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  1. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Aitor Karanka seem's to be moving up the odds now 16/1, wouldn't take him though.
  2. ***Suggestion Thread***

  3. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Drove past Ibrox about half 1 was a few journo vans kicking about outside
  4. The Case for keeping Pedro

    Because we're shite
  5. Wallace & co told to stay away

    Wish he'd tell Pena, Dalcio & Herrera to stay away.
  6. Pedro for the chop

    Might actually win 3 games in a row
  7. Pedro for the chop

    We'd have no squad left if he took them all.
  8. Pedro for the chop

    Unfortunately but it has to he done. I'm sorry but drawing with a team that's bottom of the league especially at home is simply not good enough. We should taking 3 or 4 off average teams like Killie.
  9. Pedro for the chop

    See ya, take half your duds with you.
  10. Pena

  11. The Case for keeping Pedro

    He's yet to win 3 games on the spin that's simply not good enough when we're playing teams like fucking Hamilton & Patrick. 2 maybe 3 at a push of his signings so far have paid off for me but the rest have still to prove that. Is he getting the best out his players? I don't think he is, I don't think he has since he arrived. Even the whole Kenny Miller debacle has turned into an absolute mess.
  12. The Case for keeping Pedro

    Sunday was the final straw for me he simply has to go. He's been here for about 8 months & we've yet to win 3 games in a row that's embarrassing. His signings again haven't been good enough for the money spent. Dalcio: Wouldn't get a game in the highland league. Pena: Offers absolutely fuck all. Can't pass, can't create. Complete waste of a jersey. Nemane: Not seen enough to judge but done more in 5 mins on Sunday than Pena done whole game. Herrera: Average so far, maybe formation doesn't suit him? Ryan Jack: Shown few glimpses of what he can do but we all knew that anyway. Needs to do more. Dorrans: Showed up for a few games but again inconsistent. Morelos: Bargain of the season for me. Declan John: Showing signs there's a decent player in there. Candeias: Think he's starting to find his feet. Was pretty good on Sunday in spells. Cardoso: Nothing special so far would rather play McCrorie. Alves: Been solid in a few games he's played but needs to show more leadership. When we went 1-0 down on Sunday nobody stood up to the plate there was no urgency to try get back into the game. If we can't raise our game against an average Motherwell team then that's down to the manager.
  13. January window pre contracts

    Yaya Toure I'm sure we could hold a birthday bash for him every year to appease him.
  14. January window pre contracts

    Moult Morgan John
  15. Alan was always a brilliant laugh when he worked during the OF games, could give and take the banter. Yeah Shona was brand new. Would highly recommend the bull for anyone who moves to Renfrew & is a bear.