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  1. GovanFrontSince96

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    Couldn’t agree more so frustrating today, 2 or 3 ideal opportunities to have a shot at goal and we didn’t, this has got to improve, is it a confidence thing?
  2. GovanFrontSince96

    Smoking at games

    Concourse was full of smoke in the Govan Front at the door where the smokers were, an absolute failure if you ask me at least the toilets are a smaller area.
  3. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Guys in the queue without official tickets told me they were told to go into that area. There did seem confusion I was told by folk I was in the wrong queue with my official ticket and moved, think I possibly ended up in the woman’s turnstile, though I didn’t see any around me at the time, ended up getting my ticket scanned then a guy opened the gate for me. Seen a few guys getting put out once they reached the guy scanning tickets. Was obviously going to happen but easily fixed by setting up a ticket check heading to the ground, there was certainly enough police to do this.
  4. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Got there after that, bus left for ground about 4.40pm and took about 45mins even with the escort through the Vienna traffic, which I must say was very well executed.
  5. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    What time was that? I got off the Travel club buses and headed straight to get in about 5.30pm and I wouldn’t call it a crush but it was a little hairy for a couple of minutes, but there were a lot of sensible bears who took a step back as there was plenty of time to get into the ground at that point. There were youngsters at that point skipping in who really need to have a word with themselves. Boy on my plane home said he knew plenty of boys who got in without tickets not sure how that was possible as unless they got behind the guys scanning the tickets? But even then someone had to let you through the gate.
  6. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Couldn’t believe how basic the ground was for a new stadium, must have spent most of the money on the main stand.
  7. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Should the SLO not be visible to everyone? If I had seen him I would have at least asked him if I was in the right Queue!
  8. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    A great point, everyone arriving at the ground at the same time is dangerous end of story. What time did the March reach the ground?
  9. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Vienna was a cracking city and I enjoyed my day visit up until arriving at the stadium. As others have mentioned getting in was an absolute joke, situations like that put me off taking my boys to a euro game in future until they are older as someone Is going to get hurt. Rangers were not responsible for the barrier set up but if no one from our security team or the SLO asked for a ticket check to be in place before the ground then they should all hand in their notices. it would have been extremely easy to set up a check off the road before you walked down the hill to the ground. got there at 5.30 and it was chaotic, ended up in the wrong queue to the left of the main one at first and it was other guys who told us we were in the wrong one with official tickets. buses after the game was a joke too, does no one from Rangers or TC come out early to see where the buses are? They all seemed clueless and didn’t move until the police got on the loudspeaker to tell everyone the buses weren’t coming up to pick us up. But they would have known that if someone had come out early to laise with police, seems a lot of the TC reps and Rangers reps are on more of a jolly to see the game than look after the fans at time imo. Flight delayed until 1am another joke how a plane silting all day can’t be ready to leave on time is baffling, again maybe crew away on a days jolly and left it too late to prep the plane. maybe I’ll sign up to be a Rangers rep on these trips next year see the game and city without paying £325 for the privilege. Pissed off right now with result and tired, but I’m sure next year I’ll be raring to go again on another euro adventure. I know things can’t always go to plan but I do feel Rangers can play a part in better organisation and keeping fans safe.
  10. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Fucking chaotic getting in the ground! In Now watp
  11. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    So we have been given more tickets by Vienna, 2500 official now. Think they must have given us the spare seats that are normally used as segregation like we do at Ibrox. No idea how they have been distributed though. First ever complete sell out there, not one spare seat!
  12. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Yeh will miss him and Kent if he doesn’t play, Grezda and Middleton obvious replacements whether their form merits a pick is another debate.
  13. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    He’s suspended
  14. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    We couldn’t get them until last 16.
  15. GovanFrontSince96

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    That was baffling to be fair, if Flanagan had done that it would have its own thread.