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  1. Juan Manuel Ortiz In Signing Talks

    But it is from the Daily Record so take from it what you will lol
  2. Juan Manuel Ortiz In Signing Talks

    Looking like its a Done Deal guys.......... http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/rangers/2011/07/05/spanish-ace-juan-manuel-ortiz-jets-into-glasgow-to-become-rangers-first-summer-signing-86908-23248632/
  3. __________________McGregor__________________ Whittaker_____Cuellar______Bougherra______Papac ___________________Hemdani__________________ ______Furman_______Thomson______Lafferty______ _____________Miller_________Velicka_____________ No Places on the team for McCulloch, Dailly, Adam, Cousin or Broadfoot. Would much rather see Dean Furman on the park than any of them diddies.