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  1. This is fucking woeful. No invention, creativity, pace. Simply waiting for the next Cel*ic goal.
  2. He's still on the plain.
  3. An absolute fucking passenger. He should be mortified that he's ever included on the team sheet. Get him take fuck. Pronto.
  4. I very audibly called every one of them a cunt when St. Johnstone equalised. Didn't boo, mind.
  6. This fucking team, man...
  7. Battling dementia. A terrible illness. Thoughts with him and his family.
  8. Good stuff. I'll take it that's a "No, thanks" then?
  9. I'll lay you £100 at any price you want about FDB if you're such an optimist, sunshine.
  10. I've no ill feeling towards the man. He is simply completely out of his depth and the board are allowing him to drown in his own inability at this level. Scandalous.
  11. Agreed. Some amount of fucking dreamers on here.
  12. Bringing on Garner now We are a fucking joke.
  13. We'll be 9 points behind the sheep and only 2 ahead of Hertz come 5pm tomorrow night should results go their way. Disgraceful.