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  1. If Armstrong played for us he'd be one of the best players at our club. He's not overrated at all.
  2. Blasphemy.
  3. You know you're Glaswegian when...
  4. Go to Pollok mate. Your first year is half price and they have teams with varying levels of ability. You can go along to the training sessions then get involved in matches if you feel like you want to make the step up. They give everybody an opportunity and they will have equipment and kit you can use so you don't have to buy your own (except your own box/cup of course). If you go somewhere like Clydesdale they'll laugh at you. Other clubs are more welcoming - Pollok, Ferguslie, Prestwick, Weirs.
  5. Wow that was really tight
  6. No issues with Andy Halliday being a squad player or cover at LM/LB but if he's a starting XI player for us ever again I'll fucking cry. He's definitely not as bad as he's often made out to be but he has been left exposed playing at DM when he isn't a DM.
  7. Yeah, but will he wear a suit or tracksuit on the touchline?
  8. Great tackle. If he'd put it in bottom corner it would have been incredible.
  9. McKay's problem is he tends to go missing in games when we need a bit of dig and heart. He is a talent and has a bright future, but I said to my old man today whilst watching the game that he's a real confidence based player and he never quite got that little run with the ball at his feet to get him going. He needs to learn that when he's having a bad game, he still has to do the simple things like dig in and support his team-mates with a bit of hunger and running and at least put in a 6/10 performance, rather than the 1-2/10 we got from him today. Time will tell if he is good enough to add that to his game.
  10. Wilson gets caught out by the flight of the ball far too many times though. We need 2 new starting CBs next year with Wilson and Hill as backup, though as I said in another thread they did both play well today. Kiernan and Senderos need to go.
  11. It was a yellow but Madden didn't even give us a foul and they then got a FK and hit the post with it. Prick.
  12. I watched on BeIn Sports today and McCoist was their panel guest - he was chatting absolute shite throughout, not defending our club or players at all. Poor show.
  13. Lads, someone be a gem and post up the post-match interviews for me please? I'm working today so dived out of work at 3 and back into work as soon as the FT whistle went so missed the interviews.
  14. I just quote tweeted this. It's honestly no wonder Celtic fans are so fucking paranoid when they have cunts like Sutton perpetuating it. It's ingrained in their psyche.