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  1. Glenn Hoddle

    Means nothing. Derek McInnes is 8/1 with some bookies and there's zero chance of him getting the job
  2. Rangers youth

    The Halliday one was a lot worse than Candaies. I can kind of see why Halliday would be annoyed at getting taken off with 4 mins left till HT (He shouldn't have been on the park in the 1st place though) but there's a time and place to vent your anger, not in front of live TV audience and 50k+ fans. The rest would do him good as I think it's the worst performance he's had this season as he's been pretty consistent for his 1st season in a new country. Both these incidents wouldn't have happened on Sunday if we'd had a Ian Ferguson, Barry Ferguson, Souness type captain. The whole team were awful, stood off them & gave them far too much space to play. Our under 10's would have shown more heart & aggression.
  3. Rangers youth

    Candaies shouldn't even be in the squad at the weekend after the way he threw a strop on Sunday. I'd play Windass on the wing & Cummings behind the striker.
  4. Murty is sorry.

    Totally out his depth yesterday, the starting line up was doomed for failure before they even set foot on the park. I read earlier that Monaco are reimbursing their fans for last nights game. Rangers should be doing the same for yesterday's complete no show.
  5. Russell Martin

    I thought on occasions he was a bit sloppy in his distribution & wasn't upto the standards of previous weeks. Both centre backs were all over the place for both their first goals but Martin more so. Why not? He's still young & learning, he'll get better with the more first team experience he gets. Don't see the harm giving him another 1/2 year contract extension.
  6. Russell Martin

    Martin really struggled yesterday, that in turn caused Bates to have a shocker too imo. When Martin's played well it's helped Bates. If we were to strengthen the defense in the summer then I'd like to see Bates sent out on loan to another Premiership team to get a run and try improve his overall game.
  7. Ian durrant. Michael mols. Lesdey king jack Wilshire

    Can still remember the day he terrorized Goram when he played for Motherwell at Ibrox. Fired 4 goals past him.
  8. Ian durrant. Michael mols. Lesdey king jack Wilshire

    Christian Nerlinger
  9. True. Can still remember his long range strike in the CL away to Monaco. What a goal that was. Now you mention it I kind of recall this. Much was it they were willing to pay again?
  10. I'd say so. His goal scoring was frighteningly good Career total 328 games 277 goals
  11. Always remember that rocket he scored for Blackburn from outside of the box on the volley.
  12. According to Wiki he was on one of the largest wages in Europe so wouldn't surprise me if it was around the 40k mark. It's a shame if it's true that he picked up injuries without being legitimately injured as it's tarnished the great reputation he built up. From keepers I've seen play in the flesh for us then he'd be 2nd behind Goram.
  13. I thought Tugay was immense for us back in the day. Was gutted when he left.
  14. True, in regards to our very best players not moving to bigger clubs then I'm shocked nobody came in for the likes of Numan, Klos etc
  15. True, I reckon Smith would have got the best out of him. Shame it was towards the end of his reign that Gattuso signed. Would have loved to have seen him wiping out Lego muncher in a OF game if he'd been around in those days.