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  1. Milking us dry. Fair play within the current climate. Might as well get something.
  2. Kill yourself. Immediately.
  3. Fuck next summer. Give Jack the armband now. The manager has all but throw him under the bus.
  4. Gerrard says Morelos was designated penalty taker. LOOOOOOOOOOL
  5. Something else we disagree on.
  6. *head in hands* Righto.
  7. Never understood the roll.
  8. It was identified within thirty seconds last night, Taggart. Some people seem genuinely gutted our captain hadn't been pelted with a banana. Some genuinely worrying folk on here.
  9. "Something" You were adamant it was a banana ten minutes ago...
  10. Because of the utter pish which lies within it.
  11. Lock this fucking embarrasment, ffs.
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