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  1. Jinxed it now anyway with this, you fucking Jonah.
  2. Ticket will be in your basket when you log in to website.
  3. Tickets available on website. No seats available in the Broomloan...
  4. Rangers Football Club takes this opportunity to remind fans of the need to support the team in the correct manner. As the manager, Steven Gerrard, strives to provide excellence on the pitch we, the support, must also strive to protect the club and ensure that Rangers is projected in the best possible light. The majority of our supporters recognise that they are the club’s ambassadors and that unacceptable behaviour has no place in our ranks. Let’s go to Aberdeen determined to make sure that triumphs, like that wonderful 5-0 Scottish Cup replay win against Kilmarnock last week, are not downplayed because of negative headlines generated by unacceptable chants and songs. If this continues, those fans who indulge will succeed only in damaging their own club. Support the team, be louder than our opponents and drive our players forward but let’s do so in the correct manner. Let’s not give anyone a chance to criticise this great club, your club. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/lets-go/
  5. How much bigger is BF3 to BF1?
  6. It's a red. All day long. If their roles are switched and it's McKenna trying to rake Morelos in the balls, everyone is screaming for a red. If you can't see why he's been sent off you either have severe learning difficulties or you're a compulsive liar. EDIT: Exceptions made for Dan Deacon who is both.
  7. They'll be fined. More than likely the exact same amount we were.
  8. They will be punished regardless.
  9. The standard of refereeing in this country is shite. Has been for years. However, the number of Rangers supporters revelling in the Tim paranoia - after some of the posts on here over the last few months - is cringe-worthy to the nth degree. They'd do well to tone it down.
  10. Sutton pre-match: "There's been talk of him being a twenty million pound striker. I've seen nothing to suggest that." How's that for a headshot, ya cunt?
  11. >One man team >Not a crisis. Good stuff.
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