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  1. If its true which i dont think it is btw if he is that good why the hell is he playing with that Al Gharafa sports club in emm qatar Yes i know alot of oor fans rate the lad but how many years ago was that
  2. Hate to say it but he is utter shite same as windass wtf has he done apart from have a pop at the younger lads in the squad then we have wee mckay who has been living off that goal against the scum in the semi final of the scottish cup.
  3. Lol really just emm nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. Emm who
  5. Yes this is very true bluebearz but i went the other way was with bt went to sky i have found talking to sky online i get a better deal there has been 4/5 times i have went on and said am leaving going back to bt as soon as i said that they always come up with deals for me.I payed 15 notes a month for sky sports this season you should always talk to them and say your thinking about leaving. I get my bb from them aswell 40meg unlimited never had a problem tbh am paying 15 for that aswell
  6. This thread is starting to make me laugh if ppl think bt sports are going to pump in the money scottish football needs am afraid your deluded the product is utter shite sure the clubs might get a better deal from bt but it wont be near what scottish fitba actually needs. As for this sutton prick ppl really think bt would push him just because of gers fans they love it it keeps them in the news sutton is a very big part of bt sports scottish wise
  7. Sure i get that but your talking about a hell of alot of money to make the product better the scottish game has been on its arse for years i cant see a company putting x amount in for no return and tbh with crowds under 5k at spl sides its a joke
  8. For me BT sport is utter shite as for them taking all the scottish games off sky if there mad enough to pay over the top for shite let them only games am intrested in is oors (which i go 2) cant see many ppl watching ross county v killie ect only reason they will be trying to do it is because of the old firm games. Some ppl say we dont get enough money from sky but lets be honest the fitba in scotland is honking.
  9. Do you really believe deep down this board will spend 10-15 million on players we have been duped big time with this king prick am telling you and yes am 1 of the mugs who have went out and got another season ticket again
  10. Not a chance in hell am afraid as you say the board will not give the gaffer a buget the whole squad for me needs a clear out but the way the buget is thats never going to happen.This board thinks 2nd is good enough its as simple as that
  11. No big deal for me the amount of money these clowns are making from us for what they have done this season is a joke.I mean most of them have been missing this season anyway so get them in as early as you can pedro they need a proper boot up the arse.Arseholes moaning it should be a fucking privilege playing for a club like rangers if you dont like it get tay fuck simple as that
  12. Ah ok m8 my mistake
  13. Pointless fight imo i mean look at there ages
  14. Oh give up way this shite move the fuck on i was sick to the teeth of ppl saying get sir walter back now we have ppl saying bring certain ex players back
  15. As for wilder hes a joke of a figter tell me who has he fought?. Its the same thing as we have with AJ its the tv networks who has been pushing these 2 ppl all sky sports boxing is AJ now i must take my hat off to hearn he has played a blinder with it all. If klitschko can turn the years back and actually smash aj on the chin will aj be able to handle it (we aint seen him really taking 1 yet be honest) for me AJ will win but i say that because i think klitschko is done and theres the problem because i think alot of boxing ppl will say the same thing. As for the rest bellew is not a heavy weight haye is in it for the wrong reasons in my eyes(money) fury dont look after himself then we have wilder its all setup for AJ v Wilder there promoters have done great