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  1. Went back to working for various investment firms after leeching us dry
  2. Banstead?
  3. That thread on here was incredible
  4. Us being absolutely rooked financially and Brian Stockbridge telling people we spent £2.5m on financial advice Absolute leeches
  5. We fucking beat a 10 man Forres Mechanics 1-0 man FORRES MECHANICS
  6. We were literally begging the others to come back openly in the press and he rocks up then gets told nah it's alright mate
  7. Top goal scorer in league 2 last season
  8. ...and the best one: Salim Kerkar rocking up for training and we never even wanted him
  9. Mike Ashley bringing out commemorative t shirts for the league cup semi final a few years back
  10. Being 2-0 up against Alloa in the Petrofac Cup semi final and losing 3-2
  11. Remember they tried to hold an AGM in London but because so many Bears complained the hotels they tried to book all told the board to fuck off Amazing
  12. Sorry, think this was Jack Irvine ?
  13. The fucking Indonesian Government asking Rangers FC not to give any money to a cunt on Interpol's list
  14. It was bawsburst nah?
  15. Ian Black getting a Scotland call up whilst playing in the Scottish Third Division