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  1. Just confirmed on Sky. Altercation with Halliday banned till Monday. Hope that's the end of him we have been ruined trying to shoehorn him in...
  2. Very very sad news feel for his poor young family . RIP Arnold once a Ranger always a Ranger
  4. Absolutely buzzing most positive I've felt in years
  5. Yes . Fresh thinking in the dugout has been badly needed for some time and I'm glad the board has moved so swiftly.
  6. You have just made my day
  7. Not posted in donkeys on here. Got my tickets this morning can't wait to see The Bears take over Derby. Hopefully be as good as Wednesday away. Plenty of pubs round or near train station. Waterfall, Merry Widows, Brunswick and Crown & Cushion which used to be the Derby Loyal pub to name a few. Pubs in City centre pretty good and will only cost you £4 in taxi from station. Nightlife in Derby pretty shite tbh better jumping train to Nottingham...
  8. cracking post Swally
  9. Not needed and means Gasparotto will hopefully get a chance.
  10. He should get a chance this season i'd rather see him upfront with Little than Daly
  11. Good statemnet again showing highlighting the bias shown by the BBC. They don't get a penny off me anymore. I hope the club are pursuing this vigariously through the legal channels
  12. Fantastic D'Art
  13. Why any Bear would vist their site or buy that rag is totally beyond me. Why even give them the time of day their agenda clear for all to see.
  14. Stop posting DR shite on here please.
  15. Well said