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  1. I've just tried to purchase the 3 match pack but its saying sold out, surely not as it's still ST priority
  2. Wow Warriors got beat last night, genuinely didn't see that coming that's a great result for 76ers
  3. PSV done me for £140 yesterday. Won £200 on Sat with loads of in-play bets withdrew £120 stuck £30 on Barca, PSV and Man City all to score 3 goals or more PSV drew 2-2
  4. Done absolute mince on the weekend league, usually finish on 14-16 wins but finished on like 6, only managed to play 25 of the 30 games.
  5. This is my team so far going to save up for an 84 Robertson at LB unless I pack better than 82. Just sold Van Dyke for 150k coins and bought Aguero.
  6. Looks good mate can get a 90 CL Hummels for around 190k coins strengthen your CB's
  7. How unrealistic is the AI on ultimate level when you're play the computer on squad battles etc. Got players rated over 53 with shooting of 45 finishing yet blasting a 40 yard shot right into the top corner. Also reatining the ball as if your playing Barcelona! Pinging 60 yard passes and the guy has perfect control
  8. I've never bought coins before but my mate was mentioning it earlier. I'll just need to earn them the hard way begrudge paying for packs end up getting utter gash or duplicates
  9. Sitting at Elite 1 on squad battles for the week so far and still to play my games from today, hoping to get some decent packs and coins. Anyone used MMOGA to buy coins before?
  10. Ridiculous how much they make from home grown players
  11. Ajax midfielder Frenkie De Jong is on the brink of a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, according to AS. The Dutch star has been offered a five-year contract worth £7m a year, with the final fee negotiated between the two clubs around £67m.
  12. Typical 76ers finished on 121 done me for £65
  13. Football coupons are the worst the now man. I put Barcelona on to score 3+ goals the other night and then they didn't play Suarez or Messi and they got beat 2-1 was brutal. That's not too bad odds to be fair like you say definitely worth a fiver.
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