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  1. I do think we have the better squad. The thing about our players is that they can't handle the pressure sometimes whereas they are not really under any.
  2. They have the most points.
  3. Tim like behaviour. Fucking idiots.
  4. Tav has been pretty decent.
  5. I think it would be for the best if we sent Toral back down the road.
  6. Which shows how crap we are even more so.
  7. 3 of our next 4 league games are away from home, Dundee, Inverness and Celtic. We could be 4th at the end of them.
  8. Quite right.
  9. Apparently he has a 300k release clause.
  10. Is Dapo Mbude any good?
  11. Would love to see Halliday and Holt dropped. Get the new lads started!
  12. And 100 acres of public land.
  13. £10m Stoke bid apparently.
  14. Thanks mate.