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  1. Wallace at CB

    Might not be the worst idea I've ever heard, if he plays well in that position in these bounce games then might as well give him a shot
  2. Goss

    Two poor games in a row now but he's still been very good for us so if he gets back to his level the rest of the season I'd still be happy to sign him. Not good enough today though
  3. Greg Docherty

    He hasn't imposed himself on a single game for us yet. He works hard and has played a few nice passes but he hasn't got on the ball and controlled a game. Him and Goss completely failed to do that today
  4. Morelos over cummings

    Said it for a while he's not as good as we think he is and it's absolutely criminal we didn't take the big money offers we got for him.
  5. jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    Let's not forgot about Rossiter boys!
  6. Bates

    Imagine being told at the start of the seasons Bates would be our first choice CB but he's been excellent.
  7. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Foderingham Tavernier Bates Martin John Goss Docherty Candeias Windass Murphy Morelos
  8. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Candeias been poor today as well
  9. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Tavernier has been absolutely class today
  10. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Exactly the team I would have went with. If Alves looks solid today I'd partner him with Bates next week.
  11. Goss

    If we can get him for under £3m I think it's a no brainer
  12. What a performance

    Usually at 1-0 I'm shitting it every time the other team have the ball but today I feel like even with only 1 goal in it we were absolutely never in danger. Good game
  13. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Same but he's been really good in the last 2/3 games now and getting some goals so hopefully keeps on this form and keeps improving
  14. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Murphy is winning me over