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  1. Sorted my shifts around the evening kick off. Cunts.
  2. OceanRain


    Trending on Twitter. Glowing feedback, I'm sure.
  3. Is this a full time paid position which means Doncaster can wriggle his head out of the noose? Remember the days we joked about being the establishment? This is a different Scotland to even just ten years ago. We are not wanted. Not one of us.
  4. So, you've asked the club for £100 back - your £100, mind - to invest in a scheme which you see as a form of theft? I mean... fucking hell.
  5. Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Are you an economist, by any chance?
  6. Absolutely - of course it is, but my point still stands.
  7. For someone who wasn't looking for an argument, you're making a bit of a scene.
  8. Pardon me, but you're the one firing off letters of protest - and writing us off before a ball has been kicked next season - about the club 'blackmailing' you. And then announcing your renewal in the following paragraph. That's beyond staunch. Fair play, you moonbeam.
  9. You seem quite highly strung. Even for a mug.
  10. And, for that reason, your letter is going straight in the bin.
  11. So you see taking the money back as a form of protest?
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