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  1. Sign Dorrans or use the £1m we were willing to spend on him on someone better than McLean.
  2. Mclean is person I want least out of him, Dorrans and Walker. Think it would be a meh signing
  3. Fullback, probably left.
  4. We have Dodoo as well. Morelos, Herrera, Miller and Dodoo/Hardie will be our 4/5 strikers and that's enough. Hopefully punt Waghorn
  5. Read two posts up
  6. I just don't like it. It absolutely didn't work last year with Waghorn, Dodoo and Miller playing out wide and I don't think we've signed Candeias, Dalcio and looking at Walker too to do it again this year Morelos is a striker and honestly I don't see how he'd be suited to the wings. He isn't fast, crossing ability is probably not great. I wish we'd just play with actual wingers for a change and I think that is what we'll do. With no Candeias or Walker for this first Euro tie I wouldn't be against it here but going forward I'd hope we stick to proper positions.
  7. Sun now reporting Pena and Hererra are available. But I hope to think we aren't going to continue sticking strikers out wide. Either play two up front or leave one on the bench
  8. Pena hasn't signed yet To be honest, even if Dorrans or Pena signs as a wildcard it may be too late training wise for them to get included. Would probably be a sub appearance. I can see us lining up: McKay Morelos Miller/Dalcio/Waghorn Kranjcar Jack Windass/Holt Wallace Cardoso Bates Tavernier Fod
  9. Hopefully bags a couple of Euro goals
  10. Happy with those 2 draws. Feel confident of getting to R3 but can't take anything for granted. If we do get to R3 then there are certainly some draws I reckon we'd have a decent chance at. Looking forward to this.
  11. Hopefully Morelos, Pena and Hererra. Then sign Dorrans ASAP for the wildcard. I think Walker will drag on a while if it even goes through at all
  12. 2nd place in the league within 10 points of them. At least 4 points from OF games. Winning every game in the cups until we face them Go as far in the Europa League qualifiers until we face a clearly better side. I haven't looked properly at who's in the qualifiers just now but if we get put out by Everton or Sporting Lisbon or something then fair enough. As long as we don't crash out to a minnow club. If he does all that he'll probably still be in a job the following season. And for the cups while I'm not giving the scum too much respect saying its fine to lose to them but again, as long as it's not a semi final defeat to Kilmarnock it'll probably pass in terms of keeping his job. What I would like is a neck and neck league battle, 2 cup finals and hopefully a win in at least one. As far Europa League, same as before, I don't expect to make it the the group stages, if we do, it's a bonus.