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  1. Well, that ends the argument after the last few bad results. The league is definitely over now and no one can deny that.
  2. Honestly after the first 40 minutes when we were looking unlucky not to score I thought it would end up 1-0 them. Then we scored but I’m still not surprised that we’ve now conceded as we have looked toothless in front of goal.
  3. Dull as fuck first half there. We look a million miles away from scoring unless we have a massive change of attitude in the second half. Wish someone would try and work the ball bloody forward.
  4. I’d have stuck with Barasic. Yes he’s not been performing too well but I definitely see potential and the only way to reach it is playing games building fitness and match sharpness.
  5. We’ll probably lose Morelos in the next window and have a whole season of this pish to watch.
  6. Was always going to be a dull turgid affair without Morelos. If we don’t change things second half it’ll be another 0-0 written all over it.
  7. Only to see a stream they are watching on one of the usual shites but have muted and talked over. Never mind the big fuck off donations covering the screen.
  8. He’s got the team spot on and I’m genuinely surprised. Perhaps Gerrard is learning from mistakes and I’ve previously been too hard on him.
  9. No shoehorning players in and changing formation as we need to play our best team. Will be a hard game and we can’t afford to drop anything.
  10. If we can just somehow pull a win off today and then sign some quality attacking players in the window we’ve still got a chance of taking the league, something I don’t think anyone would have expected this season.
  11. So we need to sign one player in January and the player should be a replacement for Tav? Not an attacking creative midfielder that can break teams down with a killer pass or another striker so we don’t rely completely on Morelos? Although I do like your confidence in regards to the derby even if I don’t share it after this month of football.
  12. Delighted to be top. Not overly optimistic we can beat Hibs home and away to keep things tight. Thankfully the January window is closing in and if we can get even a single quality creative midfielder in then I’ll be a lot more confident of seeing the league out. Ideally we’ll get more than one quality player in though as we really need another striker in.
  13. Muz333


    He didn’t overly impress me tonight but I’m definitely of the opinion he will become a great player for us going forward. Would like to see him get a string of games with Grezda ahead of him and back to the Katic - Goldson centre back pairing and no more chopping and changing the defence.
  14. After the last two games I think we all expected this result.
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