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  1. Decent, especially given all the uncertainty around our merchandise If we can resolve all of that before the renewal we should be able to maximise that further
  2. Given how badly he flopped at us, that's the ideal scenario for us tbh.
  3. PSV signed a new kit deal with Puma for £8.5m per year. 5 year deal. I wonder how much we're making off Hummel
  4. Hope we included a sell-on. Wouldn't be surprised if he went back to Osijek, played very well and got another move
  5. Didn't realise Wallace was QPR's captain
  6. Another example of a past-it footballer coming up from England and struggling to make any impact whatsoever
  7. This is mental He's 20 years old and had only played like 65 games when he joined us. He may well be utter pish and never make it with us but you've come to that conclusion on the back of a 60 min performance in a comfortable win? That's crazy
  8. Boughie was fantastic for us and of course, in the goal i picked, it was all down to Boughie's class and composure even in the opponent's box
  10. Favourite game: winning the league at Rugby Park Player: Morelos Goal: Edu last minute v them
  11. Scott McDonald liked this tweet like the fucking mongo he is
  12. The funniest thing out of all of this, is everyone outside of Scotland recognises this. Loads of my English mates from my stints in London see right through this nonsense they come away with. They still can't get over their fans taking out a full page spread in a Swiss newspaper to try and get UEFA's attention
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