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  1. Ah ok m8 my mistake
  2. Pointless fight imo i mean look at there ages
  3. Oh give up way this shite move the fuck on i was sick to the teeth of ppl saying get sir walter back now we have ppl saying bring certain ex players back
  4. As for wilder hes a joke of a figter tell me who has he fought?. Its the same thing as we have with AJ its the tv networks who has been pushing these 2 ppl all sky sports boxing is AJ now i must take my hat off to hearn he has played a blinder with it all. If klitschko can turn the years back and actually smash aj on the chin will aj be able to handle it (we aint seen him really taking 1 yet be honest) for me AJ will win but i say that because i think klitschko is done and theres the problem because i think alot of boxing ppl will say the same thing. As for the rest bellew is not a heavy weight haye is in it for the wrong reasons in my eyes(money) fury dont look after himself then we have wilder its all setup for AJ v Wilder there promoters have done great
  5. Lol you think ofc it is
  6. Could not have said it better time alot of oor fans wake up
  7. Well i really enjoyed that wanted a madrid win but hey ho some game of football
  8. No fuckin way cant make this up
  9. Lol i can see some side getting a 3rd now
  10. Ffs whit a tit cant moan at that 2 footed man
  11. Fair enough but it will always happen in fitba you will never see a ref getting everything correct a just dont like the idea of players telling the ref to book another player for me its part of the game the refs making mistakes.
  12. You do him or i will emm it dont work like that whatever you think about the refs there payed to run the game the players are ofc there to play not tell the ref who should get a card or not.
  13. Who is in charge of the game pal ?
  14. Time refs stopped this imaginary card rubbish should book the person who does it straight away