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  1. psb07158

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Irrelevant, they're human beings. Footballers have fallen out over things like a team mate wearing trainers in the dressing room (Bendtner) ffs. They don't have to vocalise that they don't like him. It could be as simple as ignoring the guy, fracturing the squad into cliques etc. Not wanting to train with him, not wanting to share a room with him on away days. No Rangers player is going to come out and say "Jon Flanagan is a prick and shouldn't have been signed" but there are probably a few in there who think it and it will sub consciously impact, if not consciously (if they know about his past). Spot on. See above.
  2. psb07158

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Also lol at people saying "HAVE YOU NEVER MADE A MISTAKE BEFORE?" as though this is like using your pal's Netflix code for months. He assaulted a woman ffs. I doubt many people on this forum have convictions like that and remain able to gain employment at high profile institutions for shitloads of money (relative to the average person). It's a joke. He's a joke. Should never have been signed. But, in saying all of that, if he ever puts that blue jersey on i'll support it like everyone else, because we don't support individuals we support the collective that they represent.
  3. psb07158

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Hope Gerrard thought long & hard about this and spoke to other senior players in the squad beforehand etc because this kind of signing can harm a dressing room.
  4. psb07158

    Johnny Hubbard

  5. psb07158


    Don't know about winning it, but they certainly should have put the team who went on to win it out in Euro 2016. Got absolutely mugged off by Portugal (as did everyone tbf).
  6. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    You can just tell the guy is an absolute weapon. From that thing with Maxi Lopez, to slating the Inter fans whilst captaining the club etc.
  7. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    A perfect example of that is how Sampaoli has totally moved away from his own philosophy of a high intensity, high pressing game which worked so well for him when he was Chile manager. He tried to implement it when he took over the team, but after they drew 1-1 at home to Venezuela he was absolutely fucking shot to pieces by the media and ex-players and managers in Argentina because they absolutely battered Venezuela but still couldn't win So he doubted whether he had the players to play that style and moved to what we see today, which is..."give the ball to Messi and hope he wins us the game"
  8. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Fair comment! I don't even think Aguero's style of play fits with Messi mate. Not once did Aguero go in behind when Messi had the ball - the way Suarez does at Barca or the way David Villa did before him. He keeps wanting the ball played into feet but he's not very good at the quick 1-2s. The game against Iceland I think I counted 5 times Messi laid the ball into Aguero and wanted a quick lay-off and Aguero didn't find the return pass once I almost think they'd be better off with Icardi starting because he's more of a hard working striker who will put in the hard yards behind opposing defences so there's space for Messi to work, plus Icardi's goalscoring record at Inter is pretty similar to Aguero's in terms of goals-per-game so not losing much on that front
  9. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Probably down to the cocaine mate.
  10. psb07158


    Not surprised so many on this forum will like them then 👀
  11. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    It's so weird that Argentina have suddenly got this array of attacking talent but such a dearth of defensive and midfield talent Well, tbf they do have decent young players like Pavon and Lo Celso, but Sampaoli doesn't start them. I can't believe Lo Celso hasn't had a game yet. Cesc Fabregas was spot on at half time If I was manager of Argentina and saw Messi flourish at club level, I'd have replicated whatever the fuck Barca play into the national team. I know that's easier said than done, but would have at least attempted it. Although in saying that mate, they were one Higuain-fluffed-chance away from winning the World Cup in 2014 and a bawhair away from a couple of Copa Americas.
  12. psb07158


    Don't forget Bosnia. Pjanic and Dzeko would both be fighting for a place in that team.
  13. psb07158


    That midfield trio is magnificent. Rakitic, Modric & Brozovic. Technically, they're all sound footballers but it's their willingness to put in the hard yards that is most impressive.
  14. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I know folk compare the 2 and their impact on games etc, but I have never ever saw someone claim that Cristiano Ronaldo can pass a ball better than Lionel Messi.
  15. psb07158

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I don't know why I'm so surprised, given I watched this Argentina side stumble their way through qualification No direction, no game plan, no strategy. Nobody makes space for Messi - the team is full of people who want want want the ball. Sampaoli thought he could get away with just putting a few quality players on the pitch and hoping they do something. Can't do that. The difference between Ronaldo/Portugal and Messi/Argentina is incredible. Portugal actually play to Ronaldo's strengths - everything rotates around him and, they're solid at the back so when he's having a rare off-day the defence rarely leaks goals. Argentina don't. They rely on Messi massively but don't do enough to support him. At Barcelona, every single footballer on the pitch knows they play FOR Messi basically.