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  1. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    dont trust BBC
  2. Blue Knights have won

    if TBK win PB status tomorrow does that mean we will have a Rangers rep at this stupid meeting next monday,to fight our corner
  3. Blue Knights have won

    I recorded it and im glad i did, what a game, and performance from an ex ger, seems Jelavic is well settled now
  4. Blue Knights have won

    sorry bud to busy watching the Man utd game and clicked on the wrong smillie it was ment to be As a Rangers fan i am absolutely delighted and hope its true WATP
  5. Blue Knights have won

    great news
  6. off topic---- killy 3- 0 up 1st half
  7. Deadline Day Transfers Thread

    thought 23.00 was the window closed ?
  8. Deadline Day Transfers Thread

    did this not happen in the January window, by 5pm they said there would be no business, and Diouf and Healy signed on loan by the close of the window
  9. Deadline Day Transfers Thread

    OK bud i haven't kept up for a few days, busy at work
  10. Deadline Day Transfers Thread

    Mohamed Bangura from AIK Stockholm is the other player i think he means mate
  11. 2-0 Sion for anyone who,s interested
  12. Tims down to 10 men already 1min played Sion 1-0