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  1. Muz333

    Motherless tactics

    Stonewall penalty.
  2. It’s really not enjoyable watching our games these days. 😴
  3. Muz333


    Three bad results back to back and I fear we’ll all be wishing we took an experienced choice of manager instead before too long. I’m already getting towards my last straw with Gerrard.
  4. Muz333


    I reckon we might have got something against celtic if not for Europe that week but I’m not sure it made a difference in the rest of the away performances.
  5. Muz333


    If we weren’t in Europe this season Gerrard would be under immense pressure. 5th in the league and yet another chance for silverware ruined.
  6. Bloody shit not taking the three points there for the taking. At the start of the season I’d have never imagined reaching the group stages. Now though I have expectations to get through the group stages and those two points dropped are a huge blow.
  7. Muz333

    Magnificent Morelos

    I’ll be honest. I was screaming to get Lafferty on for the last ten minutes. Hands up I got that call wrong!
  8. Muz333


    Tonight was about the only time he’s commentated in our match that I felt he wasn’t a twat. Butcher was the same when he commentates on our games. What is it about ex legends that become pundits and start to appease the Rangers haters?! McCann is the exception and I hope his managerial career turns around.
  9. ‘Group stage performance bonuses will be paid for each match: €570,000 per win and €190,000 per draw. The group winners can expect to receive a qualification bonus of €1m each and the runners-up €500,000 each. The clubs that qualify for the knockout stage can expect to pick up the following amounts: • qualification for the round of 32; €500,000 each’ Couple that with the match ticket sales etc and we’re in for a good payout. I think there’s a goal bonus too? Either way it has to boost our next transfer warchest.
  10. Aye, let’s play fucking Worrall instead of the proven Katic and Goldson partnership. Nae too impressed at Flanagan starting either.
  11. Muz333

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    I'd take a draw now...
  12. Muz333

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    Pish. Think we’re really struggling with the poor surface so it’s a big ask to turn it around.
  13. Muz333

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Please, please be the fucking day that we demolish them after all these last few shitty years.