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  1. Usyk’s not big enough mate but probably the most skilful
  2. Wilder has no interest getting in the ring with AJ Calm doon 😆
  3. Think they would have won it anyway mate without all their shananigans. Makes it all the more bizarre that Tapie felt he had to cheat.
  4. Think the season before that we got put out by Red Star and they too went on to win it. Two of the best teams I’ve ever watched live.
  5. Mind that wee guy for Marseille Abdu Pele or something like that running a mock, brilliant wee player. They had a great team at the time. I remember Rudi Voller getting pelters from the east enclosure all night 😆
  6. Nights like last night help build mentality, can only benefit us in the long run hopefully like you say we kick on now and next time things aren’t going our way we’ve learned from last night to stick in and keep going because one goal can change a match, not just the players also the supporters, we’re in this together.
  7. Some things just can’t be unseen mate, hope you’re over the trauma.
  8. Reminded me of the Marseille game in 91-92 season, same shity weather out played for 60 minutes 2-0 down then bang McSwegan with the header suddenly the atmosphere changes the place was bouncing then Hateley equalised. Never went on to get the winner that night but the similarities are there.
  9. Was murder getting home mate bus never moved for 40 minutes then took a fucking detour. I’m 20 minutes up the road took an hour and a half to get home 🤣
  10. He also cheers goals against us in the same way most recent sitting in with the Hearts fans .
  11. Next weeks video should be a good one when he’s up for the Tarriers game giving it how celtic Park has the best atmosphere how great their fans and club are loving the rebel songs. Whatever floats yer boat
  12. Can’t fucking sleep after that tonight, adrenaline still pumping
  13. Aye just realised it was Malky who said that in the post I replied too 🤣
  14. Nah he openly admits to prefer celtic mate the other guy prefers Rangers, think somebody said it’s his old man
  15. He’s a fenian loving wee fanny My boy watches some of his videos and he goes to a lot of tarrier matches and always puts them ahead of us in questions like best stadium best supporters best strip and things like that, fuck him
  16. COME OUT TO PLAY! Love the display, big warriors fan me 🤣 Never saw it at the game cause i was in it
  17. I’m 20 minutes up the road in Johnstone mate and it’s absolutely hammering it down, sky is dark as fuck.
  18. Would have rattled the wee bird in the wheel chair 😆
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