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  1. Wasn't even the worst performance of the match nevermind ever Or have you forgotten about Senderos.
  2. I'm basing what I'm saying on what we've already seen of him when he still couldn't run and he did better than the other players regardless. Euro qualifiers are June? Almost 2 more months away, and just because today was full training he's been doing other fitness training for a while now. Hopefully he gets up to a decent fitness standard and at the very least be able to come in and play the early games before signings are made if the manager does want someone fitter in there.
  3. I would feel like we had a better chance of winning a match if Kranjcar was playing over Halliday/Holt/Windass. Kranjcar is the only player who can actually make things happen. When was the last time you ever saw any of those players split a defence with a pass or score a goal, a while ago. Play Kranjcar in the #10 role with other midfielders behind him and we may actually create some goals.
  4. 70% fit Kranjcar still offers better passing, more creativity and one of the only midfielders (or players for that matter) who can score goals. Would definitely have him over the other players especially when Hyndman and Toral leave
  5. According to the papers Good to see, hopefully we get to see him again before the end of the season off the bench or something but no point rushing him back for the next couple of games. As long as he's back for the Europa League qualifiers
  6. £108m actually. And they are just over inflating the value anyway like the tims do. Aye Dembele will only be sold for £40m aye right. Same way Mbappe will only go for £2m and it'll be to Rangers. Heard it here first.
  7. Being realistic on who/how many players were going to be able to move on. If we can sell Kiernan and keep Hill then great but Hill is the easiest to lose
  8. Fod Tav NEW Wilson Wallace Kranjcar NEW Dorrans NEW NEW McKay Bench: Alnwick, Kiernan, Hodson, Rossiter, Holt, Miller, Dodoo
  9. Don't know how I feel. He's been the best striker this season but he was also the easiest to offload. Now we need to find clubs who will take Waghorn and Garner.
  10. He doesn't add anything. He's on the same level as the other players already here.
  11. If he trains well enough maybe It's not the Premier League ffs, prices aren't that inflated everywhere. Monaco are loaded anyway, hardly going to miss a few million. Worth a punt if you ask me
  12. I wasn't expecting 800k to do it but they come back with £3m and we compromise on £2m. A little over what we paid for Garner and would add real quality and potential for a high sell-on. I know he's only had 1/2 seasons and is young but done it in a decent league and in Europe already. I would take the gamble
  13. Why? His goalscoring record at his age is fantastic, why wouldn't we want him
  14. That boy Mbappe at Monaco would be a good signing, if we move now while he's still young and test the waters with 800k or something. For an 18 year old that's a decent offer.