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  1. what does Pedro say? "The biggest"?
  2. Boxing club

    There's one in Johnstone called Saltire that does youth boxing.
  3. Link to watch/download today's game?

    Sportsmania vod
  4. ***The official Rangers vs. St Johnstone match thread***

    Try reddit soccer streams
  5. Sutton's unbiased SF commetry!!!

    I agree Sutton wasn't too bad yesterday but obviously he is going to be biased towards a team he played for, so fair enough. Butcher on the other hand.. embarrassment as usual. Don't know why anyone expected him to be different. He's had an agenda against us for years now.
  6. *****The official Rangers v Them Match Thread****

    They are much better than us at this moment in time. I think our style has to change, too slow in the build up, not enough taking players on. It will take a few seasons for us to be challenging for the title unless something drastic happens in the summer.
  7. Niko

    Andy still watches this forum does he no ?
  8. E-Cigs / Vaping In The Stands

    They shouldn't be used in the stadium. Too many unknowns with e cigs and vapes at the moment
  9. Rangers Supporters Bus Crash - Nith Valley

    I donated to the fund this morning just after seeing Ryan had sadly passed away. I encourage all bears and football fans to donate and help with the tragedy that happened yesterday.
  10. Rangers statement

    Can we play the U20s team in the Scottish Cup instead? Be a good experience for them.
  11. No chance they would be top 4, probably just below mid table 12-14th place
  12. Ryan Hardie

    Whats your thoughts on him? Still only 19, has scored a few goals for us and at St Mirren and Raith Rovers. With more game time he could possibly be a great striker for us in the future. Wrong to send him on loan when he could've been an option this season before we brought in Garner and Dodoo. Possibly would be more effective in games than MoH given time.
  13. Templeton

    Where does it say this
  14. And had all summer to bring someone in and chooses senderos and hill.