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  1. ***The Official Hibernian v Rangers Thread***

    Assuming Bocanegra, Papac, and Wallace are available I expect the line-up to be: -------------McGregor------------ Whittaker Goian Bocanegra Wallace ------------McCulloch------------- -----Aluko Davis Edu Papac-------- ------------Jelavic--------------- I hope not. I'd go with: -------------McGregor----------- Whittaker Goian Bocanegra Wallace ------Aluko Davis Edu McKay------ ----------Fleck/Bedoya----------- -------------Jelavic-------------
  2. ***the Rangers 0 Vs. 1 Malmo Ff Thread***

    ------------McGregor------------ Whittaker-Bougherra-Weir-Wallace ------------Davis-Edu----------- Naismith------Fleck--------Wylde -------------Jelavic------------
  3. According to yesterday's DR McCulloch is suspended for the Hearts game. http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/rangers/2011/07/18/rangers-boss-ally-mccoist-prepares-to-walk-away-from-david-goodwillie-talks-86908-23278832/
  4. Record say Whyte has nothing....

    From the Herald: McCoist and Whyte also held their own talks yesterday, at which the new manager gave an update on his targets and the new owner provided a similar briefing on budgetary issues. Senior Rangers figures were irritated when it was erroneously claimed Whyte might want to mortgage off the next four years’ worth of Ibrox season-ticket income against a loan. In fact, under the terms of his takeover, Whyte signed documents which guaranteed to the stock exchange that he would do no such thing.
  5. Judging by Smith's comments it seems certain that Weir will return to the line-up. The logical conclusion to draw from that is we will see a back 5. In itself I don't have a great problem with this (apart from the fact that it is employed to accommodate Weir) as we have by and large looked pretty steady using it thus far. What I do have a problem with is a traditional 4 man midfield allied to the back 5 as it invariably means that we end up, for all intents and purposes, with 2 rights backs and 2 left backs. I fear this is how Smith will seek to nullify the "threat" from their full backs. However, the root of the "threat" is that in the recent games Izaguirre and Wilson have had next to nothing to worry about defensively and could, therefore, saunter up and down the wing as they pleased. I would give Weiss a free role between the midfield and strikers, which would hopefully also give Kayal something to think about. -----------McGregor----------- ----Bougherra Weir Papac--- Whittaker----------------Wylde ----------Davis Fleck---------- -------------Weiss-------------- ---------Healy Jelavic---------
  6. Rangers in for David Goodwillie

    If the line-ups pre-injury to Jelavic are anything to go by, we will play with two up top when he returns to full fitness. I think Goodwillie will play next Tuesday too.
  7. Rangers in for David Goodwillie

    Yes, the league is the priority, but lets not forget who our opponents are in the next round of the cup.
  8. Rangers in for David Goodwillie

    Maybe something will give at the start of next week. Dundee United play their Scottish Cup replay against Ross County next Tuesday (18th). If Goodwillie plays he will be cup-tied should he move to Ibrox during the current transfer window.
  9. Given Manchester United's tendency to attack down the right, I think Whittaker will be employed in the left midfield role to help out Papac, with Broadfoot at right back and Weiss right midfield. The spine of the team is a given.