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  1. Muz333

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    If we can just somehow pull a win off today and then sign some quality attacking players in the window we’ve still got a chance of taking the league, something I don’t think anyone would have expected this season.
  2. Muz333

    ***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***

    So we need to sign one player in January and the player should be a replacement for Tav? Not an attacking creative midfielder that can break teams down with a killer pass or another striker so we don’t rely completely on Morelos? Although I do like your confidence in regards to the derby even if I don’t share it after this month of football.
  3. Muz333

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    Delighted to be top. Not overly optimistic we can beat Hibs home and away to keep things tight. Thankfully the January window is closing in and if we can get even a single quality creative midfielder in then I’ll be a lot more confident of seeing the league out. Ideally we’ll get more than one quality player in though as we really need another striker in.
  4. Muz333


    He didn’t overly impress me tonight but I’m definitely of the opinion he will become a great player for us going forward. Would like to see him get a string of games with Grezda ahead of him and back to the Katic - Goldson centre back pairing and no more chopping and changing the defence.
  5. After the last two games I think we all expected this result.
  6. Muz333

    People who think....

    I genuinely don’t think we’ll have a chance to snatch the league this season. To be fair if you asked me before the league kicked off I’d have said the same thing. Frustratingly celtic dropping so many points means we could and should be leading the league thus far but we ourselves have dropped far too many ‘easy points’. I myself don’t feel that Gerrard is doing a whole lot right in management. I want him to do well but the constant chopping and changing of the backfour have changed our team from one that looked defensively solid at the start of the season, having finally righted the wrongs that Pedro and Warburton failed to, to a team that looks just as frail at the back as previous seasons. Thankfully McGregor has been an excellent signing and quite possibly the sole reason we are even still within touching distance at the top. Additionally I don’t feel Gerrard makes the right substitutions at the correct time to change a game. You can definitely argue that he’s learning and who knows maybe he’ll grow as a manager and overcome his failings, I certainly hope that he does. Even with all that said and stating that I’m a Gerrard critic I don’t think anyone is realistically calling for his head just yet. Another full on rebuild sounds like pure unadulterated madness. Gerrard absolutely deserves a whole season, regardless of what poor results are had from here until then and how painful it is to watch. The real time to judge him will be when this season is over and we can assess if: 1) he’s learned not to overly tinker with a squad to give some stability, which includes dropping players that don’t perform for longer than a single game (or in some cases indefinitely, looking st Flanagan here); 2) he’s learned how to react to a game not going to plan and make the correct substitutions; 3) identifying and signing the required players in the January window to add the creativity to break teams down we so desperately need and add depth to our attacking options with some quality, Lafferty doesn’t cut it for me; 4) finally we can judge where we place at the end the season and if we see a marked improvement after the January window and if we are capable of going on a winning run. Even if we finish second, as I expect we will do, if we see the team starting to take shape with promises of glory only being another transfer window away then I can say I’ll finish the season happy.
  7. Muz333

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Katic and Goldson looked great together at the start of the season. Now with the constantly chopping and changing at the back we’ve somehow ended up with not a single player looking like a centreback. Goldson frustrates me as he’s almost as bad at playing a forward pass as Flanagan is.
  8. Muz333

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Fucking pathetic that we didn’t have the creativity to break down a poor ten man Aberdeen side.
  9. Muz333

    ***Official Rangers vs Livingston match thread***

    This is shite, you have to wait two weeks due to the international break and then you can't get a bloody stream.
  10. Muz333

    ***Official Rangers vs Livingston match thread***

    No idea how long this one will work for as every other link has failed for me so far and how the fuck did we not score there?!
  11. Muz333

    ***Official Rangers vs Livingston match thread***

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxFnVCtkiys Seems to be working but there is probably better links out there.
  12. Muz333

    Motherless tactics

    Stonewall penalty.
  13. It’s really not enjoyable watching our games these days. ?
  14. Muz333


    Three bad results back to back and I fear we’ll all be wishing we took an experienced choice of manager instead before too long. I’m already getting towards my last straw with Gerrard.
  15. Muz333


    I reckon we might have got something against celtic if not for Europe that week but I’m not sure it made a difference in the rest of the away performances.