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  2. M-89


    Thought this myself. Great idea but poorly executed. Some interviews with his teammates and Gerrard, footage of him at the training centre and match days etc along with a sit down interview would have worked much better. Quite lazy from the media team tbh
  3. £12-£15m is shocking when you consider Solanke went for £19m, so I really hope you're wrong there. If it is Dortmund and any team from the Prem competing for him then £20m+ begins to looks realistic
  4. Look at Ramos with Real tonight. Intentional yellow on the 89th minute in Amsterdam to make sure he wasn't suspended for the last 16... then Ajax knock them out in the second leg. No team can or should be looking past their next game.
  5. As much as I hate to say it, I don't think that's true. We were level on points with them after the December win but since then they've won six matches in the league without conceding a single goal. That's dealing with the pressure right there. The league is over this season. Winning the cup then winning the league next season is the best we can hope for tbh
  6. Would he not miss the celtic game regardless of ban as he had concussion and was taken off with a head injury? Out for two weeks minimum is it not?
  7. M-89

    Lewis Ferguson

    Hope so. Only seen him when they’ve played us but he’s got better each match. Hopefully a summer bid
  8. M-89


    Nothing flash or fancy? You ever seen Messi get an assist with a backheel from the half-way line? ?
  9. M-89


    Not saying he's anywhere his level and I know even having them in the same sentence will look daft but he reminds me of Hazard a wee bit. Direct, low centre of gravity and able to find that extra space
  10. M-89


    Think he'll be kept as back up. Was speaking to Gerrard today and he seems to like him. Said he'd heard negative stories about Andy before he came up here and he's proved them wrong so far. Also a good influence in the dressing room due to him being a Rangers fan. Tbh he'll do alright coming off the bench against the wee teams to give some of the starting 11 a rest when matches are already won if we can't punt him
  11. He was shite on the left, everyone said wait till we say him on the right. Now he's shite on the right, you're saying play him in the middle. When he's shite in the middle, what then? Defence? Up front? Keeper? Back in Spain?
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