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  1. Yeah Le Tissier would be a good example to use. Paul Scholes said he got offered all sorts of crazy money when he was at United from the likes of Barcelona but turned them down as he was United through & through. Money wasn't everything to people back in those days. I think their should be a limit on the amount of U20 players clubs can loan out but also stand by my original post saying players at 16 should have to sign a professional contract with the team that brought them through and can't move to another club till their 18th Birthday.
  2. Personally I think he should stay till he's at least 18/19. Pedro has already said that he will play 1st team football next season. Kids are chasing the money these days compared to the like of your Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs type of players back in the day. Let's be honest Chelsea will sign a 16/17 year old, keep them in the youth teams till 18/19 then loan them out for the next 3/4 seasons. FIFA/UEFA should also look at these rules & change them to where these kids NEED to sign a 2 year professional contract with their academy to tie them up till they're 18 with the team they came through & then they can move onto bigger & better things if a move comes along. That way these players can mature more & improve what skills they have. All Gilmour has to do is look what happened to the likes of Gauld, Liam Miller, Feruz, Danny Wilson career.
  3. Looking for 1 ticket for tomorrow if anyone is selling?
  4. I'll take one if it's on offer
  5. Clyde haven't won in 10 games fuck that
  6. Looks like he's going to be manager till end of the season. If we're going to have a temporary manager I rather it was McLeish
  7. 3-2 win for us at Ibrox 2002 They scored in the 1st 20 odd seconds, hadn't even sat down! Then we rattled 3 in succession (Craig Moore, Ronald De Boer and Michael Mols), almost certain someone got sent off for them that day.
  8. Under 20's Worth putting on as part of an accy tonight. Maybe even score & win for more value.
  9. We're 11/4 to win tonight with Bet365 think it's worth a punt? Hamilton have been a bit hit & miss looking at form on Soccerway, winning then getting beat next game & winning the next. Edit: Hamilton have won the last 5 home games so looks a tricky game!
  10. On 14 February 2017, Oduwa signed a three-year contract with Slovenian PrvaLiga club Olimpija Ljubljana.[20]
  11. Wont be a big miss if true, but I'd take it with a massive pinch of salt going by what paper has published it.
  12. If we go 3-5-2 in the games bar Pacific shelf then I think we'll take 9 points out of 12. We look more organised when we play 3 at the back going forward but then turning into a 5-3-2 when we don't have possession. Playing Garner up front with Miller or Dodoo would work better than a 4-3-3, every time Garner won a header against Ross County there was no cunt picking up the knock down's.
  13. He'll be back in 8-10 days.
  14. More likely end up with these brothers
  15. He'd probably still put our strikers to shame.