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  1. King_gazza

    Edmiston Drive

    Devastating news, rest easy.
  2. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    Fucking hell it's all kicking off
  3. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    Needs to calm down in the 1st round:lol: Was something like 61 punches
  4. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    Here we go! Team Khabib hope he smashes this cunt
  5. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    Those cuts on Pettis looked nasty as fuck, hopefully have a rematch at some point
  6. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    What a round that was man! Gutted for Pettis that he had to give up
  7. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    I thought he was done at the end. That Reyes looks impressive though
  8. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    More than likely Edi: Could be about half 4 as one the guys got pulled from the card & don't think they replaced him
  9. King_gazza

    UFC live.

    Raging! Have they replaced him on the card or just pulled the fight all together?
  10. King_gazza

    The Atmosphere

    I couldn't hear the UB the full game until we got the pen, the Rapid fans were in fine voice all night
  11. King_gazza

    Go home you boys in green

    One of the cunts was smoking green could smell it from BF5. Smelt fantastic.
  12. Rapid fans no doubt they were in George Sq
  13. King_gazza

    *** Official NBA thread ***

    Booked tickets for the NY Knicks v Chicago Bulls in November at Madison Square Garden, absolutely buzzing!