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  1. Juan Manuel Ortiz In Signing Talks

    But it is from the Daily Record so take from it what you will lol
  2. Juan Manuel Ortiz In Signing Talks

    Looking like its a Done Deal guys.......... http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/rangers/2011/07/05/spanish-ace-juan-manuel-ortiz-jets-into-glasgow-to-become-rangers-first-summer-signing-86908-23248632/
  3. Roque Santa Cruz

    Not just on that site, Loads of people mentioning it on Facebook aswell as the transfer rumours site...... Granted it could be some Jungle Jim making ripples in the pond but you never know what Ally has in mind. At the end of the day, weve done nothing to sign anyone and it really says alot about the clubs future plans when all we can do so far is extend Davie Weirs contract and sign Healy on a years contract. A signing like that would settle the nerves of most of the rangers fans out there.
  4. Roque Santa Cruz

    Dont know if this rumour holds any truth in it, But would much prefer Santa Cruz at Ibrox rather than Goodwillie. Personally I dont really take any of these Rumour sites seriously and this is another one of those ones where apparently the guy spoke to someone who worked at Man City whilst on holiday in Benidorm rumours. Would like it to be true but im just not sure, What do you guys think? http://www.rangersrumours.co.uk/rangers-rumours/rangersrumours4665.php
  5. Beat me to it mate. Its ridiculous and they cant expect you to Not sing the national anthem. Id like to see this stipulation for myself and see wether it states only not to Sing it. Can see the whole of Britain Humming it instead. That would piss the septic off big time. Im hoping that if this is true then there will be no more tri colours being branded around anymore either? Or is it 1 rule for one, and 1 for another?
  6. Allan McGregor and Steven Davis Not For Sale

    Good..... 2 Players we could not afford to lose. Dont get me wrong though, Neil Alexander is a good substitute but McGregor is Consistent. If we lost Davis, then Rangers would seriously struggle to retain the title imo, Hes too inspirational.
  7. Forgotten Heroes

    Not really a Forgotten Hero is he? lol Still plays for Rangers and has a bright future.
  8. Re-Signing Ex Players

    I'd rather see Rangers bringing in new names and faces myself. But its a difficult topic in the same breath. Just thought id voice this as there seems to be alot of talk on players like Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd that im hearing. Personally I'd look at other options before bringing these players back.
  9. Re-Signing Ex Players

    Not sure if this is in the right place but after reading alot of Speculation about Rangers Re signing ex gers it makes me think, Why?. Is signing these players really the way forward? or do we need to look at new guys to take that step?. I see on both spectrums of this view, i.e Ex Rangers players know what to expect in the SPL and would settle quicker etc but id prefer to see rangers bring in New talents rather than players of old. What do you guys think?
  10. Forgotten Heroes

    Seb Rozental..... He was plagued with Injury but was a great wee player when he played. Or the Signing who NEVER even kicked a Ball for Rangers....... Daniel Prodan lol
  11. Forgotten Heroes

    Aye its a shame Mols was never the same after his Injury. The Boy was Dynamite in front of goal for us on form.
  12. Forgotten Heroes

    I was browsing Topics earlier and seen the name 'Gabriel Amato' and thought id start this post. What players do you remember who were Amazing for Rangers and then just fizzled out? I will add to Amato with Marco Negri. Had an awesome start to the first season but seemed to fade to the background after an Injury........
  13. Rob Earnshaw

    I hope its to sign for us aswell. But with celtic just signing 1 Welshman..... Im just hoping he doesnt link up with him at Legoland. We do have the lure of Champions League Football though so thats in our favour.....
  14. Nicky Maynard

    Iv never heard of him so i cant pass Judgement. But I heard that if there was going to be signings, they would need to sign big. So cant see this guy being signed to be honest.
  15. Nicky Maynard

    Football Manager probably