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    Fucking garbage
  2. psb07158


    He was shite but still put in that class ball which broke to Candeias who ballooned it over the bar
  3. psb07158

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Nothing mate, not a peep from the police or anything. Useless cunts
  4. psb07158

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    If anyone lives close enough to Ibrox to get down and meet me at 2.45pm I've got a free spare going. Old man just told me he's not coming as he's pretty unwell. Positive : you get a free ticket Negative : you have to sit next to me for 90 mins 😂😂
  5. psb07158

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Won't happen Valencia aren't a high scoring team. 24 goals in 23 la liga games. it's the main reason behind their 13 draws in 23 games. Gameiro and Rodrigo up top are shite
  6. psb07158

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    With all due respect, what the fuck are people expecting the club to come out with here?
  7. psb07158

    McGregor banned 2 games

  8. psb07158

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Don't know what the fuck you're on about here tbh plenty of their lot in my work have been going on about how the Brown and Simunovic "tackles" should have been reds. McGregor's was a red. All day long. Ferguson's retaliation was a red. All day long. The issue here isn't that McGregor's wasn't a red (it was), rather, the rest were reds too and should also have been cited / retrospectively banned.
  9. psb07158

    McGregor banned 2 games

    It was a red and I don't have an issue with McGregor being banned for it but the big issue here is pretty much every one of those 'incidents' from the weekend across various games were ALL reds and should have been retrospectively cited. No consistency and no transparency to the whole system.
  10. psb07158

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    @ben51 did that mate and the Giants have done fuck all ever since 👀
  11. psb07158

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Young should have been off for that tbh you could seriously harm a player by doing that
  12. We've tried this before and the thread just petered out - I can't even find it using the search option! Thought we'd try again - we have a number of posters in here who keep an eye on the cricket now and again and the world cup thread kept going throughout it. Ongoing series: West Indies v England Bangladesh v Pakistan Indian Premier League Anyone been watching? Anyone playing this summer somewhere in Scotland? I've decided to join a club again after a number of years out.
  13. psb07158

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Shocking decision
  14. psb07158

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Excellent from Wood. Caught some of his spell in that Windies 1st innings and he was clocking well into the 90s
  15. What a shite game
  16. Just the 2 red cards Kilmarnock should have had
  17. psb07158

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Alfredo : Killie, St Johnstone and Hamilton McGregor: Killie and St Johnstone
  18. psb07158

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Lafferty has been bumping his gums about being unhappy with his playing time etc. Now's the time to shut up and go out and perform. I think he'll start tomorrow ahead of Defoe or in a 2.
  19. psb07158

    Siege Mentality

    I hope this makes our players angry as fuck and they come flying out the traps tomorrow
  20. psb07158

    Friday morning laugh

    Hahahahaha fuckin MINKSSSSSSS
  21. psb07158

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Fuck the Celtics yaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssss What a win
  22. Apologies I saw someone refer to a tackle on Slivka and thought they were talking about that one
  23. psb07158

    Morelos last night

    Alfredo Morelos will go on to play in one of the top 5 European leagues 100%