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  1. People keep saying about the ill father because people keep repeating it on here but Katic has said in an interview before he had no idea why he was dropped out of the team as he thought he was playing well. He didn't mention any other circumstances or off the field issues.
  2. All the best to him. Tried his hardest and that's all you can ever ask for.
  3. Really want Gent or Legia then Party time if it's Legia
  4. Broxi


    Criminal to drop Kamara (excluding today's performance). I think Kamara is better than Arfield but Arfield is the most different to the other players in terms of attacking threat. Aribo looks in a similar vein to Kamara in terms of dribbling ability and turning in tight spaces but possibly offers a better attacking threat. Then there's Jack who I think should be 5th choice but Gerrard likes him and he's been improving lately. It's an absolute headache but a welcome one and it's going to be totally down to form. Personally I would rather a midfield 3 of Davis, Kamara and Aribo with Arfield playing in a wider role until/if Kent comes back. Think Arfield offers more than Jones, Hastie etc and it allows him to drop inside and pack the midfield and play off the striker when need be.
  5. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Katic Barisic Davis Kamara Aribo Ojo Morelos Arfield
  6. Also I'm going to keep saying it until it happens but we need Kent back
  7. Poor performance today, awful goal to give away as well Unusually poor from Kamara and Ojo wasn't showing what he was showing in the past games either. Thought Davis was excellent and Aribo looked good
  8. As was said in the commentary I feel like ever since his OF goal he's started attacking and taking on shots far far more than he used to. Could still do it more often still though
  9. Stewart's flick for the 6th goal was great Other than that he's been no different to what I expected him to be, bang average, and that's fine for a 3rd choice in whatever position he will play.
  10. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Katic Barisic Davis Jack Aribo Ojo Defoe Jones Then Foderingham Tavernier Goldson Helander Flanagan Arfield Kamara Docherty Hastie Morelos McPake Something along those lines I think
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