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  1. He's available on a free.
  2. He's good, he's young, he's talented, he's Scottish and he's a Rangers fan. An upgrade on Halliday. Why wouldn't you want him? He only has a year left on his contract and if he tells Aberdeen he wants to leave he'll go for 400-500k easily.
  3. Agree with all of this except the last sentence. Well, I like him too, but not that . He has less than 1-in-2 at Scottish Championship level. I don't think he's good enough but we'll see.
  4. His statement sums up this absolute roaster of a man:
  5. Good. Cunt. Career over.
  6. Fucksake. Get well soon.
  7. Ball is average and turned us down last summer so no thanks. Lafferty can fuck off. Nothing more needs to be said.
  8. Absolutely nothing against Andy Halliday personally - I have given more slack than I would any other player purely on the basis that he's one of our own but that only stretches so far. His performances this season have been horseshit and he needs to go in the summer. Of course, if I were in his shoes, you'd have to boot me out the club there's no way I'd voluntarily leave.
  9. I know mate. I was just being facetious. He'd fit into our current team of shitebags perfectly
  10. That include the time he hit the shot that was rebounded out to Arveladze to tap home ?
  11. I think he's meaning McGregor was his man...
  12. No thanks.
  13. Tbf, he had Han Kook-Young, Weiss and Nemeth at Al Gharafa. Plus a young, solid, Ghanaian international. They'd probably all walk into our team.
  14. Lima. Don't care that he's 33 or that he'd want minimum 20-25k a week. This guy was a monster at Benfica and we could get at least a year out of him. Sooooooooooooooooooo much better than Waghorn or Garner up top.
  15. Lionel Messi is the greatest and I feel blessed to have been able to watch this guy's entire career I don't think there was another player on the pitch who could have scored the first the way he did - the touch the balance at the speed he was running at. The second was just great timing of the run and a clinical finish. Also Sergi Roberto has been honkin defensively and gets it in the neck from a lot of people when he's a CM playing at RB, but his run in the 92nd minute of the game to start off that attack was different class