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  1. Tiger Shaw

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    The tarriers are actually seething over this 🤣 I hope they do take it to CAS and lose, the meltdown would be epic. Mon then ya fenian tramps
  2. Tiger Shaw

    Second Qualifying Round Ticket Info

    I’m away on holiday next week and will miss this and the Wigan match, still have to pay for the tickets though, three tickets for each game. The joys of cccs 🤣
  3. Tiger Shaw

    Free beer tomorrow, again !

    Reads to me like he wants the players already here to step up their game and produce, if they don’t they’ll be replaced. Don’t see the problem with that.
  4. Tiger Shaw

    Kevin Mbabu

  5. Tiger Shaw

    Club statement

    Davie king statements are honking I wouldn’t look to much into it ether way, the cunt talks a lot of shite and just causes more uncertainty and division among the support every time he rattles his cage. Just fuck up Davie
  6. Tiger Shaw

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    This one fills me with fear, looks decent in the YouTube videos but there’s a reason he’s spent most of his career in non league. Late developer maybe but risky as fuck. Could come here and be completely out his depth.
  7. Tiger Shaw

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    @Bluepeter9 is a good guy Nicola Sturgeon is a wee ride
  8. Tiger Shaw


  9. Tiger Shaw


    Playful friendly teasing humoured None of that sums up what we as a club and fan base have went through since 2012, so aye it is horrific patter.
  10. Tiger Shaw


    😩 Horrific patter
  11. Tiger Shaw

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    Did he ride your wife?
  12. Tiger Shaw

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    If Tavernier is as bad as you think then we’ll not get millions for him will we? Also he’s club captain mate, he’s going nowhere.
  13. Tiger Shaw

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    Pile of shite 💩
  14. Tiger Shaw

    Gerrard on fans' reaction to Windass substitution

    Chuffed as fuck for likes 😂