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  1. I fucking hate football.
  2. This. Spot on.
  3. This this on the telly? I'm down at York races.
  4. Absolute robbery!
  5. This is scandalous.
  6. Two unanswered goals in the second half? Nae chance.
  7. How the fuck are we even third in the league? Cunts.
  8. Get this thread tae fuck.
  9. *hits EJECT button*
  10. Halliday? I'm fucking done.
  11. At home. This performance. At home.
  12. Look at our bench. Who do we bring on to change things up? How do we change things? They're miles ahead of us in every aspect. "Depressing" doesn't even begin to cover it.
  13. Sinclair should've had a hat-trick before the half hour mark. Woeful.