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  1. Just landed in Glasgow and there were a fair few Young Boys fans on my flight. 1 said he thinks they're bringing 2.5k fans over for this
  2. I'm fucking gutted not going to lie A win on Thursday is a must
  3. Mate I’ve posted in the cunt’s support the entire time he’s been with us but today took the fucking piss I’m sorry He’s twice the player Brown is and half the captain.
  4. Tbh I’d have brought Greg Stewart on because he’s also a decent presence in the box but I think Barisic was fucked from about 80 mins on so he put him on to give a hand
  5. psb07158


    I'm not one to make these threads usually but despite Collum's decent overall reffing performance he and his officiating team have only got 1 decision out of 4 correct today 1) brown on Morelos - clear penalty. Doesn't matter if it's accidental it's a penalty 2) their goal is offside (3 players were off) 3) our penalty he got right 4) johnstone on Morelos at the end. Another clear push in the back So aye Fuck that guy
  6. Yep, I posted this in the match thread. We're soft as fuck.
  7. The cleanest hitter of a ball in the team. 100% he'd be my first choice.
  8. Not only did he shite himself he passed it off to Alfredo who was having a 'mare in front of goal It had to go to someone with balls of steel like Arfield or Kent or a clean hitter of the ball like Barisic
  9. Ok? That's better than being the captain and passing it off to someone else. What kind of message does that send to everyone in the country?
  10. He's not captain material and he can absolutely get tae fuck. There is absolutely no fucking way that ball should have gone to Alfie.
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