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  1. glad he's found a club, hope he does well. Hope Ally won't have a 'job for the boys' mentality in September and invite guys like that back. He was fantastic for us, but that was in the past.
  2. Fantastic! I'll be there if I can, thanks for posting this.
  3. The new proposal annoys me purely because of the ridiculous names. "Premier League", "Championship" and "First Division". Aren't they all the same thing? "Premier division" and "first division" literally mean the same thing. Stupid.
  4. I haven't forgotten his important goal against Sporting Lisbon that helped get us further in the Europa League, and I understand Walter bringing him in, but I can't help disliking him.
  5. Sort of glad we weren't mentioned in his former clubs, hopefully people will forget we took on an idiot like that, his interviews are almost all so cringeworthy.
  6. They saved the best for last, showing us winning the European Cup Winners' Cup in '72, I turned it on just in time. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. So you want Green to waste his time buying a company we don't need just to 'stick it to the tims'? What a massive waste of time that'd be, not to mention the debts we'd inherit, such as the ticketus one a previous poster mentioned.
  8. It's not a 'must' for most clubs, I don't think it's one for us either.
  9. I would love to know his "'sneaky ideas' about how to deal with SPL clubs." It all sounds good, seems he's really looking at all sides to the business, exploring all the potential revenue streams.
  10. Well Donnie Darko spoke to a giant Rabbit and thought he could see the future, but he seems pretty level-headed after reading one of Leggo's blogs.
  11. If you Americanise that date, then it'll be 10/11/12. Which is pretty special. That must be what he meant, surely
  12. I got home half an hour ago. Feeling terrible but well worth it.
  13. SFL

    It's not really as simple as "there's more of us, give us your money instead ".
  14. Should be fine, I noticed it said that when I was getting tickets for the QoS game, turned up half an hour before ko and got them no problem, barely a queue. I'll be doing the same thing on Wednesday.
  15. True, I'm surprised the BBC haven't actually started distancing themselves from the SFA's side now that the tide's starting to turn. They've been damaging their own reputation and credibility for quite a while now, surely they'll show some sense eventually and at least try to show some objectivity.