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  1. King_gazza

    No passion, no heart

    I agree it's still not up to the standards it should be but it definitely was an improvement not only defensively but also created a bit more going forward. Now we're out the EL then I'm hoping we stop changing the team every week and get some consistency
  2. King_gazza


    Aye saw that mate he quoted me saying you meant McGregor.
  3. King_gazza


    They tried to rattle him the night done well to contain his anger
  4. King_gazza


    Oh aye mis-read it
  5. King_gazza

    No passion, no heart

    Definitely considering how much game time he's had this season
  6. King_gazza


    Aye 13 assists half way through the season for a RB is shocking. He should be on at least 25
  7. King_gazza

    No passion, no heart

    Much better performance than the last 2 league games just lacked the killer pass. They didn't have too many clear cut chances either, thought McCrorie put in a decent game.
  8. King_gazza

    Cowdenbeath Game

    RTV for me sack paying £10 for Premier sports
  9. King_gazza

    ***Official MLS Thread***

    Anyone watching the MLS cup final?
  10. That St Johnstone penalty was absolutely laughable. How the linesman or ref thought there was contact I'll never know.
  11. King_gazza

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    McGregor Tav Goldson Worrall Barasic/Halliday Halliday/McCrorie Rossiter Jack Candaeis Lafferty Kent/Grezda
  12. King_gazza

    Tactics vs 10

    Totally agree it's hugely frustrating. We played some really good football on Sunday make a few changes for last night and it's total polar opposite. I'd have played the exact same team as we did on Sunday bar Arfield.
  13. King_gazza

    Tactics vs 10

    I don't know why he keeps changing one of the CBs for every game. To me you'd want players building up a good relationship especially your CB's so they can work off each other.
  14. King_gazza

    Signings in January

    Sadiq will be away in Jan and hopefully Ejaria will follow. We need 3 players minimum in the next window, one being Solanke.