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  1. looks like ESPN are not showing the Honduras game any more was hoping to get a look at Peralta
  2. Yip agree with that mate
  3. Is he playing in the national team tonight, its on ESPN 22.30 if he is I will prob watch it see how good/bad he is
  4. Its done Rangers FC Official ‏@RFC_Official2m TRANSFER: Rangers can confirm that Nicky Clark (@nickyclark91) has agreed to join the club on a three–year deal: Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite More
  5. Why are they using a BBC puppet who is banned from Ibrox to put their views forward
  6. find this really selfish from Mark Dingwall even though the man has not even been selected for CEO yet
  7. I think these 2 paragraph,s say it all “The Scottish FA’s rules – and the respective rule books of the league bodies – do not allow for the governing body, or any external body, to ‘take control’ of a separate company in possession of commercial contracts worth millions of pounds. “However, if it is truly is the will of the clubs, the Scottish FA is prepared to get involved and act in the best interests of the national game. This will require a mandate to the Scottish FA from both the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League, so that positive changes to improve Scottish football’s future can be proposed without the threat of legal recourse or judicial review.
  8. "I am quite hopeful there's going to be a lot of pressure put on lots of people this week" Says it all really
  9. Thought this might help 2.2 All Clubs shall have Grounds and headquarters situated in England or Wales and the General Manager shall send their names and particulars to The FA annually by the date appointed by, and in the format required by, The FA. English Clubs shall be duly affiliated at all times to a recognised County Football Association. Welsh Clubs shall be affiliated to The FA of Wales. Each Club shall notify the General Manager of its affiliation number each year as soon as practicable after it has received same. Each Club shall return to the General Manager a fully completed questionnaire relating to Form “D” required by The FA by the date given in the circular letter accompanying the questionnaire issued by the Competition Secretary.
  10. Sorry try this one
  11. Interesting times ahead then if true
  12. I think your right, sure I heard that as well from GDS .
  13. I was just reading through the rules and thought I would put it out there also rule 2.2
  14. As current rules stand you need to have an HQ and football ground in England or Wales, rule 2.2 of the football conference. So I dare say that would pose a small problem for us?.