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  1. are you fishing here we're a couple of games into the season and have an opportunity to get points on the board and open up a gap against the filth fuck the back up players, i don't trust any of them. we need to play our strongest XI possible in every single league game. rotate in the cups
  2. I couldn't go today. I'm going to go on Saturday hopefully. I can pick you one up in Medium if there's stock and post it. Wouldn't charge any extra, just the hoody and postage cost. I'll DM you.
  3. I genuinely can't believe the Club has done that Literally months after having to defend Alfredo from the racism and unwarranted abuse he receives from the likes of Keith fucking Jackson, we get into bed with his employer @Louden_Greg this is utterly unacceptable and you need to feed back the fans views to the Club
  4. That's a fucking shocker Won't be buying a single programme then
  5. i actually had it open in another window , screencap below
  6. Shitebag has deleted it after his own filthy fans started slating him for it Basically said "is Leon Balogun being investigated for taking a photo with no social distancing with the removal company" and tagged in journos and the Scottish Govt
  7. https://twitter.com/GorbalsCelt/status/1293151687809675265?s=20
  8. £170 fs Rangers / Castore are really wanting to test my marriage eh
  9. Happens in every single thread @The Dude posts in. Has become so tedious to have to trawl through the posts of completely unwarranted abuse, can't imagine how it is for the mods & admin team
  10. They had better not be allowed to train either. They need to self-isolate. I guess we will find out later when they release their official statement.
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