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  1. Not worried about Porto or Young Boys at Ibrox tbh after the past two matches.
  2. Not happy with it at all. I’m not concerned about how poor we were and the team selection rather than how two absolute cunts act
  3. They were there for the taking today and we fucked it. Gerrard absolutely bottled it with that starting XI
  4. Jones not being allowed to run at their full backs from the off is ridiculous.
  5. Their weakness this season seems to be the full back positions... yet we’ve started with no natural wingers?? Jones &/or Ojo should be on
  6. That their reaction ‘marred’ the goal.
  7. Nonsense. We all moan when Andy Walker or the like are commentating on our matches, so it’s a welcome change when it’s actual Rangers fans instead. Wouldn’t have expected Tom and Andy to react any differently tbh & good on them!
  8. McGregor Tavernier Helander Edmundson Barisic Jack Kamara Aribo Arfield Kent Defoe
  9. Watched that Sheridan video on my lunch break. What the actual fuck is wrong with that mob 😂😂 From fans buying Chelsea mugs in sports direct & videos like that above to the paedophile ring cover up, they really are a weird, weird cult.
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