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  1. Incoming! Naismith interview.

    yer a fucking scum bag son.
  2. RIP Sandy Jardine

    Thank you Sandy.
  3. Next Season's Home Strip

    if it is the same template Italy are using for their home tap for the WC it will be a fucking cracker. i highly doubt that will be the case though.
  4. Dundee United Sem-Final Tickets

    no harm in just phoning the ticket hot line, i phoned up and got a ticket for the league cup final against the scum in 2011.
  5. 3 More Cup Wins and You CAN Get out your Passport

    please lock this thread admin until we get conformation of this.
  6. a tactical bid made near the end of the window to unsettle him i reckon. we should keep hold of him, at least until we are back in the top league. i think lee himself would have taken the opportunity to fuck off 2 years ago if he really wanted to play for another team
  7. Barcelona...

    got to love barca, choosing to score with the last kick of the ball to rub it in to saville f.c. good on yees.
  8. ***The Official Annan Athletic v Rangers Thread***

    not fucking good enough.
  9. ***The Official Annan Athletic v Rangers Thread***

    aye, fucking Rangers games, so shut it!
  10. The 3 signings to be Announced ! Sourced for yees !

    fucking Dunny :praise: :praise:
  11. *** Live football thread Season 12/13***

    GIRUY ya fucking scum.
  12. Blue Knights have won

    no i can't be arsed going round 3 different sites, you feel free though.
  13. Blue Knights have won

    what!? a bullshit rumour posted RM as ironclad fact!?!? well i'am shocked.
  14. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    that was $65 in america! thats like 40 quid!
  15. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    fuck sake no wonder i'm streamng this....