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  1. FirrhillLoyal

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    Be plenty folk travelling without a ticket then. Anyone heard anything about bars/squares we can all watch it? Was in Vienna before the Maribor game and struggled to find a decent boozer
  2. FirrhillLoyal

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    I’m on twitter aye, I’ll have a look for them on that ?
  3. FirrhillLoyal

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    is The glassy fully booked? Who do I get in touch with?
  4. FirrhillLoyal

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    Im going with a pal who isn’t signed up to the travel club, how do I go about getting him a ticket? Told the cunt he’d get one no bother ?
  5. FirrhillLoyal

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    Aye mate
  6. FirrhillLoyal

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    Edinburgh > Gatwick Gatwick > Vienna Vienna > Edinburgh £258
  7. Having to take the motor tonight as I won’t make the bus in time. Best place to park around Firhill?
  8. FirrhillLoyal

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    I honestly believe Murty will still be in charge for that game.
  9. FirrhillLoyal

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    No sure if it's been mentioned but Andy Newport from PA has said on twitter there will be no announcement today, likely to be 'early next week'. Both Wilson and big Pedro the front runners.
  10. FirrhillLoyal

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    He's a big suave bastard! Fights bulls in his spare time and seems a bit of a nutter wanting to scrap with other managers. What's not to like about him? Hopefully here for the OF game and leathers Rodgers.
  11. FirrhillLoyal

    Frank de Boer

    Hope they go for Pardew.
  12. FirrhillLoyal

    Frank de Boer

    Ranieri sacked by Leicester.. probably end up there.
  13. FirrhillLoyal


    The beer hall was on a different level, that's the best I've ever seen our fans and can't imagine seeing it any better than that to be honest. Fair play to the German act that came on they were getting pelters before they started as we thought it'd be shite and get in the way of the sash bash, but they came on and fucking rocked the place ? I'd like to blame pickpockets for the amount of phones wallets etc going missing but everyone was just heavy heavy mwi ?
  14. FirrhillLoyal


    Something must've been in those steins in that beer hall man. Was like the hangover on Sunday morning trying to patch together what the fuck happened on Saturday night! Total black out lost everything I had on me wallet etc.. mate lost his phone and another boy I was with shat himself (and also shat in the corridor of the hostel). Emailing the hostel to request the cctv ?
  15. FirrhillLoyal


    Any other busses leaving Berlin to the game on Sunday? Was told we were booked on the Glaswegian but just been told we've no booked and it's now full ?