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  1. Straws being clutched Witch-hunt begins
  2. If it gets cancelled in December and there's 5 points in it then not a chance they award anyone the title
  3. It'll be different them being 13 points ahead later in the year than it will be us 5 points ahead in November or December though. They can't and won't award us a title at that point even if we've put ourselves in a great position. Anything is possible with this virus
  4. Actual shitting it at the idea of being 7 points ahead on equal games in January or something and an outbreak happens in Scottish football and it gets cancelled
  5. Stopping it now feels extremely brash. A last warning and introduction of bans or point deductions or another form of serious punishment should be enough and then talk again about stopping the season if it continues
  6. The diagram is not showing what people think it is showing. People are using it as a way of saying "look, Jack and Kamara are doing the exact same thing. one of them is redundant" which is not what the graph means. Both averaged the same position sure but that doesn't mean they are both occupying the same space at the same time. And as already mentioned you still have Morelos, Aribo, Hagi, Kent, Barisic and Tavernier all pushing forward. I'm not saying it's perfect or right, but it's certainly the new buzz topic people are jumping on to complain about. The problem isn't the positioning, it's the personnel, and we already know Gerrard knows this and is looking for a new central midfielder so I personally don't know why it keeps getting brought up every 2 seconds as if nobody knows about this yet
  7. Christ those names are far too similar. Had a shocker
  8. Don’t know how many times we would beat Porto again though tbf. Don’t think we’d be favourites for a few of those teams. Winnable for sure but can’t be too upset at getting put out by them either Edit: Was expecting more top teams in fairness though akin to Roma’s and German and Spanish teams though so maybe not as bad as I thought
  9. I didn't even think about that mate. The ticket money is a huge factor from the European games, I'm assuming that's completely lost either way? Or you'd have to assume they would introduce another RTV add-on for them
  10. I think he's just very safe and boring. He's tidy and he'll regain the ball but is too slow and sideways/backwards. Someone with strength who can break past that first line and can pass the ball forward will help us dramatically imo. Stop the opponent regrouping back into a deep shape and speed the attacks up. Need someone who can also do the defensive work though
  11. Think we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of not making the groups this year. We've been really lucky with our Q4 draws the last 2 years, but being unseeded in that round again this year our luck is probably due to run out
  12. I think he already tried to with Zungu personally. I think people mistake Gerrard having favourites with not having any other option. People say Tav is undroppable, but he's clearly far better than Polster or Flanagan were so was never getting replaced by them. I think Gerrard plays the players he knows are the best and that even if they've slipped up the week before they are still the better option. If he plans to put Roofe in and Hagi back, Jack and Kamara will go out imo. If Roofe is a striker and Hagi is staying RF then Kamara will be out. But I honestly don't think Jack is as safe as people think, he's most likely to be out for me (assuming Hagi has already taken Kamara's spot, new signing will take Jack's)
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