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  1. match fixing? Anyone?

    Hibs were competing all over the pitch and are unbeaten in 10 games now or something. There was a high chance they’d win because their style is fast paced and aggressive and, given what we saw at Ibrox against the filth in a game we should have won, that is exactly the style they can’t cope with.
  2. Scum Tickets

    Good luck to anyone still going to this. You’re a bigger fan than me. I won’t even be watching. Can’t bear to see them win the league against us.
  3. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    No point going for 10 players of a squad filling capacity. Need to look at bosmans for squad fillers and spend any transfer budget on 2 or 3 excellent players
  4. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    0 for effort
  5. Statement from A Johnston

    Fuck the board
  6. Hummel

  7. Hummel

    Tbh this chat about “a bespoke shirt” was being flung about under Puma too
  8. Hummel

    New Balance are 10 times bigger than Hummel tbf
  9. Hummel

    That was oldco Hummel Wait until the filth fans out there find out this is Newco Hummel sponsoring us. They’ll be taking out newspaper adverts in Denmark telling the Danish public they’re not really Hummel anymore and shouldn’t claim they sponsored Tottenham and Real Madrid on their website
  10. Hummel

    If they’re not on the shoulder they’ll be on the side no chance Hummel give a club the most money they’ve ever given and don’t stick their trademark differentiating logo on the top
  11. Hummel

    Denmark won the Euros Real Madrid wore Hummel once upon a time
  12. Hummel

    Next club car sponsor is going to be Dacia
  13. Hummel

    That is vile
  14. Hummel

    If the deal is £15m up front, for the next 5 years or so how is that good? That’s £3m a year which is what we got in the JJB deal all those years ago. Plus the cunts in charge will have spent it by the end of the summer meaning that’s one less revenue stream. A brand like Hummel = no global exposure (relative to other mainstream brands) More details required
  15. Hummel

    Dave sent his personal bank details mate, £13m of that has been earmarked for that share offer he had to make Remaining £2m on a vaping room in the Sandy Jardine stand and a tanning salon in the Copland