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  1. Not surprised to read that about Ally. Hate the hate he gets too. Grew up watching the Super Ally video with my granda and interviewed Ally a few times during his spell as manager. One of the nicest guys about.
  2. No wonder he was made redundant last year. Dick.
  3. Everything you've said is fucking idiotic mate, not just single quotes Obviously Gazza as you've mentioned, but who else do you class as a legend? Anyone since him?
  4. That's a cracker! Shades of the 1999/00 away top
  5. That was it for me tonight too. Was reluctantly backing him but losing at home to Hamilton has to be it. He has to walk now.
  6. He’s a petty cunt. The failed trial really has fucked him up mentally. If this is his behaviour now, imagine when we win the league
  7. He didn’t get a press pass because he’s not press... If he wants to do his exams, study towards a qualification in journalism & then apply again, then I’m positive Rangers would be fine handing one out. The club were always good with me when I was going through uni. As much as the sun/record etc are scum, they’re still traditional media & they will be get preference over fan blogs - 4lads understood that in his reply
  8. Not my pic mate but aye 👍🏻
  9. Least Boyd is enjoying his afternoon
  10. Not worried about Porto or Young Boys at Ibrox tbh after the past two matches.
  11. Not happy with it at all. I’m not concerned about how poor we were and the team selection rather than how two absolute cunts act
  12. They were there for the taking today and we fucked it. Gerrard absolutely bottled it with that starting XI
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