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  1. Aw great, fills me with loads of confidence. If we don't win our first 4 games then PC has got to go, there's been fuck all progress been made.
  2. Just in from 5s what was the score?
  3. Great performance by Whittaker had him 2 rounds down at the start but turned it around. Buzzing for Cromier v Jones
  5. Bang average LB & never a leader in a million years, been saying it for 18 months now & got slaughtered cos he stayed with us through the leagues. Was his fault for the 1st goal last night
  6. Some of his passes gave me an erection, no gonna lie.
  7. Still looks a fat fuck was utter shite the night. Should have started Morelos
  8. That line up is fucking depressing. Morelos over Waghorn & at least have Pena on the bench.
  9. Guy is brilliant but 50m for someone who they can sign on a pre contract in January is outrageous.
  10. Is he better than Kiernan?
  11. Arsenal apparently holding out for 50m for Sanchez. Stupid money seeing as he's out of contract in 12 months! I'd hate to see the figure if he had 2/3 years left.
  12. She was about to get stone cold stunnered
  13. It's cool crisis avoided. Fucking Mrs was home before me & hid it.
  14. I'm not looking for a ticket tomorrow but I bought one on Sunday & chose postage but it's still not arrived. What do I do if it's not arrived tomorrow morning? Can I get a replacement from the ticket office?