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  1. Depends if the tie is over they said ie if we are up 4/5-0 they will show another game
  2. So to make it clear its the old top for the europa league and a new top for the league ?
  3. For some reason i can see us playing hajduk split fuck knows why
  4. Brook will smash this spence dont get me wrong this spence can fight as for khan no contest the guys a joke
  5. Pointless fight imo i mean look at there ages
  6. As for wilder hes a joke of a figter tell me who has he fought?. Its the same thing as we have with AJ its the tv networks who has been pushing these 2 ppl all sky sports boxing is AJ now i must take my hat off to hearn he has played a blinder with it all. If klitschko can turn the years back and actually smash aj on the chin will aj be able to handle it (we aint seen him really taking 1 yet be honest) for me AJ will win but i say that because i think klitschko is done and theres the problem because i think alot of boxing ppl will say the same thing. As for the rest bellew is not a heavy weight haye is in it for the wrong reasons in my eyes(money) fury dont look after himself then we have wilder its all setup for AJ v Wilder there promoters have done great
  7. The 3rd sentence says it all for me thats why i find it so funny him even thinking he could be in for a shout as the slo.To treat ppl like the way that lot did was a discrace i will never forgive them for that scum comes to mind
  8. Lol Houston really though he was going to get this (SLO)hahaha guy is deluded if he thought that the way he and and chums treated fellow bears going into the megastore and calling them evertything under the sun even kids.A cant stand reading things way him saying he speaks for the fans he does not speak for me or any bears i know
  9. Ano pal could not believe that when i 1st seen it i had to rewind the thing to see if i heard it correct having a kid myself i just cant get my head around this tbh
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