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  1. All 42 Scottish clubs were in meetings to discuss financial concerns today. The football isn’t going to resume for months. To get through this period we will be relying on the good nature of our owners to fund working capital. Given what happened last time, I’m not taking anything for granted.
  2. Until it's confirmed we are financially secure with no issues, I will not be laughing at Aberdeen.
  3. Yes, this is the type of thing they should be doing and at the same time the players should be asked to take reduced salaries which can be made up later in the year (or ideally, not at all) once the club has its full cashflow and things are back to normal.
  4. Anyone who has a go at Ally McCoist donating to something like this deserves a ban from this forum ffs
  5. Wonder if the rat bastard Naismith will accept or leave 🧐
  6. Yes, probably tbh if insurance covered this type of event I'd ask for money back on the 2 season tickets I pay for, given there's no real harm to the club. Otherwise, they can keep my money. I'd hope they give some sort of small, token discount next season as a thank you
  7. Nah, I'd rather we stuck to Scotland and improved our league. I'd quite like a UK-wide cup competition to replace the Betfred/Carabao cups
  8. They don't need to void it to avoid giving the title to celtic though, do they? They can declare this year's title as vacant, use the current standings to allocate European places for next year and expand the league to allow teams "promotion" in a one-off season before reverting to normal the following year That would make everyone happy except celtic. 41 clubs >>> 1.
  9. Around me was full of wanks who never usually turn up for league games 1 guy started abusing the team as though Leverkusen aren't one of the favourites for the tournament ffs, then proceeded to shout racist abuse towards Germans / called them Nazis etc after they scored their 2nd and then got told to shut the fuck up by others around him then stormed out in a huff with about 10 minutes to go Absolutely bizarre.
  10. was that not only like 5 games in lol
  11. prozzies and coke according to reliable whatsapp groups
  12. Cunts are smoking crack if they want Patterson in for this The boy is really talented but was blowing out his arse 60 mins into the game v Stranraer he is not physically ready for a game against them I have absolutely no idea how this is going to go or which Rangers team is going to turn up
  13. We played well tonight tbh I'm walking home from the game disappointed but proud of the effort from the players tbh
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