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  1. There was no score 👀
  2. Wondering about Pena and Herrera aswell mate. Knew they flew in yesterday or Tuesday night but that the last we've heard. What time is the game? The twitter page would give updates on the game I'd assume.
  3. Is this game today?
  4. LOL
  5. hoping its out before the 17th of July for my holibags.
  6. What's the fee for Cardoso?
  7. Pretty sure they do.
  8. Wonder what allocation we'll get for the Super Cup next August.
  9. Don't know whether to take that as dismissing the actual bid or the amount.
  10. I hope he was on that playing.
  11. Aye. 8:23
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if we'll be advertising SD on our shirts next season for increased % of merchandise sales.
  13. Bruno, is Billy Jean definitely not your lover, and is the boy definitely not your son?
  14. Spotted in Breahead today having a cheeky Chiquitos