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  1. Nah, has to be the '94 WC in the USA for me. The first WC I remember. Romario
  2. Made absolutely no difference to me and probably made no difference a large chunk of our support. You're welcome.
  3. Is it confirmed? thats my birthday weekend, would be a nice present!
  4. Ban this fuck
  5. Holding is great. A true cricket legend and he holds down respect from everyone in the game. Love listening to him. Mike Atherton's 2 interviews with Amir were also outstanding. A young guy, ross quickly from poverty, was taken advantage of by his captain and crooks surrounding the team at the time, did his time and has now come back incredibly humble just wanting to play cricket. Obviously what he did was wrong, but he served his punishment and there were clear mitigating factors. I'm happy he has got his career back on track.
  6. Also, updated the thread title. The Pak players have done well in county this season. Mo Amir especially.
  7. West Indies are terrible. If Rangers fans think our owners have mismanaged us for years, spare a thought for Windies cricket fans. Their board has well and truly fucked their entire cricketing structure and resigned them to years of mediocre cricket.
  8. Let's be honest, he's in one just now and he's struggling. Maybe he isn't cut out to be a manager at all.
  9. Looooooooool We are fucking shite. Glad I opted to sack that off today and take my boy out. Never thought I'd ever say that.
  10. I just saw a headline earlier somewhere online, they must have corrected it
  11. A shame it's only a loan deal, would have preferred it being permanent so he stops leeching money off us.
  12. Shut up Frank Shut up ForeverAndEver
  13. Get Snodgrass in on loan
  14. Aye as others have said above he said that he basically had no official contact from Rangers but had heard we were interested so turned down offers from England to come back up and play for Killie for 6 months until we put an offer in to get him. It worked out well for him because he did brilliantly at Killie in those 6 months then signed for us and had another good 6 months then got a few Scotland caps at the end of that season