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  1. Broxi

    Domain issues

    show us the deeds
  2. Broxi


    Jones, Kamara and Stewart is starting to sound uninspiring
  3. Broxi

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Team could be anything but I want Katic to play this match. Also think it would be good to use this match to ease Defoe and Davis in to things and get a feel for it. Is Barisic available again yeah?
  4. Broxi

    Greg Docherty attracting interest

    If we get a decent offer we may as well let him go. Something like £2m allows us to go spend money on another midfielder and it's in the region of typical fees we pay for our better players (Morelos, Barisic, Jack, Katic, Murphy etc). But if we're getting offered in the 500k range might be handy to reduce the size of the squad or may be handy to keep hold and take a further look at him.
  5. Broxi

    Mohanad Ali

    Looks an absolute no brainer. 8 in 12 at international level at 18 years old. You have to be asking questions if we aren't looking at players like these.
  6. Broxi

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    Well he's rarely poor. Consistently solid, 6/10 then.
  7. Broxi

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    I don't think anybody thinks he's an amazing player but anyone who gives that much deserves praise. You can only try your best every game and he does. He's won us many goals we wouldn't have scored without him in the team by chasing defenders down. The goal at home to Rapid Vienna for example. You put those types of goals down to poor defending etc but we wouldn't get them without Candeias running his heart out to chase balls and put people under pressure. I do agree RW is a position I'd like us to improve but this thread isn't about him being the best player at the club because he isn't, it's about giving him credit for never just cruising through games and you can never fault him for not giving it everything. Ross McCrorie is exactly the same as Candeias, not the best footballers, but their effort, passion and determination to get stuck in brings a lot of benefits to the team.
  8. Broxi

    Ben Woodburn

    Daily Record tweeted it, not sure if they quoted it from somewhere else
  9. Broxi

    Ben Woodburn

    Back in for him again apparently. Loan from Liverpool. You'd think we'd be going 2 up front with all these strikers unless I seem to recall from last time he was linked he can play just behind the striker I think? Might be a #10 or middle player in a 4-2-3-1 formation or something just a little bit off. Who knows. Linked anyway.
  10. Just cause I feel like it. Not going to get 20 goals or even 10 goals a season and not the best player we'll ever have at the club but the only thing you can possibly ask for from any Rangers player is that they give 100% out on the pitch and Candeias goes above and beyond in that regard. A consistent 7/10 player every match and he wins us a shit tonne of goals from nothing other than his shear determination to chase every ball. This video sums him up perfectly: He's not a stick on in my mind for a starting XI spot in future recruitment drives but nevertheless he's been a great servant for us and can hold his head high, and at least for now fully deserves a place in our team
  11. Broxi

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    I’d be happy even with another year loan tbh Plus, after that he’d be out of contract anyway wouldn’t he?
  12. Broxi

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Who says he doesn't have good stats eh
  13. Broxi


    I never said £10m was unrealistic I said £20m was unrealistic.
  14. Broxi

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Let's hope so
  15. Broxi

    Craig Bryson

    All getting a bit silly now if this is true. If we were getting rid of Rossiter, Dorrans and Coulibaly then maybe but even then we've never relied on Rossiter and Dorrans and already brought in Davis and Kamara, and Coulibaly is likely staying anyway til the end of the season. And if it was going to be another midfielder then at least make it an out and out attacking one.