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  1. Pedro Presser - Where is it?

    It’s weird because what he said has already been widely reported by other media outlets. I thought it was weird the official Twitter never live tweeted the conference like they always do and for the video to still not be up makes me believe something is afoot.
  2. Do you sing at the games ?

    The UB get a lot of unfair criticism from folk on here. They do a great job of trying to bring a bit of colour to our games.
  3. Do you sing at the games ?

    Ibrox is a morgue most weeks. Away fans are class but tbf the players need to give us something to shout about.
  4. New Manager... Who?

    Then I'd bite the bullet and get it done before we lose any more ground in the league.
  5. New Manager... Who?

    The sheep fans are deluded. They genuinely think the Aberdeen job is more of a draw than us. We could be absolutely fucking crippled and we'd be a more attractive job than theirs. They don't think McInnes would leave them for us. It's the same shite chat they used to hit out with about Jack - "why would he leave us he'd know that he'd be hated from fans who adored him" etc.
  6. New Manager... Who?

    Don't think we could afford the £1m release clause so if there is another clause in there that reduces the amount we'd need to pay then fair play to McInnes, he must really want the job.
  7. New Manager... Who?

    I had never heard of this guy before, so I'll take your word for it mate.
  8. New Manager... Who?

    A guy on Twitter called Ewen Cameron claims that McInnes negotiated a clause into his new contract that he can speak to Rangers if they come calling. Works for various tv/radio outlets.
  9. For all the talk about passion and physicality I just think the players still don’t get it. This from Alves, Cardoso on Twitter and Dalcio on Instagram ffs. Every team in Scottish football will break our players legs if it helps them get a win against us. That’s what we’re up against every week. That’s what we need to match. The referee obviously needs to do better and you expect a bit of protection but everyone knew that was how Motherwell would play today - they battered Aberdeen and Aberdeen are a much more physical side than we are. That header at the end where Bruno went right through Moult, should have happened inside the first few minutes of the game. Our players need to play like the whole word hates us and match up. Never going to happen with pussies like Windass, Cardoso and Tav in the team who have no appetite for a physical battle.
  10. On the brink

    The worst part of it is celtic will put about 4 past that Motherwell team, like we should have done. Pedro must go.
  11. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Fucked it Car crash season
  12. Louis Moult

    Take him in a heartbeat. Should hve signed him in the summer. I’d take Cadden too and play him on the left instead of Windass. That boy is a future Scotland international.
  13. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    We’re going alright here Mon the Giants
  14. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Yep, and they have different types of guys who come on and kick. You’ve got your punter who kicks it long or your kicker who is the one who takes field goal penalties etc. Still paid a shit tonne but it’s pretty cutthroat. Miss a few times and you’ll probably be cut and replaced
  15. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Feeling so fucking deflated and the Giants in an hour are probably going to worsen my mood