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  1. You would have loved cricket in 70s and 80s when the Windies had bowler after bowler identical in bowling style to Jofra Archer absolutely destroying batting lineups around the world. You can aim wherever you want. There's nothing in the game to stop you bowling into the opponent's body, however the ball must bounce and you are limited to bowling two per over in test and ODI cricket. From experience, umpires apply their discretion in test match cricket and let it go a lot more. It all makes for a great spectacle. Nobody wants to see people get seriously hurt but bouncers are part of the game.
  2. Excellent. Hopefully they spunk £2-3m there. Average as fuck.
  3. They're suddenly being linked with a number of half-decent footballers. Two Norwegian full backs, a right-back and a left-back. Both have decent pedigree and are Norwegian internationals. Hopefully Rosenborg make the UCL and the LB tells them to fuck off and Olympiakos price them out of a move for the RB
  4. Jofra Archer is the fucking man. He's going to be lethal in Australia on their bouncy wickets Wait till he has to come and bowl in the UAE (or Pakistan 🤞) and there's absolutely no pace or bounce 😂
  5. His best attribute is running powerfully with the ball but he only did that once yesterday (that I can remember). Against East Fife. That's just not good enough and tbh he will be the first to accept that was a poor performance from him. His time at the club is running out.
  6. We have absolutely nothing to fear...they will be the ones shiting it off us. Reckon we'll take 2 or 3 off them on Thursday. Ojo's pace will frighten them. Just hope Alfredo keeps the head in what will be a very hostile environment
  7. Always thought anyone with connections to the island of Ireland can opt to play for either the RoI or NI given the number of players opting to play for the south despite being born in the north Or is that because they're actually born there and the same rules don't apply to people seeking eligibility via heritage?
  8. Aribo is the best signing we have made, looks class Lol some absolute shite spouted on here. Gerrard said pre match Edmundson is pushing Katic and Goldson hard for a starting jersey while so far it has just been about getting Helander fit and he expects him to kick on Agreed. Probably both taking time to get to grips with that east coast wind 😂
  9. Fod Polster Edmundson Helander Barisic Docherty Halliday King Stewart Defoe Barker Rotate every cunt no need to take risks with Legia away on Thursday night the above team is more than good enough to take care of this lot
  10. He's Scottish born and bred he should stick with Scotland UNLESS he isn't getting a look in further down the line and is desperate to play international football and it's on the table from the RoI (I.e. like Arfield with Canada)
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