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  1. Would be great if Eleven Sports came in and picked the rights up at £40m-a-year. I'd imagine if Steven Gerrard is successful with us, these TV companies will be falling over themselves trying to buy the rights
  2. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

  3. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

    They just need to make clubs pay for unsold tickets. They'll soon return them.
  4. psb07158

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Fucking shite mate!! OKC would have had them if Westbrook played IMO. 4th quarter is when he comes alive and they trailed by 3 or something going into it Buzzing for the Lakers first game
  5. psb07158

    Stewart Robertson - Fair Play

    Utterly ridiculous that it took a letter like that to get any change out of the council. Good letter though
  6. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

    Tbh, if I was an Aberdeen fan I'd want my club to do exactly what they have done. It's not really 'hating Scottish football' it's just trying to get whatever advantage they can get to avoid getting pumped off us. It won't work.
  7. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

    He is gmail mate so that might be it
  8. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

    I've been charged £31 a ticket Oh and 3 lots of it so my bro in law must have been successful in the ballot but the club never emailed him. Useless
  9. psb07158

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    I think a 76ers and Thunder double is a shout, what odds you getting? Warriors have looked lackadaisical in preseason I watched the games against us and they looked really slow so I think it might take them a few games to get up to speed!
  10. psb07158

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    If Ben Simmons can somehow find his range from distance the 76ers will be challenging the Celtics in the east. The Raptors obviously have Kawhi who is an all-star but the unknown is what his condition is just now. The Wizards might be in with a shout but too often when the going gets tough, Bradley Beal and John Wall go missing I'll be happy with a play-off run this year for LAL, bring in another supermax next year (maybe KD?) and go full tilt to bring the championship home in 2019-2020!
  11. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

    govanblue will be raising money for bossorange now as the club has bankrupted him our ticket office is full of utter mongs
  12. That at the old Virgin Money store? Noticed it closed down a while back
  13. psb07158

    Semi final allocation

    Apparently so mate
  14. psb07158

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Almost time for another NBA season lads!! Lakers have been so much fun to watch in pre-season fingers crossed it continues into the regular season. Brandon Ingram can become a top-5 player in the league 100%. What a talent Double Clutch UK have pulled together their annual NBA preview:
  15. psb07158

    Sheep v Rangers

    Sorry lads see above post they’re now gone