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  1. a tactical bid made near the end of the window to unsettle him i reckon. we should keep hold of him, at least until we are back in the top league. i think lee himself would have taken the opportunity to fuck off 2 years ago if he really wanted to play for another team
  2. got to love barca, choosing to score with the last kick of the ball to rub it in to saville f.c. good on yees.
  3. no i can't be arsed going round 3 different sites, you feel free though.
  4. what!? a bullshit rumour posted RM as ironclad fact!?!? well i'am shocked.
  5. i cant believe that you cant beleive that nothing has been said about this.
  6. how can they be "world champions" if the competition only includes American based teams?
  7. he had to go lads he was a fucking passinger. look at our results this month without him playing, 3-0, 4-0 and look at the results with him playing. good luck big man but ill never forgive you for downing tools this season if costs us 4iar.
  8. jesus christ and the wwe wonder why they are losing ratings with terrible come backs like that.
  9. i think they are going to go with the angle where jericho can "control" the fans by making them pop at will, as this was in one of the promos running up to tonight. if this is the case and the next part is next week its one of the poorest come backs wwe has done and that is saying something.
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