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  1. Spot on, the players shouldn’t be applauded for a wage deferral, not losing a penny will just be like a massive tax rebate for them in 3 months time. I think we should have given fans the chance to get a refund if they really needed it, I’m sure the take up wouldn’t have been that much going by the response in here to wanting a refund, so no real financial hit and morally it’s the right thing to do. Next season if we see not one game at Ibrox, I’m not sure a £100 voucher for example is going to cut the mustard with the majority of fans, if we are all in it together then the players, management and directors should be taking proper cuts and not just leave it entirely up to the fans to fund the season.
  2. Is there a deadline for the mygers membership for ST holders, not got round to doing it yet.
  3. I’m sure I had the ironed on stars and they let you swap it for a stitched version later for free. Unless I have completely made that up!
  4. How many people had heard of Under Armour 10 years ago? Castore look a very exciting and fresh company, let’s embrace it. As for distribution worries, if they’ve not got another 5/10 teams kits to make too I don’t see a huge problem.
  5. Players and management directors etc not losing a penny, just getting it all further down the line. By the look of it players will stay on £20/30k a week salaries funded by the fans paying £600 a year to watch 0 games at Ibrox.
  6. Not interested from a personal point of view but has anyone delved into the T & Cs of the ST renewal? Just wondering if it goes into detail that you are basically paying into a product that you may not get? As I read recently NFL clubs were being sued by their own fans for taking season ticket money with them basically knowing their fans wouldn’t get any use out of their tickets. Im sure we will have looked at this to cover ourselves, whether it’s good news for the fans or not. Im going to pay the full amount nearer the deadline, I’ve just paid £700 for no golf and now looking at £600 with probably no football. Want to see both clubs open on the other side but I’d be lying if I’d said paying £1300 for the square root of fuck all sits easy with me, I’m lucky in a sense that I can afford it but I’m not that well off that I can easily write it off without a care with 2 young boys under 4. As much as I love Rangers I think there is a touch of arrogance in putting out the renewals as normal without even a hint of what happens if the majority can’t get into Ibrox in any great numbers for the next year.
  7. Football clubs will survive it all comes down to controlling their biggest expenditure, player wages. As has already been said footballers will ultimately need to take a hit on their wages if they want to stay in a job. Clubs down south are already discussing a mutual pact that clubs can’t poach players who won’t take wage cuts, which is the only way to drive down wages collectively.
  8. Would imagine we are ok until the date when season ticket money for next season was due to come in, most of our revenue for this season is already in. Then it will really just come down to will the fans fund players on huge salaries with no games to go to or will the big earners take a wage cut, don’t see many other options. The big issue in Scotland is that our tv money compared to other countries of similar size is poor and most clubs greatest revenue is through the gate which isn’t the case in many other countries, so our league and teams will probably be hit hardest with BCD games.
  9. I sit one in from the end of the row so need to let whole row squeeze past me so really could only have 2 to a row in between staircases to avoid that. Lucky if we get 1000 people in each game.
  10. Dundee will benefit as it will be much easier for them to go up next season. With a 14 team top flight I’d imagine it will be 2 automatically up and down and possibly a 3rd playoff place. This would keep the lower half of the league interesting to drag more teams into relegation or playoff spots and limit number of meaningless fixtures.
  11. I would imagine a lot of people in Bar 72 will get a pint and a pie anyway, possibly a programme too, call that £12. Say you get 35 games in Bar 72 in a season league, Europe, cups and friendlies. That’s £420 you’d spend anyway, so maybe not such a big loss to some. Obviously it is if you don’t buy any of these but whenever I’ve been in most have a pint and a pie in their hand.
  12. We were heading for a fixture pile up this year and that was with a mild winter, something has got to give next season then if we are finishing leagues and cups this season. That is assuming all games can at least be played from June onwards and there are no further lockdowns in the next 12 months which just won’t happen.
  13. If we need to do it as a last resort then fine but let’s not jump on the bandwagon just yet if we don’t have to. We have missed 1 home game since the lockdown vrs the scum, 2nd would have been tomorrow. Now are people honestly saying that if these 2 games had been postponed due to snow we would have to cut players salaries already? Hearts are a prime example, halving salaries 50% right away screams a club in a mess just using the current situation as an excuse all the while planning to use some of that saved money to buy players in the summer! Yet their players many might be on less than £1000 a week look like the bad guys and not the shrewd operator Anne Budge looking at a quick way to save herself lots of money.
  14. Liverpool don’t Have To by any stretch they are choosing to. some greedy fucker in the boardroom has done their sums and worked out that the taxpayer will pay x amount when they don’t need to. Absolutely shameful, a lot of their fans are utterly embarrassed and rightly so, pure greed and people won’t forget the clubs that do this vrs the clubs that don’t.
  15. EPL teams using furlough is an utter disgrace. Long after this is all over the ordinary punter will be paying more VAT, more income tax and inflation will rocket too and clubs like Liverpool and Spurs will be back spending £50m on a single player. It is shameful what they are doing, all driven by greed and their push to get the leagues restarted as quick as is all to do with money no one else matters.
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