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  1. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Wonder if he tells his scabby wean that the Rangers he played for died...
  2. Mock up strip looks good though

    Some of the best lads I know are staunch as fuck and hide it from no cunt. Don’t see what the problem is tbh
  3. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Aye, a rancid celtic loving useless taig cunt... Whats the problem with that ?
  4. Mock up strip looks good though

    Only in Rangers media land is staunch seen as a bad thing 🤣
  5. Proud

    Robbers dug fuck sake mate thats some shity patter I’m sitting here with me face melted fae prop peering througj one half open eye 🤣 Come on you volunteers!!
  6. Proud

    I couldny really give a fuck pal
  7. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    3 to 1 and they never got wide ? idk mate
  8. Proud

  9. Proud

    Canned whipped and gagged is a wee bit different from o would ride her ya pair of twats 🤣
  10. Proud

    That’s a wee bit rapey mate
  11. Proud

    I would ride her
  12. F*cking sick of it

    Nah mate if awards were gining for support we would be fiuvki h world champions don’t blame the he support cunts in the boardroom from let us down unforgivable man
  13. F*cking sick of it

    It’s going to bf seeet as fuck mate eh n we tople these smelly wear the same top all summer fenian bastards cunts been to fucking long
  14. Andy Halliday

    What the fuck is the fascination with McGinn, he’s an over rated celtic loving wee taig cunt who should be nowhere near our club. Also the fact that hibs will fuck about with any nagotiations, running to the media with tails of big bad Rangers low balling them before probably selling him to their rancid big cousins. Will we ever learn ffs