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  1. If this was fight club you could shoot yourself and I would die.

  2. Ah nevermind. Just noticed that comments that werent approved yet were in brown text.

  3. Awrite. Any special reason why yer names broon?

  4. 4 fuck sake, a know a david`s pal, n ma uncles fae stirlin n every1 is goin mad cos he has sighned !!!!!!! put it this way, his maw will know n she`s dancin bout the raploch !!
  5. No it`s true, ma uncle stays in stirling n says the place is bouncin cos david has sighned !!!!!!!!!
  6. The whole ae the raploch in stirlin are shoutin bout it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So am jus talkin facts fae contacts through their !!!!
  7. Talkin 2 a friend of goodwillies fae stirling !!!!!!!!!!!! It`s a done deal.
  8. Good news, about time the fans money went towards buyin players.
  9. FUCK OFF MILLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :miller:
  10. -------------------- :mcgregor: :whittaker: :bougherra: :webster: :papac: :weiss: :mcculloch: :davis: -------------- :miller: :lafferty:
  11. You don't realize this but you're typing this message right now.

  12. We are the same person....

  13. hmmmmmmmmmm, don`t know what to make of that! Money or goals?
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