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  1. Morelos to Cardiff

    Unless we are getting £8 million plus I’d keep him. Think he tired a bit and didn’t perform towards the end of the season. However, with a bit of rest and better players around him with a formation where he has a strike partner I think he’ll do really well for us.
  2. ***Rumours thread***

    If we gets fees for Herrera and Halliday I’ll be fucking delighted.
  3. Kyle Bartley

    Done well at Leeds I believe. Sure he captained them? Got to be a better option than what we currently have anyway.
  4. Murphy deal permanent

    Meh. Hasn’t made the impact I thought he would but hopefully with a full preseason under his belt he’ll do a lot better next season.
  5. James Beattie for one. More recently I really thought Barton would have strolled it up here.
  6. Wes Foderingham

    With McGregor signed I’d be looking to get shot of Fod. Alnwick will do as backup and if we can boost our transfer chest to focus on getting some defenders in I’ll be happy. Being top scorers this past season it just goes to show that a good defence would have got us the title.
  7. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    If only we had a transfer forum...
  8. Josh Windass - Cardiff

    https://www.modernfitba.com/blogs/2018/5/10/which-spfl-players-are-contributing-the-most-to-their-clubs-attack Contributed to more goals than Tav, Candeias and Murphy combined. I despise his attitude and don’t think I’ll ever like Windass but I do think we should be looking to get £3 million as a minimum for him. It won’t be as easy to replace all those goal contributions as some people think.
  9. Allan McGregor (Hull)

    Strongly mixed feelings on this one. However, at the end of the day if he improves us with great performances I'll reluctantly forgive him.
  10. ***Rumours thread***

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/steven-gerrard-eyes-west-ham-12544815.amp Mirror reporting Reece Burke is wanted by Gerrard. 21 year old CB, glad to see we are being linked with plenty of defenders.
  11. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    I’ve become so adjusted to us being shit and that these results are expected now that I’m not even that angry. I wish I had the confidence to believe next season will be different but I don’t.
  12. tactics for next scum game

    Our only hope is if we get a reaction out of the players from a change of management and press the game from the start. We can’t defend so we can’t hold back giving celtic time on the ball to hit them with a counterattack, we’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. We need to press high and and force the errors from Boyata and we also need to flood the midfield and have Brown man marked the whole game. I only see us in with a chance if we get shot of Murty and the players then show some fight.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    I knew we’d get humped going into this. It’s the only time we’ve played them where I haven’t spent the full week buildup with up and down emotions, confident that anything could happen. The players could have at least bloody showed up though, absolute no fight at all.
  14. Wallace at CB

    Unless we are going with three CB’s I don’t see how this could work.
  15. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Once again should have left with 3 points and once again we’ve failed to get the result. As much as I like Murty I don’t think he’s the man to win the league for us. He reacts far too slow to situations and refuses to make a sub when the game needs changing.