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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSS Now we need to find that 3rd all star willing to sign up. I'll take Jimmy Butler 100%.
  2. https://twitter.com/ericsports/status/1138981915766059009?s=09
  3. Had their fair share mate remember Zaza on Kawhi back in 2017? No sympathy for them they took a risk by weakening the bench in order to afford KD and Cousins and it didn't pay off Buzzing for the Raptors they have been really fun to watch. Nick Nurse is a really talented coach the guy did a lot for British basketball too Draft night up next and hopefully an AD to Lakers trade complete before then!
  4. it's the way of international football. i get the people who say they can't bring themselves to support it and know plenty of folk who don't have an international team they just follow tournament football and are neutral. but you get people on social media and here who make it sound like it's a minority of our fans who support Scotland when that just isn't the case at all.
  5. Not for the first time, RM forum views are not representative of the wider Rangers support.
  6. What a spell of bowling from Mo Amir Loves tournaments in England
  7. lol i'm absolutely livid with micky arthur and sarfraz. dropping Shadab for Shaheen is absolutely crazy and the standard thing that seems to happen when people read too much into the pitch instead of looking at it in the context of history Australia will put up over 300 here and we'll be all out for about 200
  8. Unfortunately it's just a case of "tough". There's no reserve days at this stage of the tournament so if it's rained off each team gets 1 point each. If you end up going out as a result then it is what it is Pakistan. Our game v Sri Lanka last week got rained off too
  9. Our game v Sri Lanka being rained off is a huge blow to our hopes of getting through to the next stage. Game v Australia on Wednesday also looks like it's going to be severely rain impacted.
  10. Seat transfer request knocked back
  11. Hope he does really well
  12. Assumed the worst until the last over hahaha absolutely shredded was nervous for the past 3 hours 😂 Great win and a fantastic game of cricket Wahab just has these spells where he is outstanding and he turned it on at the end Buttler and Root will be disappointed they've both scored centuries and still lost. Surely has to be a world cup record
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