would be adios Rangers and house party’s all over Scotland celebrating Rangers death.... again and probably for real this time.
  10. Aye same as 2012 they didn’t give a fuck then and wouldn’t now.
  11. Pretty sure I read he doesn’t take up the position for three months
  12. Camera starts off facing the Stuttgart fans, at 1.50 turns to the Rangers fans going tonto in the Govan front. Not best quality but brilliant video
  13. I hope I’m wrong mate Im also in the hissy fit category 😆 If the club put up a fight and lose at least they will have tried but if they just roll over with another statement and no action I think I’ll be done with football, start using my spare cash to attend more boxing events. Obviously how I feel might change but right now that’s where I’m at.
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