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  1. Grae

    Jordan Rossiter

    That's what I was thinking too. Apparently Dundee were looking to play McCrorie in defence though as Andrew Davies broke his foot within four days of joining them. Would still potentially leave the door open to replace Kamara unless they feel that they've got adequate midfield cover in the squad. Either way, if Rossiter is to go out on loan, it should be to another Premier League club. Would let us closely monitor him, and allow him to inflict some damage to our opponents.
  2. Do you think it warranted being sent off? I'm not defending Morelos, I said he needs to reign that in. Referee handled it wrong though.
  3. What?! As much as Morelos needs to reign it in, he got two soft bookings inside a minute as a result of having a free kick given against him that was never a free kick. How is that deserved?
  4. Grae

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    I'm suitably depressed reading the negativity in here. We've played two games, one of which was so early that it was played whilst the World Cup was still running. We haven't conceded a goal and have players on the books we haven't even seen yet. There are aslo still 5 or 6 weeks of the transfer window left.
  5. Grae

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    I was about to write that I have a feeling it might be Rossiter. I can see Gerrard recognising a lot of the traits that Rossiter has shown us in the small glimpses we've had of him so far. He seems to have an old fashioned, traditional approach to the game. Hard working, shirt tucked in, no nonsense footballer who showed more than anyone on the park in the last league game away to Hibs that he could be a leader. If he can come through pre-season strongly, he'd actually be my choice. I'm feeling positive that his injury hell is behind him.
  6. Grae

    Rangers v Chelsea 9th June

    Cracking weekend. Alex Rae brace (second of which was a peach) to take the cup back up the road.
  7. Grae

    So with Stevie in France....

    Drinking tea with Stevie G
  8. He split opinion but I thought Brahim Hemdani was a great player.
  9. Grae

    Class from Fraserburgh

    Classy and personal touch. I wonder how much of the offer for complimentary tickets comes from a place where he hopes that those sent a refund might choose not to cash the cheque. I feel a bit sorry for the club here, getting us in the cup is almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's shite that counterfeit tickets have cost them.
  10. Grae

    Where do you sit?

    I've been fortunate enough to experience a variety of seats around the stadium, but for watching the game I'd always choose Govan Rear. My current ST seat is five rows back from the Bar72 section and mid-way between Broomloan end and halfway line. It isn't the cheapest, but it's worth the extra outlay for the cracking view.
  11. Grae

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Claudio Ranieri anyone?
  12. Grae

    Joey sent home

    Horrible but not surprising to read 25 pages of folk largely sticking the boot in to a Rangers player, based on conjecture and previous history. Whatever happened to actually supporting the guys who pull on the jersey for our club?
  13. I just think that with last season when things didn't go well being so fresh in the memory, it'd be difficult to sing the praises of someone averaging a goal a game, when goals were so hard to come by for him last season. The fact that he's chosen to go there as a guest probably means he's not nae qualms about it though.
  14. McKay should've burst the net! Good play with Zelalem and Oduwa
  15. Cracking finish. Will be interested to hear Boyd's comments at half time. Must be hard for him to comment on a striker scoring goals for Rangers.