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  1. He split opinion but I thought Brahim Hemdani was a great player.
  2. Class from Fraserburgh

    Classy and personal touch. I wonder how much of the offer for complimentary tickets comes from a place where he hopes that those sent a refund might choose not to cash the cheque. I feel a bit sorry for the club here, getting us in the cup is almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's shite that counterfeit tickets have cost them.
  3. Where do you sit?

    I've been fortunate enough to experience a variety of seats around the stadium, but for watching the game I'd always choose Govan Rear. My current ST seat is five rows back from the Bar72 section and mid-way between Broomloan end and halfway line. It isn't the cheapest, but it's worth the extra outlay for the cracking view.
  4. Progrès roll call (Ibrox)

    I'll be there. Fucking buzzing for it.
  5. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Claudio Ranieri anyone?
  6. Joey sent home

    Horrible but not surprising to read 25 pages of folk largely sticking the boot in to a Rangers player, based on conjecture and previous history. Whatever happened to actually supporting the guys who pull on the jersey for our club?
  7. Suggestions.

    If only I'd used some kind of laughing emoji to show that I wasn't serious...
  8. Suggestions.

    http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/manchester-city-agree-subsidise-mangalas-8730826 Eliaquim Mangala is having his wages subsidised by Man City to send him out on loan. I think he'd be a close second best to Senderos if nothing comes of that!
  9. ***Rumours thread***

    I was just thinking about that actually. I guess we'd need to hope that he'd rather get his future sorted sooner rather than later. At the same time though, he would probably be in a better negotiating position after the window closed. Fuck knows!
  10. ***Rumours thread***

    I'm convinced that Warburton is holding off til deadline day to go back in for Mariappa. The closer it gets to the window closing without Mariappa going elsewhere, the more plausible it is that he'll accept the terms offered to him earlier in the window. I reckon that Senderos will be signed at the 11th hour if Mariappa deal doesn't come off. None of the above based on any inside information - just a plausible hunch.
  11. ***Rumours thread***

    That's Vincent Kompany's agent.
  12. ***Rumours thread***

    Think his Missus is from East Kilbride. Hopefully just visiting his in-laws.
  13. Suggestions.

    If we're going down the route of signing players with experience but not breaking the bank, then why not Marc Janko? 20 goals in 32 appearances last year for Basel. 6'5, giving us some much needed aerial presence up front. In last year of his contract.
  14. Suggestions.

    Just signed for Watford as a free agent, with Watford paying £4 million to Liverpool in compensation. It just highlights the bargain we appear to have got with Rossiter.