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  1. So to make it clear its the old top for the europa league and a new top for the league ?
  2. Thats your opinion pal i wont call you a prick though because i dont agree (that was aimed a Blues Brother btw)
  3. Eh its a forum pal am allowed to say what i think am i not
  4. Nah m8 Maybole just outside ayr
  5. Well pal i will give and do give respect to ppl if there fine with me i have spoke to this guy a few times and he is an utter cunt so no i will not show him respect.
  6. Lol because i dont agree with you aye ok pal ppl can have other opinions you do know this eh
  7. Prick of a man am sad to say
  8. For some reason i can see us playing hajduk split fuck knows why
  9. Hold on are we to be proud of this or something because am lost
  10. I know he is playing golf with durrant on the 12th of june probably means fuck all but hey ho
  11. Yup i was in the same spot this season kid was a bit hacked off but as he is 16 now he has moved to the main stand so happy days he will get his own
  12. Brook will smash this spence dont get me wrong this spence can fight as for khan no contest the guys a joke
  13. Watched this a few times myself we have been in it a good few times am sure