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  1. at first I thought it came off the defender and was more of a tackle/block which fell to arfield but just watched it again and Edmundson hits it off his own leg. I will reluctantly give it to him even though I don't think it should count as an assist
  2. Rangers 2-0 Stranraer - Scottish Cup, Fourth Round Goals: Scott Arfield, Jermaine Defoe Assists: George Edmundson
  3. Nice team. Strong midfield 3, chance for Edmundson, good that Jones is back in the team and excited to see Patterson and potentially other youth off the bench.
  4. Incidentally not two of Alfredo's strengths Morelos is a poacher whose main attributes is power and strength and getting into good positions. But while he often gets good placement with his shots, he's not particularly composed and doesn't really strike the ball clearly. He's not the kind of striker who's going to curl a shot top corner from outside the box, he mostly relies on power and scores a lot of close range poacher goals.
  5. Cut the deadwood and retain. If we can add another creative player that would be a bonus. Either a RW or #10. If we end the window with the exact same lineup I wouldn't be the most worried.
  6. Game: Warburton semi final win against them, 4-2 win against them, 3-1 against Rapid Vienna, Rugby Park 2011 Player: If we mean best then Morelos, if we mean favourite then Wallace or Katic Goal: Tavernier in the Petrofac final
  7. Barisic, Davis and Goldson
  8. celtic 1-2 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 19 Goals: Ryan Kent, Nikola Katic Assists: Borna Barisic (2)
  9. Rangers 1-0 Kilmarnock - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 18 Goals: Alfredo Morelos Assists: Joe Aribo
  10. Clearly something he was told in his ear to say and people are acting like Sky were saying they disagree that racism is bad which is just silly. Just looking for things to complain about, it was clearly because Neville brought politics into the conversation (which I personally don't care about, it was a balanced statement taking no sides) but if Sky decide they want to back off from the political opinions in what was effectively accusing the parties of being racists then it's not the presenter's fault if he's being shouted at to say that. Whether you think it's right or wrong for Sky to throw Neville under the bus a little bit, people can sit and debate about it on twitter all night but Jones was live on air and being told to say something within 5 seconds of time which is what his job is to do. He's explained and apologised for it on twitter, non-issue regarding him. Also when you bring politics like that into a football show it's expected that the company will want to not be represented by specific political opinions. I would say well done to Gary Neville, more than forgiving on Jones and distasteful and poor judgement from Sky to say anything or at least have it be expressed as poorly as it was. Move on I say.
  11. Don't think so mate unless you can find a missing one
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