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  1. Thought it would be good to have this & make it easier to keep up with the latest transfers. Already we have seen Podolski move to Arsenal also Riccardo Montolivo & Bakaye Traore moving to AC Milan. Fredy Guarin signed for Inter last night aswell 8.8m being reported.
  2. Paul Dumbert

    Just been announced as new Stoke manager Enjoy the championship
  3. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    Decent in there, was in before the Motherwell game. Needs some tunes though.
  4. Partick Thistle vs Rangers

    Gutter, too late lol
  5. Partick Thistle vs Rangers

    Pm sent
  6. Paul Dumbert

    Worth a punt
  7. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    Should have left after they won the FA cup a few seasons ago. One of the worst Arsenal teams I've ever seen. Selling Sanchez & letting Ozil leave on a potential free is criminal. He also spunked 35m on Xhaka when they could have had Kante
  8. Ryan Giggs

    Will be a disaster he's done fuck all in management. Should just stick to shagging his brothers wife.
  9. Lee Wallace

    His defending is suspect but is better than John. Definitely not captain material though.
  10. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Football is fucked if Theo Walcott is worth 20m.
  11. Sheffield United v Wednesday

    Mon the United got them on my coupon
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Wilder v Ortiz confirmed for 3rd of March.
  13. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Fantastic idea. Lest we forget.
  14. Harry Forrester

    Noticed that his loan deals came to an end but I thought it was for a season? There's no mention if it was terminated early by AFC Wimbledon or that we've pulled the plug? What would your thoughts be if he was to stay till say the summer? If he was to stay then he'd need to pull the finger out and not be as lazy as he was then I'd give him till the summer to prove himself but on the other hand if someone came in and offered 200k+ then I think we'd punt him this window. He showed in flashes what he could do under MW which is frustrating.
  15. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Technical loan 😂😂😂
  16. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  17. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    What the fuck is a no call from the ref?
  18. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Can't be any worse than Hodson
  19. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Anyone got the line up yet?
  20. Partick Thistle vs Rangers

    Looking for 2 tickets if possible
  21. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Cost them an absolute fortune too. Basically worked out as 8m per goal he scored over the last year & he only played 20 games so 2m per game. His attitude to football absolutely stinks,doesn't give a flying fuck for the fans that pay his wages same as when he was at Man United.
  22. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Seen today that Tevez has went back to Boca Juniors. 4 goals in 20 games in China
  23. Harry Forrester

    Ah apologies, just read it again it's been a cluster fuck of a day Like posters above said there's definitely a player in there. Just wish he'd knuckle down & stop being so lazy.
  24. Credit due to Mark Allen?

    Those ones I quoted you in all say 2.2m bit I've also seen one or 2 places saying 3m could potentially be with add ons? Either way I'm happy he's now off the wage bill & we aren't paying anything towards it anymore. Hopefully someone else will get a chance that can actually play a bit of football instead of being an empty jersey.
  25. Credit due to Mark Allen?