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  1. Dorrans is shite but that was a great pass and great finish from Candeias. Hopefully score a few more
  2. Are celtic really that good?

    I'd be fucking gutted if we were getting beat 5-1 at home. I wish we were beating teams like Dundee at all consistently.
  3. Are celtic really that good?

    When your worst scorelines of the season are 1-0 wins you're doing alright you fucking idiot Imagine trying to say a team are bang average by pointing out games they won wake the fuck up man
  4. Are celtic really that good?

    Actually can't stand the deluded cunts on here who repeatedly say they are average/nothing special. What the fuck have you been watching the last 2 years.
  5. Jack and Dorrans

    Dorrans hasn't imposed himself on a single game all season
  6. Pass Marks

    McCrorie, Windass, Tavernier, Morelos. Imagine going through the summer transfer window and the first 3 of those names being on that list.
  7. Wee morelos

    How many years did we sign him up for? 3? If he finishes the season with over 20 goals which I'll be surprised if he doesn't then we need a new contract on that pronto. We've fucked up far too many of them in the past and not got good fees for players. I think most of the players were only signed up on 3 year deals? Need to make sure the likes of Morelos, Cardoso, Jack, Rossiter, Tavernier and Fod don't get in a position where they only have a year or so left.
  8. Dorrans

    Not doing enough with the ball, keeping it far too simple
  9. Want to see more from Dorrans and Alves. Dorrans is playing it far too safe going sideways and backwards all the time and Alves is just lumping balls up the park, keep it on the ground into the spaces. Love Morelos though
  10. Rossiter

    Thought he gave a tidy 6/10 performance. Jack has been giving that and then some though. Happy to have Rossiter back and he will definitely get better as he plays more regularly but the spot is Jack's to keep for now.
  11. Alves vs Candeias

    Pretty equally magic
  12. Morelos

    If he gets dropped again I will be really annoyed. He's earned his place. I'd go with Miller and Morelos for now, Herrera needs to show more.
  13. No more strikers?

    All our hopes rely on Morelos because I don't see Herrera being it. Herrera seems missing every game whereas Morelos seems to be more involved and getting chances. Not writing either off yet but more hopeful with Morelos.
  14. **Goals and Assists 17/18**

    I did these threads before. Was gonna do it again this year but happy to let OP do the work this time Get ready for everyone moaning about what counts as an assist every single match official rules are final pass (unless it's a "solo" goal, ie not a final pass that was followed by a 40 yard run skinning 3 people) and winning fouls for freekicks and penalties. Just use your own judgement OP and tell people to deal with it
  15. McCoist to join BT team

    Hope he does well