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  1. Thought he gave a tidy 6/10 performance. Jack has been giving that and then some though. Happy to have Rossiter back and he will definitely get better as he plays more regularly but the spot is Jack's to keep for now.
  2. Pretty equally magic
  3. If he gets dropped again I will be really annoyed. He's earned his place. I'd go with Miller and Morelos for now, Herrera needs to show more.
  4. All our hopes rely on Morelos because I don't see Herrera being it. Herrera seems missing every game whereas Morelos seems to be more involved and getting chances. Not writing either off yet but more hopeful with Morelos.
  5. I did these threads before. Was gonna do it again this year but happy to let OP do the work this time Get ready for everyone moaning about what counts as an assist every single match official rules are final pass (unless it's a "solo" goal, ie not a final pass that was followed by a 40 yard run skinning 3 people) and winning fouls for freekicks and penalties. Just use your own judgement OP and tell people to deal with it
  6. Hope he does well
  7. I wish he would start Morelos and Herrera together more often. Would like to see if there's a good partnership there if we're continuing with a 4-4-2 Happy to see Alnwick get a game though, hopefully hear of a good performance
  8. If we're going to slate him for the bad performances we can give him credit for the good ones. We looked really organised today and stood up well against a team a class or two above us. 4-4-2 may be the way forward
  9. Yup he's looked good in his time here without JUST getting to that level needed. But I'm optimistic over him and think he'll be a good signing. A little more in the way of some assists or getting in at goal and I'll be satisfied
  10. Another CM would be the most pointless signing we could make. It's our strongest and deepest area. We need a winger and a fullback
  11. He had spells. Was poor one season but very good the next
  12. It was a fair point to take into consideration
  13. We won't be signing another striker. Winger and fullback if we get anyone else.
  14. Jim White saying £1.3m
  15. £750k is fucking shite.