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  1. Our distribution from the back has been poor and lucky not to have cost us more goals. No doubt their no.11 is a talent. Hopefully a better second half to come from us.
  2. Got it to fill a gap between my 3 wood 15deg and 21deg hybrid, think based on numbers yesterday I’ll be closer to 3 wood distances off the deck with this club which will be great for 2nd shots on par 5s.
  3. Bought the new Callaway Mavrik 18deg hybrid today, took I down the range and absolutely delighted with it.
  4. Anyone else not get a point for Feyenoord, was on 2 points and never got a ticket and didn’t get an extra point added?
  5. Thought you were posting on behalf of the Polster family there!
  6. Young Boys away we were denied a stick on penalty too.
  7. Nothing there either. Like I say wasn’t expecting to get one as I usually miss out, maybe will even out in the next 20 years.
  8. I’m still waiting on an email, take it if you’ve not had one by now you’re not getting one? Not shocked as I miss out on ballots 9/10.
  9. If you add away tickets too you’ll just end up more signing up to that too, might as well if you only get a few games a season. People will then complain there’s too many on the away scheme, more than they complain just now, where would it end?
  10. Very good, just some people seem to be saying that because they haven’t got an email they don’t have a ticket.
  11. Those saying they haven’t got a ticket did you still get an email saying you were unsuccessful?
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