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  1. "where can i hear this" how do you not understand this question? if it wasnt recorded then thats fine just say that. dont be a cunt
  2. Raligt


  3. I don't think the commentators have mentioned Jadon Sancho once..
  4. he pretty much said that coleman didnt dish out criticism to the players and concentrated on a "keep everyone happy and positive" attitude. he was bemused at times about what he should be doing on the park as there was no clear instruction from the gaffer. he wanted to be told what he was doing wrong as clearly the squad were struggling winning games
  5. we watched the rapid game in mc'onors in mestre. its about 20mins on no4 bus or t1 tram from venice.
  6. halliday is awful in midfield and hes too similar to jack.
  7. starts at 8pm on talksport. should be good
  8. We cant draw them i think . Cant draw teams from same league
  9. Players are going to be absolutely fucked for sunday. Not made this easy for ourselves
  10. Managed to chromecast to tv using web video app for android. Just went to rtv and played the video then it asked me if i wanted to cast.
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