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  1. Anyone help me out with a cough? First row is giving me sound but no video and telling me to download iLivid? is it safe?
  2. McKay and Macleod are going to be massive for us. Well played again boys
  3. Extremely proud to be a part of the Rangers family tonight. Three strong signings and a great win. The fans were outstanding yet again. This is what Rangers are all about. Then. Now. Forever.
  4. Thinking that myself. Although that's the official attendance from Rangers on twitter. Looks a lot more.
  5. It's going to be a long hard road. More jobs will be lost and we're going to lose more players. But at least now we can start to rebuild and look to the future. The SPL clubs have voted for their own death and I can't wait to watch it happen. We'll be here in another 140 years, perhaps in better company. Bring on Annan away
  6. Gutted that I can't make it. But there's a Sportsman's Dinner in Elgin on the Saturday night and some of the legends are coming to do a cookery day at my work. Can't wait!
  7. If you want the game on disc, drop me a PM

  8. This is dire. Hanging on at home to Aberdeen? It's enough to make you cry.
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