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  1. Scott Brown says it will be the greatest achievement of his celtic career if the Parkhead club are crowned Ladbrokes Premiership champions in the next few days, and has laughed off suggestions that the title 
triumph will be “tainted”.
  2. Anyone buying tickets for away games next season can get themselves tae fuck.
  3. A perfect snapshot of the useless cunts running these clubs. Disgusts me that they have any power whatsoever in the game.
  4. Still don't think I can cope with the tension, to be fair. Worse for my blood than the 2016 semi-final.
  5. Remember the name of every single one of these bastards claiming there is nothing of any substance in this dossier. Every one of these smug cunts continuously taking some non-existant higher moral ground. When we win this - and we will win this - they need to be reminded of how they openly condoned out and out corruption within their own national sport. Every single day of their professional careers. The board members, the chairmen, the journalists, former players and pundits. Every last one of them.
  6. Is it not a variation of this?
  7. SPFL board meeting at 2pm. They probably will issue a statement hinting at a charge for bringing the game into disrepute. I hope they do, in fact. If this has to go through the courts of law then so be it.
  8. Steelier nerves required here, chaps. They're going to throw everything at us now. Stay the course.
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