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  1. St Johnstone 0-4 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 6 Goals: Alfredo Morelos, Connor Goldson, Jermaine Defoe (2) Assists: Ryan Jack (2), James Tavernier, Joe Aribo
  2. Depends on how badly we don't win the league, but I don't really envisage any scenario where Gerrard is sacked this season. We would have to go back to going 15-20 points behind in the table with no cups for that to happen imo.
  3. Winning the league is everything. Even just once. In a way it almost doesn't matter if he wins one then loses the next two. I'm sure we'd all take that right now. But getting that first league win to *then* be finally back as well as stopping 10IAR is absolutely the be all and end all. European runs and domestic cups are great but he needs to win the league. He certainly has us looking way more capable than his predecessors but that is only a hopefully better means to the same end goal. Sad fact of the matter is that losing Old Firm games at home isn't the best foundation to go on and win the title but a long way to go.
  4. Broxi


    Will hold my hands up, at the start of the season I said he was our 5th choice CM behind Davis, Aribo, Kamara and Arfield but he's been absolutely sensational. Maybe helped by dips in form and players being played in other positions but even with that I find it hard to believe Jack wouldn't be an essential player in the midfield even if everyone was firing on top form. Think both him and Davis have been fantastic so far this season. If we get Aribo firing again then we'll have a brilliant midfield.
  5. Broxi


    I don't know tbh, he was sensational at rolling defenders and charging at the defences but his end product was woefully bad tonight. All in all he had a very good game and caused countless problems for the Dutch but his shooting could be better. He's definitely a poacher kind of striker and often relies on power but can be really poor at general shooting sometimes (other than his speciality angled from the right into the bottom left corner goals). Not complaining though, I did think he had a very good game but what held him back from being "outstanding" for me was end product and decision making/greed in a few situations But I agree, think he's better than Jelavic was for us
  6. Much much better from him tonight. I don't think he was outstanding or anything but I think he was absolutely comfortable, positive going forward and committed in his tackling. If he plays like that every week he will be a worthy LB for us.
  7. With Helander having a great game today, what defensive duo would you like to see us go with as first choice? I think with Helander showing tonight he is capable we will be more comfortable rotating but who is your preferred pairing?
  8. Broxi


    I thought he was pretty good tonight
  9. Morelos was world class at rolling defenders tonight but his end product was woeful. Overall a very good game from him though, he caused a lot of problems. Helander was excellent Barisic was excellent also. Absolutely night and day, was pushing forward every chance compared to just shitting it and passing back. Jack and Davis great as usual. I thought Kamara looked much much better. A win in Europe against Feyenoord, how far we've come in recent years. Superb.
  10. Rangers 1-0 Feyenoord - Europa League, Group Stages, Matchday 1 Goals: Sheyi Ojo Assists: Borna Barisic
  11. Yes but so has Kamara. But I feel more confident winning the match with Aribo over Kamara. If Aribo turns up we could win, while even if Kamara turns up he's just a 3rd defensive midfielder
  12. Don’t think the line up is too bad. I would have started Aribo over Kamara though. Both players have been in poor form but Aribo is a match winner if he pops up at the right moment and the only player out the 4 considered who isn’t a defensive player.
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