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  1. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Yeah there's loads on mate I've already booked tickets to the NY Rangers game against the Sabres, going to the Knicks v Chicago Bulls & NYFC v Philidelphia Union. There's a huge UFC card on (Was bigger till they pulled the Diaz v Porier fight) when I'm there too but trying to convince the Mrs to let me go
  2. King_gazza

    Rangers engraved whisky glasses

    Spoke to my Mrs mate she said that if enough people contact Rangers requesting them then there's a chance they could sell them through the megastore.
  3. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Big Apple bears RSC
  4. King_gazza

    Rangers engraved whisky glasses

    Ah no worries mate, I've been trying to get her to get me the set for the 3 games but to no avail
  5. King_gazza

    Rangers engraved whisky glasses

    My girlfriend works in Glencairn Crystal, I'll ask her tonight when I'm home for you mate
  6. King_gazza

    U16s win v man city

    Youth team is coming on leaps and bounds over the last 12 months or so. Long may it continue
  7. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Only trying to find out the rough prices of drinks, I'll still be buying a fair few but got a lot of sporting events I'm going to whilst there and doing all the tourist stuff so would need to budget to some degree. I'm sure I saw our game was the early kick off out the semi finals? Not been keeping up to date with the semi's just noticed it's now half 4 which is more ideal.
  8. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Nice one mate cheers for the info, I'll probably do the same with the membership, Aberdeen game will be a 7:30am start but heading to see NYC play afterwards so sash bash sounds like a plan
  9. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Need to work out my beer money budget :)
  10. King_gazza

    New York RSC

  11. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Aye saw average was 6/7$ per pint but wasn't sure if it might be dearer in the RSC
  12. King_gazza

    New York RSC

  13. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    Cheers, I saw on their website that they show majority of the games probably through RTV no doubt.
  14. King_gazza

    New York RSC

    I'm heading to NY next Friday and looking to watch all the games I'll miss in the Big Apple Bears RSC, has anyone been recently? Looking to gauge what kind prices I'll be looking at for beers etc. Also some pics of inside would be good, couldn't find much on Google and the pics on their website isn't working.
  15. King_gazza

    Edmiston Drive

    Devastating news, rest easy.