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  1. Broxi


    And he has been in the 12 games. Not even played half a season. You could clearly see he was the most talented midfielder at the club. 12 games might not be enough to prove consistency, but usually you never get a chance to 'trial' players at all. At least we have some indication that he is a sound purchase. I for one would much much rather sign Hagi for £4m, than take a punt on an unknown quantity from the Belgian, Croatian, Serbian league for £2m who may be as good but likely won't be better, or may totally flop like Pena. Imagine if we had Pena for 12 games before spending £3.5m on him, we wouldn't have signed him. It's not even £4m for Hagi, it's £4m for knowing we aren't taking a punt on somebody. And honestly I just don't see where we get better instant quality, nevermind better potential quality, for £4m where we have a very good indication they're going to be up to the standard. I'll say it 100 times, it's an absolute no brainer.
  2. Broxi


    I swear if Hagi came through the academy people would already be valuing him at £20m and lauding him as the new Messi, guaranteed. Everyone did it for Jamie Ness and Rhys McCabe and they ended up at Scunthorpe and Sligo Rovers. The youth are overrated to fuck as soon as they string a 5 yard pass to someone.
  3. Agreed, even our best positions you can find faults with Morelos - liability, discipline, fantastic strength and poaching abilities, bad finisher Tavernier - not the best captain, take away his penalties and his goal contribution is HUGELY misrepresented by the Warburton era, but gets assists Barisic - If he's on form he's great, but how reliable is his form? He also declined after winter again Jack - He's solid, pretty much always good, often great but needs to be more adventurous in attack CBs - I think they're all good and I'm happy with all 4, but none of them are great. Kent - So much potential from the first season, not recreated it this season, tries too hard skinning people sideways, needs to be way more direct We're almost there in almost every position there's just something extra needed everywhere.
  4. Broxi


    Honestly don't know what people expect tbh. £4m is a great deal for him. Kent cost £7m, Edouard cost £9m, Ntcham cost £4.5m, Goldson cost £3m, Scott Brown cost £4.5m about 13 years ago, Jullien cost £7m,.. it's the kind of figures you just have to pay. Sure you could get lucky and find a Barisic, Morelos or Katic for <£2m but that's the level of risk which also lands you players like Herrera, Docherty, Garner and the Barkers and Kiernans of the world. You can use the bosman market really well with Jack, Kamara and Aribo but only if they're available. Otherwise if you want quality like Hagi who has already shown his abilities and is only 21 years old then £4m should be snapped at. Hagi is the younger than Ross McCrorie and the same age as Jamie Barjonas and he's light years ahead of them.
  5. Broxi


    It's okay though mate because wE dOn'T pLaY wItH wInGeRs
  6. Broxi


    3 in 12 overall In an off-form team, where he didn't start every game Where he was creating goals as well He made his contribution
  7. Broxi


    Rangers and KRC Genk are closing in on a deal for the permanent transfer of winger Ianis Hagi, the Belgian club say. BBC Scotland has learned a fee is yet to be agreed between the clubs for the Romanian, but talks are progressing. The 21-year-old, son of Barcelona and Real Madrid great Gheorghe Hagi, joined Rangers in January on a loan deal to the end of the season. The Ibrox club had an option to buy Hagi after the expiry of the loan. He scored three goals in 12 appearances for Rangers before football in Scotland was suspended on 13 March, including a double in the Europa League last-32 triumph against Braga.
  8. Broxi


    Even if that was true Hagi played a fraction of the games, in a team completely off form and costs half the price. Question is, is he better than what we have? And answer is yes
  9. I'm pretty sure this was talked about before with transfer targets and there's a way you can do this for every player in the SPFL or something
  10. Broxi


    If Gerrard is going to punt him out wide then get Hagi and get rid of Gerrard. I'm sorry but after this summer he'll have had more than enough transfer windows to get proper players in proper positions. If he were to fail to acquire a right winger and again force Hagi or Aribo to play there again then that's his failure. If he signs Hagi and doesn't play him centrally then he has either failed to maximise the best from the squad, failed at acknowledging what the squad needs or actually has signed a RW who has just turned out be shite again and been forced to move Hagi or Aribo there. Either way it would be on him. If he signs Hagi, plays him centrally and he just doesn't do well then then I can forgive that because you can't tell the future.
  11. Disagree I think he's still worth signing to play in a middle 3, with the most attacking responsibility given of the 3.
  12. Hagi and a quality RW who will bag significant goals. That's the majority of the battle. Other than that look for good value which will bolster other areas
  13. Not talking about size but you can still absolutely 100% design the interior of the store to look as modern and good as the others.
  14. Broxi


    Make it happen Rangers PS, can we reopen the transfer forum? There's been a lot of rumours and links made to players I've not bothered posting because there's not a suitable place to put them. Even if the market might be odd due to coronavirus there will still be activity and links are already being made. Like the West Brom boy, Ferguson, Dykes, Hagi, Katic, I saw a few others too
  15. When they said they'd be refurbishing the stadium shop I was hoping it would look in this vein. The recent exterior face lift the shop got looks pretty tacky. A full modern upgrade like this would be fantastic, hope it's legit. Was in the Nou Camp last year and their shop is class, this looks on the same level
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