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  1. Foderingham Flanagan Worrall Katic Wallace Dorrans Halliday Ejaria Grezda Sadiq Middleton
  2. Gary loves an interruption aha
  3. Broxi


    I didn't forget, I've said like 3 times he played great today. And he did
  4. Broxi


    Maybe it is, but I still think his finishing and ability to actually score is not good enough and the final chance just reminded me of it. If we were judging him on holding balls up and getting stuck in and bringing players into play then he's world class. But scoring wise... I trust Lafferty way more. Not going to take away from him though, overall today he was excellent and I was genuinely impressed watching him.
  5. Broxi


    Of all people, I think Bill Young just summed him up on twitter perfectly. He makes the difficult things in football look easy and the easy things look difficult. That is Morelos in a nut shell
  6. Broxi

    At First

    Long way to go and we need to show we can win OF games. Win the OF game at Ibrox next time out and I'll be on board.
  7. Broxi


    He was doing great but that chance at the end when he was through 1 on 1 and let the defender come back on to him just brought my doubts back up. All in all he's a good player but nothing more to me. I don't think he's as great as a lot of others seem to think he is but he is good and had a great game today.
  8. Rangers 5-1 St Johnstone - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 6 Goals: James Tavernier, Alfredo Morelos, Scott Arfield, Kyle Lafferty, Daniel Candeias Assists: James Tavernier, Ryan Kent, Scott Arfield (2)
  9. Broxi

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Grezda isn't on the bench mate
  10. Broxi

    FIFA 19

    They look like they are based on on 4-0 win and their draw with St Mirren. Still look decent ratings though
  11. Broxi

    FIFA 19

    Those ratings are inflated due to form and theirs are reduced.
  12. Back page of the Sunday mail. Gerrard wants Ejaria, Coulibaly, Kent and Worrall signed up on permanents in January Would be delighted with Coulibaly and potentially Worrall (so far), happy with Ejaria if cheap but not bothered about Kent. He’s been fine but I would rather look elsewhere.
  13. Broxi

    Playing out from the back

    I don't think people were annoyed at us doing it, we were probably annoyed that we tried to do it in risky situations. Yesterday was a great blend of playing out when it was on and kicking it up when it wasn't. I think the possession we gained from doing it made a big difference.
  14. I think it's something we need to do more of and I genuinely think it was a big reason why we played well last night. The amount of extra possession we had because we had the ball from the back and passed it around to the midfield was actually a significant amount of our possession, whereas if we had lumped it up the park like usual then we'd have lost 50% of that possession and may have found it difficult to have the ball. Glad and impressed we had the confidence to go to Spain and do that, and do it well. I genuinely thought we'd go there and Villarreal would run circles around us and we'd be chasing balls for 90 mins but we went there and played good football at times and credit to the team for that.
  15. Broxi


    Morelos is very overrated. Should have cashed in when we had the chance imo