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  1. Okay this is probably no new news. Imminent as in the next 2 months not the next 2 days
  2. I would say £5m at this point. Ship 2 or 3 players out, get £7m plus to spend, a £3m player, a £2m player and some smart cheap signings and we could be where we want if we buy well. It's simply not going to be enough getting 6 figure players again. I believe the shear number of players we've been signing every window recently has been why fees are so low. Get in 3-5 quality players rather than the 8-10 players we've been having to do past windows. How many players we need next season will depend on situations of Kranjcar, Rossiter, Miller and Hill, also bearing in mind that Hyndman and Toral will be away.
  3. Dodoo's strength is running in behind the defence, I think he'd have a huge impact on this game
  4. 70% possession and not by tippy tappy. 70% by creating chances and winning the ball back straight away. The difference between MW possession and no chances and this possession while making chances.
  5. We're playing great. Dont mistake long balls with long passes. Out long passes are calculated, direct passes, not aimless lumps forward. We are playing direct and pressing well.
  6. He loves the words behaviours and transitions doesn't he
  7. People whining about the lineup lmao We still have the same players we always had, let's wait and see what he does with them. He said in an interview he was going to change the formation, there's 2 strikers there, it'll probably be 2 up front. Even if it is 433 it's the way it's used that's the important thing, the formation wasn't the problem.
  8. If Pedro can't get him back to how he was last season then he should go. He's been absolute garbage for months.
  9. Looks like he's putting a high emphasis on applying more pressure on the opponents when we don't have the ball
  10. Because it will, I doubt he's going to leave his nice comfy, well paid job at Sky to be assistant #4 for Pedro Caixinha. I just don't see it.
  11. Everyone saying Neil McCann, surely his career at Sky is far more lucrative than any assistants job he would be getting here?
  12. I love card displays, they look great
  13. Alex Neil just left Norwich, I wish we were appointing him tbh (happy to see how Pedro does though)
  14. Anyone know how he's doing at Scunthorpe?