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  1. GovanFrontSince96

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    That ball down the line from Middleton just gets better every time I watch it!
  2. GovanFrontSince96

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Brilliant result watching with my boy who’s not long turned 2 we were both cheering wildly when Rangers scored, he then couldn’t understand why we weren’t cheering the next goal 😂 Then it was back to going mental when Lafferty scored, happy days!!
  3. GovanFrontSince96

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    No doubt there will be people that do this. Personally I’d take a further point off of no shows, because at the end of the day you are just doing people who are genuinely wanting a ticket out of one so you gain a fucking point!
  4. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Fair play to the Travel Club, phoned me up today after I emailed them and said that applications are still open for Vienna and there is currently no deadline. Checked Thomas Cook website and it’s now not saying sold out.
  5. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    I hope so, I get the feeling TC and Rangers TC aren’t communicating as it seems the flight has filled up with God knows who and TC have said its sold out. Ive read people on twitter applying for the flight not even in the Travel Club, but how do Thomas Cook know that? Could have better organised. How hard is it for Rangers TC club to say in an email you have unti x of September to apply for the flight and if over subscribed it will go to your points for allocation of seat and ticket?
  6. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Yes but how can they sell out then before everyone has applied? That’s first come first served then?
  7. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Definitely saying sold out. ive emailed the travel club about this.
  8. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Yes that is how it should work, but they have now closed applications for the flight, so me and my brother now can’t go on 3 points because it’s over subscribed before a closing date, hardly fair is it.
  9. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Why have a points system if the official flight sells out on a first come first serve system??
  10. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Seen on Thomas Cook website that the day trip is now sold out? Yet I received an email from Rangers stating I would be informed of the deadline for applying. So if 300 odd people on 0 points sell out the flight before the deadline it’s tough luck on everyone else with more points. Absolute shambles if this is the case. Yes ive had time to apply but was waiting on pay day on Friday as I thought there was time. Not a happy bear.
  11. GovanFrontSince96

    Stuart Daniels (Kinning Park Loyal) on Rangers Radio

    What time does he come on at? Tried to find it, cheers.
  12. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    I read there average attendance is 15,000 so should be plenty of tickets kicking about and a big allocation for us in the away end.
  13. GovanFrontSince96

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    They won’t take money until everyone is confirmed as going and once points etc are taken into consideration. I was waiting on an email from Rangers before I book it with at least a closing date etc but if nothing comes through tomorrow I’ll book it up anyway.
  14. GovanFrontSince96

    Last 20 mins - Game Management

    Totally it was the last play of the game and it was going to happen whether we made the sub or not, so wasn’t even time wasting it was pointless.
  15. GovanFrontSince96

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    There is a big difference between being refused visas and waiting until the last minute to apply for them.