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  1. How on earth did that team go 4-0 down to the Liverpool u23s
  2. In relation to the OP - what do Scottish Protestants feel discriminated about? Or are you marching for equality for other minorities in our society? in relation to the route...why can't the police just police it better rather than having to change route @The Dude? It's the police's job to police. Not whoever is marching i'm afraid. If there's an issue with a particular group marching creating community issues then there are several protections available in law banning the march.
  3. i'm with gogzy I've posted about how much I love Alfredo multiples times over the past 2 seasons. I don't want to punish him further. I just don't think he should walk back into the team because we're actually playing really well and consistently well right now which was lacking earlier in the season because we seemed a bit too 1 dimensional Not sure how Defoe and Morelos fit into a narrow front 3 don't think it suits either of their game
  4. Hahahahaha Fuck off (the person who posted that, not you)
  5. No sorry when the 2 of them have played together we have looked disjointed This is some of the best football we have played all season. Proper free flowing stuff and the team doesn't just look to give it to Morelos to make something happen. We are much more dynamic and unpredictable I'd only give Morelos a game if Defoe picks up an injury, suspension or fails to play well.
  6. How/why did he only play 29 times for Scotland? Genuinely intrigued
  7. Cheers, hopefully they announce where they're going soon I've hardly taken any of my annual leave so far this year still have 4 and a half weeks to take with only 1 weeks holiday planned. Wanted to try and get out to where the squad was going for their training camp
  8. Any idea when the club will release our plans for pre-season, as in where we'll be going? Loads of other clubs have already announced theirs
  9. I wouldn't be dropping Candeias for Kent tbh. He assisted 2 the other day and played pretty well Yes he's inconsistent and sometimes he looks absolutely terrible but you don't drop players after games like that what kind of message does it send to the squad
  10. We have been outstanding of late Long may it continue
  11. I'm sure there must be SOMEONE out there who works opposite shifts to you who would be willing to split mate. I'd stick it on Twitter / Facebook / Gumtree and see if you get any interest over the next few weeks. If not, then you have a decision to make on whether to renew or patch.
  12. The system is weird we won't reap the benefits of this year's cup run until the 2021/2022 season iirc on the plus side, if we have another 3 or 4 seasons like the 1 we just had there's a realistic chance we can get 2 teams in the UCL again (but no doubt we'd get shagged out of that because we'd be unseeded and draw some quality teams )
  13. Ajax are precisely the type of team who would have a really good chance against teams like Man City. Fast, mobile, energetic team with pacey full backs who love to attack and get at their opposition, no matter who they are. Both Real and Juve severely underestimated them and they never even had Tagliafico last night and had to stick a CB out at RB and shift their 1st choice RB to LB (who then got injured after 10 mins) Without exaggeration, Hakim Ziyech might be one of the best players in Europe, on current form. The guy has been incredible. Only a matter of time before a club comes in throwing money at him
  14. Looking forward to Barca putting on a clinic tonight
  15. Fair. Hopefully that doesn't happen and the money comes out of their transfer budget. It's also pretty bold (and stupid) because the planning for the summer window will have commenced months ago. If they sack him / he leaves in the summer, any new guy won't have much time to get in and make radical changes. All of this leads me back to believing their transfers will be shite in the summer.
  16. Well, in any case, that will be another couple of million £ in a payoff I assume?
  17. They'll add players mate but their transfer record over the past 3 seasons has been awful. Their current wage bill is £15m a year more than Ajax's Can only hope that continues. If they keep Congerton (and tbh they'd have fired him after Rodgers walked if they wanted him gone), I'm confident they will be doing fuck all in the market. Maybe land 1 or 2 decent players out of the 6-7 they'll inevitably sign
  18. I honestly don't have an issue with clubs wanting to cut our allocation. Fine. It is what it is. They only harm themselves. I have an issue when our club then kowtow to them and take the increased allocations when they suddenly turn shite again. I think I read on here a few weeks ago there should be league-wide agreements that go out 4-5 years that have allocations already agreed, meaning no club can change them unless something drastic like stadium redevelopment etc. I think that's a good suggestion and would soon stop these guys from cutting allocations because they wouldn't take these dumb reactive populist decisions knowing it will cost them millions over the coming years
  19. Some bits of the stadium aren't far off that tbh mate wouldn't be surprised if it's a full price adult some parts of MR are around £400 iirc and not sure if still the same this year but CD7 last year had some tickets around £450
  20. Salah dropping bombs on these Chelsea cunts
  21. West finals: Warriors v Nuggets - Warriors to win East finals: Bucks v Raptors - Bucks to win NBA finals: Warriors v Bucks Heart says Bucks in 7, head says Warriors in 7 - pretty confident it will go to a game 7.
  22. guy's done overall it's a good thing he has gone but I have a slight sour taste in the mouth about the way he has gone Magic is a LAL legend. He got us into this huge mess we're in right now I expected him to stick around, make the difficult decisions like sack Walton and fix it
  23. 100% clubs are shitting it and rightly so. no matter what you do as a club you cannot stop some drunken ned from shouting something at a football match
  24. saw another tweet from some guy with the words to the song alongside a picture of him holding a "Rangers & Chelsea" banner. Fucking embarrassing their 2nd best player is a black Muslim. They're dumb fucks The vast majority of Chelsea fans I've met are sound but they have a fairly sizeable minority who are absolute racist scum
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