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  1. GovanFrontSince96

    Travel Club

    That was prices over 10 years ago, would imagine day trips to be nearer £400 now.. Fiorentina day trip was £300, well worth it!
  2. GovanFrontSince96

    World Cup vs Europa Qualifying

    I don’t think there’s one player in the world who would pick a 1st round europa league qualifier against probably amateurs over a World Cup semi.
  3. GovanFrontSince96

    Semi final ballot

    So didn’t get one as usual, but getting my mates who is down at Aintree for the weekend, so get one for the final, win win! In don’t mind missing out to other fans who deserve it, it’s the 14,000 in the ground who pick and choose the big games that does my head in. My mate refs at lower level and even they get 12 tickets in a ballot, joke.
  4. GovanFrontSince96

    Semi final ballot

    The emails still coming through or is that them all sent out now? Got sweet FA again.
  5. GovanFrontSince96

    Sean Goss considering playing for NI

    International football is becoming more like club football in terms of chasing players now, the 5 year rule has made it even more farcical. With mass immigration I think international football will be pointless in a couple of generations time personally. Who knows Scotland might win a World Cup with 11 talented refugees in the future, I’m sure many would take the win but it’s not the same is it?
  6. GovanFrontSince96

    Fraserborough lockout?

    Fraserburgh chairman has said 150 with fakes were denied entry into the stadium, sounds a massive amount for such a small allocation.
  7. GovanFrontSince96

    Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    We had 7 players at Italia 90, more in the English squad than the Scottish.
  8. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Be mad to turn that down for a mid season break in the sun and a couple of bounce games.
  9. GovanFrontSince96

    A Thank You From The Founders Trail 2009-2018.

    Keep up the great work, thoroughly enjoyed the tour a few years ago very well organised and informative, highly recommend to anyone who’s not yet been on it.
  10. GovanFrontSince96

    Bruno and Niko

    I can’t stand Andy Walker but he was spot on today regarding Kranjcar, an absolute waste of a jersey today, completely useless and his fitness levels are an absolute embarrassment. Chasing shadows all game and when he got a breather to take a corner he couldn’t even put in 1 half decent ball. I was certain he was coming off at half time, to last until 79mins was astonishing. His time is well and truely up.
  11. GovanFrontSince96

    Arthur Numan

    Spot on, can’t remember where I read it but after our offer he said fuck it I’d rather not play which he did end up doing. Fair enough if he thought he was worth a lot more. A bit like asking McCoist to manage us for £1000 a week when he took over he would have also told us to ram it. World Class Player though no doubt about it:
  12. GovanFrontSince96

    Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    Don’t think he would have 2 stands named after him, Sir Walter Smith Stand for me.
  13. GovanFrontSince96

    Shortest ever player?

  14. GovanFrontSince96

    Mark Clattenburg

    That’s fucked up, so instead of reffing the game the way it should be, he reffed it in a way that protects his image, frightening!
  15. GovanFrontSince96

    Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Might as well add Martin Bain to that list too