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  1. Tbf, Sharjah should be slightly better. Even when Pakistan played at home, they always held series in Sharjah since like the 1980s. Not sure why, but there's a longstanding connection there and so the crowds are always a bit better. Dubai is dead. Beautiful stadium but absolutely no atmosphere because the crowds don't turn up. Always thought the PCB should just give out freebies on the day to get folk packed into the stadiums. They don't appreciate that the people living there are living in awful conditions trying to save as much money as possible to send home to their families in Pakistan. They don't have the cash to turn up to games of cricket - they might love the sport but they can't afford to go. I think there is a very high chance that they will.
  2. Also the news emanating from Lahore today is absolutely gutting. Means that I think the PSL will sack off playing the final in Lahore and stick to Dubai or Sharjah. Pakistan continue to remain in the international wilderness.
  3. Wonder why that is.....corrupt bastards. Can't do much worse than the last time they toured
  4. Ayr or Clyde at Ibrox
  5. I know and I agree just took umbrage at the description.
  6. Oxygen thief? I hate Halliday as a player as much as anyone else right now but that description for a current Rangers player is embarrassing
  7. Kenny Miller 4 President
  8. Andy Halliday needs hounded out of Ibrox
  9. A McLeish type in until the summer then fucking go all out to bring FdB in.
  10. Yeah it's a complete minefield. Like you say there are loads of variables and if Warburton plans to challenge this we won't find out more info for months because the club can't comment on it.
  11. Not in the case of resignations. It's valid as long as it can be proved and if it goes to an employment tribunal it'll be down to whoever is more convincing in front of the tribunal judge.
  12. Aye reading quotes from his agent they're thinking EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga
  13. They were garbage and he got sacked after 12 games. His players fell out with him but tbf to him he was hired 2 weeks before the first game of the season and inherited a squad of players signed by Mancini / the board.
  14. Inter are fucking toxic and have been for a long time. Entire club full of overpaid trash. Wait a minute, are we talking about us or Inter.......... Nah but FdB would be incredible for us. I'm sure of it. He'd have the same impact David Brent has had over at the scum this year.
  15. Who the fuck posts a Chris Sutton tweet in The Bears Den?! Give yourself a shake