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  1. Cheers mate, could be a good idea to stick the Utilita sponsor on the front of the kids jerseys to make it more like a football shirt.
  2. Can’t find anything on that extension, although I’m hating having sponsors that my son can’t get in his shirt. It’s not the same.
  3. I thought the 32Red deal was over.
  4. No.12


    European football can get to fuck, we need to get our house in order domestically.
  5. Constant back passing, slack passing and dilly dallying on the ball.
  6. The rule stands for professional fouls, not punching people in the fucking box mate.
  7. Can’t give a red if it results in a penalty. Its was a red card
  8. Ejaria is seems to want 10 minutes on the ball whenever he gets it. Came close to losing possession on a number of occasions in the last few game.
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