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  1. Broxi

    Ryan Kent

    The Sun are linking Fulham with a move for him
  2. Ah no idea, maybe. Just saw someone else mention him in this thread
  3. Despite the fact I just listed 7/8 players we need in, I do agree with this and have said this every window. I think absolute necessities are an attacking midfielder and a RW who can both score goals and create. Then a CB. That's 3 players we absolutely need. After that it's just replacing players like Morelos if we sell them. And replacing Kent if he leaves (because Jones should not be the replacement, for Grezda yes).
  4. Out/Not required: McAuley, Flanagan, Dorrans, Davis, Worrall, Grezda, Rossiter In (quality): CB, CM, CAM, RW, Kent, Morelos replacement In (filler) CB, FB Don't mind the idea of Halkett for the squad CB. Assuming Katic is still not considered first team material then we need a quality CB. A quality #10 who can get goals and create, a RW who can get goals, Kent back would be great, need to replace Morelos if he leaves and an additional CM (who is not a defensive midfielder) would be good too but Arfield again wouldn't be the worst. Still think Jones is a waste of a signing.
  5. Rangers 1-1 Kilmarnock - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 30 Goals: Alfredo Morelos Assists: James Tavernier Sorry for the delay this week, was on holiday
  6. Hibernian 1-1 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 19 Goals: Daniel Candeias Assists:
  7. Hmm I know Kent took the corner. I’ll have a look later on and have a closer look at it mate
  8. Broxi

    Joe Worrall

    Fuck off 😂 If you get slaughtered when you play badly then you should get plaudits when you play well. He was the best player on the park today by a country mile, past performances mean nothing when considering today's performance. "Hypothetically, if we played against a much better team today than one of the hardest fixtures in the calendar, he may have had a worse game in which he may have made mistakes in which case I would be delighted to slate the fuck out of him". Get in the bin.
  9. Aberdeen 1-1 Rangers - Scottish Cup, Quarter Final Goals: Joe Worrall Assists: Ryan Kent
  10. Broxi

    Joe Worrall

    Outstanding today, fair play to him Got the goal and was excellent in defence with some vital challenges
  11. Rangers 4-0 Dundee - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 28 Goals: Glen Kamara, James Tavernier, Alfredo Morelos, Jermain Defoe Assists: James Tavernier, Alfredo Morelos, Scott Arfield, Ryan Jack
  12. Hearts are all over them (Watching both games before anyone says, streaming Rangers and Sky)
  13. Makes me feel a lot more confident for next season at least
  14. I think it's too late for this year MAYBE, but gives me great confidence going into next year. Lose a couple players like Rogic and Forrest and it's a whole new ball game.
  15. Don't think he sees us as anything more than a means to move on from tbh As long as he fires in the goals while he's here though I'm happy
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