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  1. Junkies vs Rangers

    We score when we want
  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    Got our just rewards for a dominating performance
  3. Next 5 games

    Hibs away St Johnstone home Kilmarnock away Motherwell home Hibs game will be a tough game, however if we can get a win in that game, that's 3 more winnable games after that. Would be great if we can get 4 wins going into the Old Firm match. The scum play Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen in the same stretch of games and if they drop any points there and then we go into the Old Firm match with a big opportunity. Big ask for 4 wins but hopefully if Morelos can hit form again and with Alves back and Dorrans coming back soon hopefully we can get some wins on the board.
  4. Ifs and buts

    And if celtic hadn't drawn their recent two games they'd be 4 points better off too If we hadn't lost to Hibs earlier in the season, or drew to Hearts and Partick, or lost to celtic then we could be miles ahead. But we didn't.
  5. Derek McInnes

    Daily Record
  6. Derek McInnes

    Can we go back for Preud'homme please
  7. Derek McInnes

  8. Derek McInnes

    Forgive me, when I said my biggest worry is his transfer dealings I didn't mean I thought they were bad in the past. I'm happy appointing McInnes as our manager because I think he's done a tremendous job at Aberdeen. Last few years they've been consistently hitting 2nd place (until this week) and until about 2 weeks ago he was going neck and neck with celtic winning almost every game. I don't have any doubt that McInnes can win SPL games. Against the scum maybe there's a concern but for the rest I'm not worried. Only thing I can think of just now which isn't really a worry, just a thought, is if he can get out the "Aberdeen level of signing" mentality and while there are a couple good players in the Scottish Prem I don't want us to rely on them and just sign 3/4 of his Aberdeen players either. My point is that Pedro came here with the mentality that he could sign a Portugal international and Euros winner. Just hope McInnes comes and thinks bigger than Aberdeen players. Which I'm sure he will.
  9. Derek McInnes

    My main concern with McInnes is his transfer dealings. Aberdeen and Rangers have been playing at the same level for the past 2 years and some might even say ability wise we've been equal. But he can't come here and make the same kind of signings he'd make at Aberdeen or just sign his Aberdeen players. He will need to think bigger and look further a field and sign the quality of players that the scum would be signing. In short, I don't want McInnes' first 5 signings to be McLean, May, Moult, Shinnie and Walker. All fine players, and I'd take Moult and maybe Walker in any case, but he will need to think bigger in the long run than those kind of signings. Hopefully where Mark Allen comes in.
  10. Derek McInnes

    I haven't been reading every page of this thread and haven't read anything about it, can people tell me where the news/rumours are coming from that McInnes will be the new manager?
  11. Players we nearly signed...

    I still can't sleep at night knowing we never got David Goodwillie and Willo Flood over the line.
  12. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    Been impressed with Wilson but I'd go with Alves and McCrorie
  13. January

    John on a pre-contract Moult on a pre-contract and try sign him in Jan. Quality left winger Quality attacking centre mid Don't think that's too unreasonable. No need for quantity anymore, just get 2 quality players and 2 frees. John will still be here anyway, if we can get Moult cheap in Jan great if not then wait til the summer