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  1. Orange and blue is shite. Two colours that just don’t go well together.
  2. That's before even considering they could make god knows how much from Sancho as well. Would be a shame if they did lose him but considering two wingers out and two wingers in, replacing them with good quality and making a ton of profit, it would be great business.
  3. Julian Brandt going to Dortmund for £22m is an absolutely fantastic signing for them. With Bayern likely bringing in a couple marquee signings this summer and possibly a change of manager, and Dortmund starting strong already off the back of a good season, I hope the latter can add some even more quality and we see a return to 2013 levels of Bundesliga quality.
  4. Was a little too on the nose to welcome out celtic with
  5. Yeah I've never thought he was anything more than a bang average, tidy player. He doesn't offer us enough and I think we need a better, more dynamic midfielder. He shouldn't be in our strongest starting XI next season. Kamara, Davis and Arfield are better and hopefully we sign another quality attack minded midfielder.
  6. Broxi

    Left back

    LB, CM, RW on top of what we already have. Then replacements for Kent, Morelos, Tavernier if they aren't here next season. It might end up being a tough summer. If these key players go we're going to have to make some great signings and the players we've already made moves on are not filling me with confidence at all.
  7. 30 goals with no penalties is a remarkable season. I'm not going to pretend like I'm not fed up of him but you can't take away his goalscoring achievements this season. If he moves on to a new club I will hope he does well and keep an eye out for him.
  8. No worries my man, I will continue it on next season too 👍
  9. Kilmarnock 2-1 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 38 Goals: Alfredo Morelos Assists: Ryan Jack That's a wrap.
  10. disagree mate think this is the make or break for Ballon d'Or
  11. Happy to see Barisic playing, hopefully one last chance this season to show everyone he is our LB. Morelos to break the 30 goal barrier and be in the shop window for a big sale.
  12. Boyata off to Hertha Berlin for £40m (oh wait)
  13. Bayern winning 4-1 against Frankfurt and will be champions. At least the Bundesliga has gone down to the last day this year, wanted Dortmund to pip it but at least they made it a contest. Reports said that Kovac was gonna be out the door regardless if they won today or not so will be interesting to see what happens managerial wise.
  14. They don't have to be £5m each. And I do anticipate we will have Morelos money to do it with but even if we don't we will just have to spend wisely. Even if they frees or loans, the price doesn't matter, as long as they are good enough to improve us or replace departing players.
  15. RW and #10 for big quality signings. Quality LB if we don't think Barisic is up to it. Equally quality replacements for any big losses (Morelos, Kent, Tavernier) CB cover 3 quality signings and a cover CB as a starting point is pretty fair to expect I think. Stop with the Jones/Hastie/Stewart type signings now. If we sign Stewart I'm going to be raging. We have the depth, we need the quality now. The biggest worry will be if Morelos is sold and Kent goes back we're going to have a totally new and untested front 3 going into the new season. That will make and break the whole season so getting that right if the most important thing we will do all year.
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