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  1. We have nothing to lose against them, nobody is expecting us to take points off them so it's a free hit. Go there, get in their faces, press hard and who knows what might happen.
  2. Andy King being nowhere near the first team is the surprising bit for me tbh thought he would offer us something different
  3. This is the most concerning part for me It's as though mentally he isn't 100% and at a club like ours you can't get away with that. After his mistake Goldson's look at him said it all tbh
  4. Struggles to find his feet in games like today
  5. Nowhere near the worst on the park today and constantly putting his body on the line for his team unlike his fellow midfielders
  6. ...doesn't work in the big games against the better teams. Discuss.
  7. Updated the thread title and OP to include the statement from the club
  8. Good, prompt statement from the club and next step is legal action against the BBC.
  9. Nah I get that but in my work folk get punted for unsavoury things they don't get a thank you message the firm stays quiet and doesn't say anything? We could have said nothing. We didn't need to do any sort of cheerio. If we reported it to the police I'll be satisfied, the accusation is that it wasn't reported despite us saying it was. Don't need Souness or anyone to comment publicly I'm not slandering anyone's reputation we just need the club to conduct an investigation into these allegations and combat these claims if they are untrue and deal with them appropriately if they are true. We sacked him? We quite clearly believed his parents and our statement since that we reported it would stack up that we suspected he was guilty?
  10. 2 years ago we made a public statement saying we reported this to the police. We must have some substance to our claim
  11. I'm not sure what your angle is here. No fucking paedo bastard should ever have had ANY sort of send off in ANY club publication ffs. Exactly.
  12. ...that's the part being challenged mate and the club have to come out and address this. It's being claimed we did not actually report it to the police.
  13. If the allegations are true, and as I've posted above, the club has to investigate this immediately as a matter of urgency, then the timing of the claim is irrelevant.
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