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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Just go down to the bottom of the page mate you'll see it there. It's for an outstanding fan moment or gesture, they have been voted because of that torch pish they done to celebrate the CL win.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Let's stop these cunts from winning this. I've just voted for Copenhagen as it's a fantastic gesture. You don't need to sign up to vote. http://www.fifa.com/the-best-fifa-football-awards/fan-award/index.html
  3. Foderingham new contract

    Hopefully this is true, good age for a goalkeeper with his best years ahead of him. Just needs to brush up on some aspects of his game like positioning etc.
  4. The Boxing News Thread

    I think GGG should scrap any potential rematch with Canelo and go for Saunders next. Everyone know's that he won that fight, he was so close to losing all his titles with some crooked judge. Plus I'd love to see the wee tadger get banged out cold.
  5. Our wing backs

    Can't defend worth a fuck. Was one point tonight in the 1st half when both Tav & Candeias both went to the ball and left a big massive gap where the ball was played to a Partick player. Tav & Wallace have cost us so many goals over last season & already a few this season (Tav for 2nd goal on Friday) They need to get their act together on Saturday or we're going to struggle big time.
  6. Are sections of the support right to blame Pedro?

    Yes. We've got a rb who everyone can see can't defend to save himself, yet didn't sign a replacement in the summer.
  7. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Scary money getting flung about these days.
  8. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    If he's worth 198m how much is Messi worth
  9. Rob Kiernan joins Southend

    Devastated that we let this world class defender leave
  10. St Johnstone again?

    Aw great, fills me with loads of confidence. If we don't win our first 4 games then PC has got to go, there's been fuck all progress been made.
  11. St Johnstone again?

    Just in from 5s what was the score?
  12. UFC live.

    Great performance by Whittaker had him 2 rounds down at the start but turned it around. Buzzing for Cromier v Jones
  13. Songs for this season

  14. (septic) enough is enough

  15. The captain

    Bang average LB & never a leader in a million years, been saying it for 18 months now & got slaughtered cos he stayed with us through the leagues. Was his fault for the 1st goal last night